Foxconn thinks it can make P55 for under $100

Foxconn thinks it can make P55 for under $100

Foxconn's Flaming Katana motherboard will feature a pulsating Quantum Force logo.. boom-boom.. boom-boom.. boom-boom.. boom-boom..

COMPUTEX 2009: In our meeting with Foxconn this morning, an interesting tit-bit emerged about how it expects sales of P55(/7) to go. Despite everyone else complaining that the cost of materials for P55 is much higher than P45, Foxconn expects to easily get its mainstream boards down to just $100!

It might help that Foxconn makes the “tens of dollar” Lynnfield sockets and other crucial components that push the cost of the board up, but outside of its generally excellent Quantum Force brand its mainstream boards often offer very little in terms of performance, BIOS and overclocking, so will the cheap price alone be enough to encourage users to go P55?

At the other end of the expense scale Foxconn’s ultra masculine and innuendo laden P57 Inferno Katana will be ready for the September 1st launch date, apparently.

Kitted out in the usual black and red, the CPU not only gets 14 digital phases of power hardware, but also LED indicators according to phase use and some as yet undisclosed power saving hardware. The ITE chip it uses for the hardware monitoring has been “greatly improved” by Foxconn in order to offer a new feature called ITweaker, the details of which were as yet undisclosed.

In addition to the quite lovely cooling design the Quantum Force logo is backlit to pulse on and off with respect to the health and performance of the system: if it’s happy and working hard it will pulse fast, but if things are not so great it will pulse slower or in other ways. It certainly sounds good, but how it will react to problems has yet to be seen.

Shout at each other, beat your chests and compare your flaming katanas in the forums.

Foxconn thinks it can make P55 for under $100

Foxconn thinks it can make P55 for under $100

Foxconn thinks it can make P55 for under $100


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Jipa 4th June 2009, 13:39 Quote
My thoughts exactly. So what if you can make it for cheap if it sucks major ass in every other way imaginable...
Xtrafresh 4th June 2009, 13:41 Quote
Sweet jesus, this platform is going to absolutely positively kill every motherlover in the room!

I mean, the other boards will probably not be around 300 like the i7 boards used to be.
OWNED66 4th June 2009, 13:50 Quote
IT'S OVER 9000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paradigm Shifter 4th June 2009, 14:07 Quote
Originally Posted by
It's weird... I have nothing against a black/red colour scheme on motherboards, but I think that board is really, really ugly.

And if they can get a P55 board to $100, that increases the potential of a cheap but still capable build for (whatever Intel finally decide to call) i5.
pimonserry 4th June 2009, 16:01 Quote
Originally Posted by News Post your flaming katanas in the forums.

*Subscribes to thread* :p

Also, this is the first I've heard of P57. When did that change happen?
I thought it was just P55 and X58 for now?
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