Intel and Nokia annouce mobile partnership

Intel and Nokia annouce mobile partnership

Intel x86 parts will make their way into future Nokia smartphones.

Intel and Nokia have partnered to make future mobile products based on Intel's X86 (Intel Architecture) technology. This is a big win for Intel considering Nokia shifts millions of smartphones a year, dwarfing the ever popular and much written about Apple iPhone.

According to the press release, Intel will develop a new set of processing devices and chipsets for mobile broadband internet, while in exchange Intel will get access to Nokia's HSPA/3G modem IP license for use in future products.

Could we therefore see smartphones with HSDPA and WiMAX?

"We will explore new ideas in designs, materials and displays that will go far beyond devices and services on the market today. This collaboration will be compelling not only for our companies, but also for our industries, our partners and, of course, for consumers," said Kai Öistämö, Executive Vice President of Devices at Nokia.

In a move that'll also turn the screws between Microsoft and Intel's relationships Nokia and Intel have also shown a commitment to Mobiln and Maemo: both of which are Linux based smartphone OS' and are completely open-source.

There is no word on future products, or the timescale yet, so any competition to the JesusPhone or Crackberries will have to wait a generation or so.

Interested in a Noktel smarkphone? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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perplekks45 24th June 2009, 16:45 Quote
Why not go Android?
Anyways, I'd like to see an Intel phone but as they said late last year they have a lot of catching up to do in the market segment they compete with ARM in.
rhuitron 24th June 2009, 16:57 Quote
Damn it!
I Just bought the n97!
Cupboard 24th June 2009, 17:11 Quote
I am sure that a few years ago my PDA was running on an Intel processor which obviously wasn't x86 but is was definitely in the market they are trying to get into now. Assuming that Intel stopped making the processor it seems to have been a rather bad decision.
D-Cyph3r 24th June 2009, 17:54 Quote
I repeat, no CPU will make any Symbian based phone decent to use. I'm now using a Android G1 and after a year of using a N95 i'd never go back.
HourBeforeDawn 24th June 2009, 19:36 Quote
huh well those cell phones are going to be a lot warmer now lol, oh not to mention cost more.
Skiddywinks 24th June 2009, 19:43 Quote
Seems mad that Nokia would sign with someone who has already admitted they have a long way of playing catch-up yet, as perplekks also mentioned.
n3mo 24th June 2009, 21:08 Quote
Originally Posted by D-Cyph3r
I repeat, no CPU will make any Symbian based phone decent to use.

I repeat, no CPU would make WM a reliable and decent in any way choice. Symbian works faster, is a breeze to use and is far more reliable. As you see, pointless discussion.

I stil can't see anything Intel could bring into mobile phone market. x86 is outdated, ARM is faster, uses less power and is perfectly suited for smartphones. Intel can only bring anti-competitive practices, high prices and high energy usage. I used nokia smartphones (for me and my company) for many years now, but I see that it's about to change.
PCBuilderSven 11th February 2011, 18:22 Quote
Since when was x86 outdated? And since when was and ARM chip faster, only thing faster is x64 (if you count that as different)? There aren't any x86 (or x64) phones because the power draw is too high, not because it is outdated or too slow. If ARM was faster then the fastest desktop processor on the planet wouldn't be an x64 Core i7 2600K.
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