Asus announces AMD-based netbook

Asus announces AMD-based netbook

The Eee PC 1201T uses AMD's dual-core Congo MV40 processor, but with a 12.1" screen and weighing 1.4KG is it even a netbook any more?

The line between netbook and notebook continues to blur with the announcement of the new Eee PC 1201T from Asus - which features an AMD dual-core processor.

As reported over on Netbooked, the new Eee PC model is more of a sub-notebook than a netbook with a dedicated Radeon HD3200 graphics chipset to power its not exactly tiny 12.1in 1,366 x 768 display.

The form factor isn't the only variation with this model of Eee PC, either: rather than the Intel Atom ultra-low power processor so favoured of netbook manufacturers Asus has opted to stick an AMD 'Congo' MV40 processor in the unit, offering a dual-core processor clocked at 1.6GHz.

The rest of the specifications are fairly beefy for a machine released under the Eee PC name, too: 2GB of RAM, 802.11b/g/n wireless networking, Bluetooth 2.1, and a 320GB mechanical hard drive in place of the solid-state disk often preferred for netbook use.

All this extra power - and the dual core processor - comes at a price, sadly: with a 12.1in screen the unit is significantly larger than previous models of Eee PC, and tips the scales at a 1.4kg; battery life has also taken a hit, with Asus claiming a maximum of four hours under optimal conditions.

So far no official launch date or price has been revealed, but Asus will have to play a careful game with this one: with the specifications and form factor being so close to a traditional notebook, the price will have to be low enough to convince people to make the sacrifice in processing power over alternative systems.

Is this the sort of system that would interest you, or has Asus lost its way with the Eee PC brand? Would you even class the 1201T as a netbook? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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dec 30th November 2009, 11:13 Quote
"the future is fusion"......if the future ever gets the funds to get here. and this is not the future. this is a small notebook not a netbook. i think this is best amd can do in the netbook (ish) market though.
lp1988 30th November 2009, 12:39 Quote
it is a nice mix, personally think a single core is a little on the low side, and the 11" a bit too small for comfort, so this is something I could live with. currently using a 13,3" perfect size,
Yardstick 30th November 2009, 16:12 Quote
This seems to be pitched in the same sort of territory as the Samsung X120. Although I have a netbook (EEE 901), that I use as a portable media PC, it doesn't ahve the omph for decent Flash video and certainly can't do HD video. These sort of small form factor notebooks are aimed at plugging this gap. They remain highly portable but have the HP to handle all my media needs.
jhanlon303 30th November 2009, 16:59 Quote
I find myself toting my eeePC 901 a lot lately. Quick post or Tweet from Starbucks. Good battery life for sitting in Drs waiting rooms for Marilyn. Slap a good SD card in it and offload to the desktop when I get home.

I don't think anything above 10" should be called a netbook, just a small lappy.
Blackie Chan 30th November 2009, 17:37 Quote
When i bought my netbook, I went for the longest battery life at the cheapest price. This notebook is going to be too expensive with not enough battery. For me this isnt a netbook.
crazyceo 30th November 2009, 17:48 Quote
This is not a netbook. It doesn't sound like it's AMD pushing as one either it's just Asus. Spec is pretty decent but I don't they can class it as something it isn't.

Netbooks shouldn't be any bigger than 10". Any more than that and it's just making us netbooks jealous and envious of the guys with bigger..........

Sorry, I'm not trying to over compensate for anything, honest!
pendragon 30th November 2009, 17:48 Quote
this isn't a netbook. Can't say I'd ever buy it.
1ad7 30th November 2009, 18:12 Quote
It all depends on the price point. its exactly the kind of thing I want, minus a dvd drive but well see how much!
CowBlazed 30th November 2009, 19:20 Quote
This would smoke any netbook performance wise, some people are willing to sacrifice some battery life for more CPU and GPU performance. People who buy regular notebooks do it everyday when theyre getting 1-3hrs of battery life.
Matticus 30th November 2009, 23:52 Quote
Looks pretty nice, if the price is right then it would be ideal for me. While me 1000H is very nice and I love the battery life, I can't honestly say I need 6+ hours and I really would like a slightly bigger screen sometimes.
wiak 1st December 2009, 09:13 Quote
now this is a proper netbook heck they have a HD 3200 graphics chip in it, it can decode 1080p blu-ray in HARDWARE, intel crappy 950 graphics cant even 720p right :P
Rkiver 1st December 2009, 09:31 Quote
It's a small notebook or laptop. But it's not a netbook.
javaman 1st December 2009, 10:05 Quote
I actually spend most of my time on my netbook. No need to be on my main PC for all uni stuff plus can carry it to lectures. It struggles abit with BBC iplayer but not too badly. Also Gives me something to do during the joyful rush hour traffic on the bus. Screen is annoyingly small tho but the amount of crap I have open most screens are too small. Just stops me from iplayer, MSN and notes open at the same time and forces me to actually work lol.
ch424 1st December 2009, 10:17 Quote
That looks fantastic. I'd get one if it were well priced and you could get a better 6-cell battery or similar.
Cupboard 1st December 2009, 12:35 Quote
I would buy something like this to replace my Samsung Q45 with when it dies, so long as they can increase the battery life a bit.

Something moderately powerful with a reasonably small screen is perfect for me. Obviously I would love a Thinkpad X300 but as something for significantly less cash and (for me) doing a good enough job this would be great.
HourBeforeDawn 1st December 2009, 16:28 Quote
ya as much as Im glad AMD is in the "Netbook" market I would have to say this is a notebook with a 12" screen not a netbook.
REMF 2nd December 2009, 11:42 Quote
good machine, but i want AMD's pat moorhead to confirm that Congo will support OpenCL before i bite, and for three months he has procrastinated:
MSHunter 11th May 2010, 13:58 Quote
I have a 12" Asus N330 ION netbook and I have to say I think 12" is the perfect size. I have an almost full size keyboard, so I can actually work on it for hours comfortably. I do not have to use specialized "squished" browser options without proper toolbars, address bar ect. and still have room for the page that I want to see.

I can run flash on it without trying to figure out all the ION drivers software, bata version adobe crap.
(been having trouble getting that set up so it actually works)

But then my requirements where:
Long working times with CPU power
1080p video for long trips
full size keyboard (I have big hands and find "normal" key boards a bit on the small size)

There are just too many compromises in current single core smaller netbooks for me.
HourBeforeDawn 11th May 2010, 18:22 Quote
Originally Posted by MSHunter

I can run flash on it without trying to figure out all the ION drivers software, bata version adobe crap.
(been having trouble getting that set up so it actually works)

What is there to figure out about the Adobe Flash, just download and Install Adobe Flash 10.1 RC2 and your done, I have it on my 1000he netbook and I can watch Hulu and other such flash based activities very smooth now and it took no effort at all to do.

I certainly cant wait for the final release but so far 10.1 has been epic for gpu supported playback they even include most of the intel gpus which really helped with the netbook on what they we were lacking, now you can watch up to 720p flash based content with out an issue, now everything else thats 720p does require a bit of overclocking but thats easily done too. :)
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