Nvidia isn’t investing in VIA, says CEO

Nvidia isn’t investing in VIA, says CEO

Nvidia's CEO, Jen-Hsun, Huang, has reportedly denied rumours about Nvidia buying shares in VIA.

Following last month’s rumours that Nvidia was looking at buying a stake in VIA, Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has reportedly stated that Nvidia has no plans to invest in the Taiwanese chip maker.

The deal that was rumoured to be taking place concerned 300 million new shares that VIA planned to sell via private placement, and Nvidia was said to be in talks with VIA about buying a percentage of the new shares. However, DigiTimes now reports that Huang dismissed rumours about the two companies being in talks about an investment deal.

According to the site, Huang said that the relationship between the two companies only “extends to cooperation to deliver support for VIA CPUs on its upcoming Ion 2 chipset platform.” The CEO also reportedly pointed out that a number of PC manufacturers were currently in the process of evaluating Nvidia’s Ion platform with Intel Atom CPUs, and DigiTimes says that Huang expects Ion to “become one of Nvidia's major growing product lines.”

Nvidia recently claimed that Intel’s next-generation “Pineview” Atom CPUs would “force” customers to use Intel integrated graphics, and with the relationship between Intel and Nvidia looking decidedly messy, the company certainly needs VIA on its side when it comes to the Ion platform. However, it looks as though Nvidia is staying out of VIA in terms of investment, and is instead simply working with the company to produce an Ion 2 platform that uses the VIA’s Nano CPU.

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perplekks45 24th April 2009, 11:25 Quote
Still waiting for some real world benchmarks of Ion 2 before I decide if it's a good or a bad idea.
Why won't nVidia invest in VIA? Easiest way to get a x86 license, isn't it?
V3ctor 24th April 2009, 12:11 Quote
If nVidia buys VIA, the licence "disappears"... It's VIA only... nVidia has the money to buy VIA, but VIA doesn't have any value to them if they buy it.
perplekks45 24th April 2009, 12:27 Quote
Well, not buying it entirely of course. Just buying a share.
Just like Porsche and VW... :D
Saivert 26th April 2009, 17:52 Quote
NVIDIA is first and foremost a graphics processor venture. That's where they should stay from my point of view. They can't make x86 products. They depend on someone else to provide the processor. This x86 thing is ugly. Time for ARM to step up. Microsoft already knows how to develop for ARM so why don't they make a ARM based Windows and not just Windows CE.

There is so much that has to go right in this in order to provide a fully working computer platform.
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