Cooler Master TX3 cools on the cheap

Cooler Master TX3 cools on the cheap

Cooler Master claims to have a budget winner on its hands with the TX3.

COMPUTEX 2009: Cooler Master claims to have a budget cooling winner on its hands in the form of the Hiper TX3.

At a projected £13 RRP this basic three heatpipe designed cooler features a cunningly 92mm fan with wavy blades, and mount brackets for Lynnfield, LGA775, 940, AM2+ and AM3 CPUs. The fan is a 4-pin PWM controlled design, and ranges from a very quiet 17dB to a noisy 35dB.

The three 6mm heatpipes are in direct contact with the CPU and protrude in a U shape into the fins. Said fins are straight cut and without and lack the ability to agitate the air and improve thermal transfer, but given the price, we can't complain too much.

Possibly your next cheap upgrade? We'll grab a TX3 from Cooler Master shortly to put it through its paces.

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Cooler Master TX3 cools on the cheap


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flibblesan 2nd June 2009, 16:15 Quote
I'll stick with my Freezer 7 pro.
pistol_pete 2nd June 2009, 17:50 Quote
I think they've been looking at too many jet engines (T1000 / GE90 specifically). Why don't more coolers come with higher fan blade densities like the Noctua P12 to drive higher flow through increased pressure? It's the obvious thing to do, it can't cost much more...
perplekks45 2nd June 2009, 20:31 Quote
And it makes them louder, doesn't it?
l3v1ck 2nd June 2009, 21:53 Quote
Wavy blades? Bet they didn't steal that idea from modern jet engines.
DirtyH 2nd June 2009, 22:26 Quote
but they stole the coolerdesign from thermalright. ;)
looks like the Ultra-120 extreme.
even the fanmounting looks similar.
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