Eee Keyboard delayed

Eee Keyboard delayed

The Asus Eee Keyboard is now not due to ship until early next year, but will come with an upgrade to a capacitive touchscreen.

Asus' long-awaited return to the computer-in-a-keyboard form factor which was so popular back in the days of the 8-bits has been delayed again - but it's for a good reason.

While the original specification of the Eee Keyboard was supposedly going to be available some time in May, Asus has stated that the novel device will now not be making its way into eager hands until the start of next year. According to The Register, this is due - in no small part - by a last-minute decision to swap the 5" resistive touchscreen panel located at the right-hand side of the keyboard with a capacitive version, allowing for better responsiveness and gesture support - although there's no mention of multi-touch support.

Another change to the design is that the keyboard will now ship with an external WiFi antenna, after Asus discovered that the metal body of the keyboard was shielding the internal antenna too much to get a decent signal. If you're still hoping for a neater version, fret not: Asus is also planning a cheaper, plastic-body edition of the Eee Keyboard which will return to the original design of a integrated antenna.

The original hardware specifications remain unchanged: an Atom 1.6GHz processor coupled with 1GB of RAM and 16 or 32GB of storage space. Asus has declined to confirm or deny any changes to the original price, which saw the standard edition likely to hit our shores just shy of £300.

Are you looking forward to the Eee Keyboard, or do you struggle to see the point in what is a glorified netbook with a tiny screen in an odd location? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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alpaca 6th November 2009, 14:16 Quote
i assume you can connect it (wireless) to an other (bigger) screen?
if so, there is a chance i would be interested...
mi1ez 6th November 2009, 14:17 Quote
If wireless monitor/tv connectivity becomes more widespread then I can see this device being a hit, but if it's tied to a monitor then it's no better than an AIO.
mi1ez 6th November 2009, 14:18 Quote
Originally Posted by alpaca
i assume you can connect it (wireless) to an other (bigger) screen?
if so, there is a chance i would be interested...

Beat me to it!
wharrad 6th November 2009, 14:47 Quote
When I first saw this I thought "great!". I thought it was a keyboard with a secondary touch monitor, which could be used for anything (or just a very shiny number pad). I was thinking more along the line of a normal keyboard with an Optimus mini 3 built in.

But once I found out it was a whole PC, I can't see it selling. No one with a HTPC wants a large keyboard (although I know you you still need one hidden somewhere for the odd situation). Also, I don't think these will be useful in offices, normal nettops are cheaper and you just know you'll spill coffee on it one day. Finally, they're just not powerful enough for us geeky people, who are probably the only people who'd know how to use the screen.

So all that's left is people who want a PC in their spare room for guests or the kitchen, but then they'd go the cheaper option.
Goty 6th November 2009, 14:59 Quote
I don't know, I almost just want to buy one because it's novel....
l3v1ck 6th November 2009, 15:29 Quote
I like the look of it. An office keyboard PC that you can easily carry between meetings and plug in to any TFT or overhead projector, plus an almost usable screen built it for while you're on the move. Assuming it has a battery.
wuyanxu 6th November 2009, 15:47 Quote
just make it a little bigger and put CULV CPU into it. Atom won't be able to support a satisfying experience on a bigger screen.
Blackie Chan 6th November 2009, 20:15 Quote
Whoa, hadn't heard of this. definitely looks cool. I don't really know if this will be worthwhile, depending on the price, though.
Saivert 6th November 2009, 23:29 Quote
this is cool. it's something most people will buy because it looks cool. not because it is very practical or functional. Hope they leave the touch screen open for use by third party developers. Wonder if it's connected like a second monitor or if it's driven by special software.

This reminds me so much of what a modern Amiga would look like in an alternate reality where they still reigned.
wiak 6th November 2009, 23:35 Quote
am just wating a amd version that will blow this away, heck AMD 785G chipsets beats the living daylights out of any intel chipset :p
eek 6th November 2009, 23:49 Quote
Would make for a very neat and tidy desk... I still prefer sofa + laptop though.
[- pio -] 7th November 2009, 02:44 Quote
Originally Posted by eek
I still prefer sofa + laptop though.
Javerh 7th November 2009, 09:11 Quote
Why aren't they using the keyboard body as an antenna if it blocks the internal one?
Goty 7th November 2009, 11:48 Quote
Antennae are more than just pieces of metal. The keyboard body itself probably wouldn't make a good one.
HourBeforeDawn 8th November 2009, 07:29 Quote
this would be awesome as a ultra portal and functional HTPC
IF it could handle 1080P and the uncompressed audio wirelessly to a hidef TV that would make this simply amazing.
SomeoneNotQuite 8th November 2009, 11:01 Quote
Add a second core and an Ion chipset and this would be the perfect HTPC! Stream media off a NAS drive and run Media Center over the wireless HDMI. Tuck it away with a remote control receiver or sit with it for some sofa based web browsing. Even if it pushed the price up another ton it would be well worth it. Lack of tv tuner and recording would be the only drawback but with VoD and network drives who needs such archaic functions :P I'm sure even a wireless Bluray drive isn't beyond the realms of possiblility in a few months time for those hardcore HDers. Its starting to draw my affections away from the Asrock 330HT which needs a UK ETA sharpish!
enciem 1st June 2010, 20:32 Quote
can you overclock it? lol
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