AMD supercomputer tops TOP500 list

AMD supercomputer tops TOP500 list

Systems based around AMD's Opteron processors made the top three in this year's TOP500 supercomputer list.

AMD scored a win against its rival Intel in this year's TOP500 list of the most powerful supercomputers in the world - but in doing so demonstrated its bit-player status in the CPU marketplace.

As reported by PC Magazine, the number one supercomputer in the TOP500 list is the Jaguar-Cray XT5-HE, which is built around AMD's Opteron platform and features an impressive 224,162 logical processing cores for a total performance of 1.759 petaflops.

AMD dominated the top three, with IBM's dual-technology Cell/Opteron Roadrunner system and Cray's Kraken XT5 98,982-core making the top spots.

However, despite AMD having taken the high-performance computing crown for now, rival Intel still proves a popular choice: of the 500 systems listed, 402 - over 80 percent - used Intel processors rather than AMD.

Intel is hoping that this preference will continue, and already has plans for an AMD-beating HPC-specific version of its Nehalem processors - dropping down from an eight-core model to a six-core while increasing clock speed in order to directly compete with systems built around AMD's six-core Opterons.

Interestingly, Cray is looking to bring its supercomputing prowess to the masses: a deal with box-shifter Dell - reported over on The Register - will see the entry-level CX1 blade-based system resold under Dell's branding. The Nehalem-based system uses Nvidia graphics in order to offer GPGPU offload, and offers supercomputing performance at a surprisingly low price point. Interestingly, however, the Dell version of the CX1 will be offered only with Microsoft Windows - something likely to alienate the high-performance crowd, who typically prefer Linux- or BSD-based operating systems as available directly from Cray itself.

Are you pleased to see AMD making a good showing in the high-performance computing sector, or does the overwhelming majority of Intel processors highlight the struggles its smaller competitor will face? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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scawp 17th November 2009, 11:15 Quote
I really have an opinion on this, I just wanted to try and turn this into a COD slating thread like all the others on bit-tech.

will it run COD6? what resolution will it have? Can we use one as a COD dedicated server? will all these cores bring back "lean"?

224,162 cores? thats 12453 cores per person connected based on a 9v9 game.

does the Jaguar-Cray XT5-HE support micro transactions for map and gun packs???

scawp 17th November 2009, 11:16 Quote
Originally Posted by scawp
I really have an opinion

no opinion that was meant to be! :-0
Shagbag 17th November 2009, 11:18 Quote
Yep and 9 out of every 10 of the top 500 are running linux.
salesman 17th November 2009, 14:41 Quote
Now when they say low price point I am assuming like several thousand right?
Redbeaver 17th November 2009, 17:45 Quote
LOL... what?? on Windows??
Interestingly, however, the Dell version of the CX1 will be offered only with Microsoft Windows - something likely to alienate the high-performance crowd, who typically prefer Linux- or BSD-based operating systems as available directly from Cray itself

that's funny.

yeah, im also curious with their definition of lowpricepoint for supercomputers...
Nicholas 17th November 2009, 23:09 Quote
ummm yeah one thing -

more intel than amd right?

well we just need more companies to sue intel for a billion $ a pop for monopolizing - dont remember if it was a billion but it was up there - didnt they just get sued? maybe we just need this trend to keep going because i personally like AMD better :D

oh yeah
im tired of seeing just main processors like this - DO SOMETHING WITH THE GRAPHICS PROCESSORS! I wouldnt mind a super graphics card that can keep up!!
trig 18th November 2009, 03:16 Quote
sort of a rip from first post...but...

ok, but can it run crysis?
TheUn4seen 18th November 2009, 13:52 Quote
Top 3 belong to AMD, fourth is PowerPC based and Intel is far behind. It was always obvious that Intel is simply unable to create a real CPU, even older Opterons can be faster than newest Xeons in professional usage scenarios. Just look at simple SQL comparisons where a 1.8Ghz 45W Opteron is at least as fast than a 3.2GHz 125W Xeon. i7 is fast in games and multimedia, but when real performance comes to mind, no one with a right mind would choose Xeon without being paid to do so - and that's the only reason Intel holds the majority.

Also: Windows ona a cluster? The ultimate idiocy. The only reason can be cost-cutting as Novell and SuSE can be really expensive to use on a cluster, but using Windows cripples the performance badly, so it's a real nonsense. The only supercomputers to ever use Windows (there were like what, five of them in top100?) were all co-funded by Microsoft ;)
Krayzie_B.o.n.e. 23rd December 2009, 02:28 Quote
Intel sucks, they lost a lawsuit against AMD, they are now being sued by the U.S. Government, and AMD has the top 3 spots for worlds fastest computers and to top it off they have released some new CPU's but haven't lowered the price of the Core i7. Jerks.

Any way 80% of the 500 best supercomputers are Intel well that's like 80% of the worlds vehicles are Chevy's Ford's Toyota's and Fiat's so who cares!

I want the the top 3 AMD or a Nissan Skyline Ferrari or Lamborghini

Supercomputer huh? But can it run Crysis? Maxed out settings with 4x AA at 60 FPS at 1920 X 1080p? I bet you it can't. (Cause Crysis is an unoptimized piece of crap)

Therefore those top three supercomputers should be used for COD MW2 dedicated servers and all those Intel employees about to laid off can be hired in as Dedicated server Admins and if those Supercomputers are really super then a lean function will be added to the game.
Those other 80% Intel computers should be used for Folding @ Home.

Why make a FPS w/ no LEAN. If your getting shot at you usually hide behind something lean out and shoot back. I guess they want players to line up out in the open, reload your guns at the same time then wait for someone to say "fire". Intel sucks Ifinity Ward sucks DRM sucks.

I'm gonna sue Intel for allowing MW2 to be made without a lean function but w/ DRM (that obviously doesn't work).

Then I'm gonna sue Intel for allowing pirated copies of game to work with their cpu's and motherboards.

Then I'm gonna sue Intel for copyright infringement for that bommm bom bom bom thing they do. My music teacher made that sound accidently on a drum machine 30 years ago.

Why is there no lean in MW2? Why are there no dedicated servers? Why are there 500 supercomputers? Who are the evil geniuses controlling them? Can any of those supercomputers talk? Is one of there name HAL? Have any of those supercomputers found a cure for cancer? Isn't really the first place supercomputer really the only supercomputer because it's the fastest one and the others are just superhero sidekicks?
MaverickWill 23rd December 2009, 02:34 Quote
Originally Posted by Krayzie_B.o.n.e.
*insert whiny rant*

Please leave your hats, coats, and fanboyism at the door.
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