Rumour: Radeon HD 4890 details and photos leaked

Rumour: Radeon HD 4890 details and photos leaked

The apparently leaked photos of the Radeon HD 4890 show a very similar cooler and PCB to the Radeon HD 4870.

It looks as though earlier rumours about AMD’s next top-end graphics chip, codenamed RV790, have now looking even more plausible. Let’s start with the name, which now looks like it’s going to be the Radeon HD 4890, as some people predicted last month. This has been more or less confirmed by the fact that you can pre-order a Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 card from Dutch retailer Salland Automatisering for €272.95, which Fudzilla discovered yesterday.

What’s more, a number of photos purported to show the card have popped up on the Chinese PConline forum. The photos show a very similar PCB and cooler to the current 1GB Radeon HD 4870 reference design, although the back of the PCB notably has solder points for both an eight-pin and a six-pin PCI-E power connector, unlike the pads for two six-pin connectors found on the 4870. However, despite the solder points, the shots of the 4890 show that it still only has two six-pin power connectors.

As with the 1GB Radeon HD 4870, the photographed PCB also shows space for eight GDDR memory chips. The use of an almost identical PCB wouldn’t be surprising either. When we first looked at the Radeon HD 4870 we noted that the PCB featured two spare solder pads next to the card’s Vitec 59PR9853 multi-phase inductor, which regulates the voltage of the GPU. This would enable board makers to install a larger VRM could be installed on an existing RV770 PCB to accommodate a new GPU with a higher voltage, and thus higher clock speeds.

Rumour: Radeon HD 4890 details and photos leaked Rumour: Radeon HD 4890 details and photos leaked
Rumour: Radeon HD 4890 details and photos leaked Rumour: Radeon HD 4890 details and photos leaked

As well as the photos, the forum also has some shots of the Catalyst Control Center for the Catalyst 9.3 BETA driver used to run the card. The screenshots from the Overdrive panel show that it has a standard GPU clock speed of 850MHz, and a GDDR5 memory clock of 975MHz (3.9GHz effective). As well as this, the slider for the GPU speed goes all the way to 1GHz, suggesting that the Radeon HD 4890 may be more overclockable than the 4870, which can only be overclocked to 790MHz using Overdrive. Meanwhile, GPU-Z apparently failed to recognise the card properly, but did report the same clock speeds.

Of course, all of this is still at the rumour stage at the moment, and the word is that the new ATI cards won’t be officially announced until April. However, with retailers already taking pre-orders, it looks as though the card will very probably be called the Radeon HD 4890, and will feature higher clock speeds than the 4870.

Do you think the photos and screenshots are real or fake, and would you be interested in picking up a Radeon HD 4890 if the rumours are true? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

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tank_rider 18th March 2009, 10:49 Quote
A stock speed of 30MHz over the highest overclock bit have managed with a 4870 1GB looks good! I'd be interested to see how close this gets to the GTX285 speed and title as the fastest single GPU solution!
Zero_UK 18th March 2009, 10:53 Quote
Wouldn't be surprising if it's real, after all they haven't brought out a card in two weeks

probably going to rival GTX 285? just a cheaper option though... causing GTX 285 sales drops by summer?...
Mentai 18th March 2009, 10:56 Quote
If the rumors are true (probable), what do you think the chances are that AMD will retake the crown of fastest single gpu solution?
Bauul 18th March 2009, 10:59 Quote
It's debatable whether this will top the GTX 285, but what I will bet my bottom dollar on is it will be much cheaper, and with out a doubt much better value bang-for-buck wise.
p3n 18th March 2009, 11:41 Quote
Clock speed increments or swapping shader speed for clock/mem speed is ****ing pathetic, just give us the best card you can manufacture you *******s /rant
wuyanxu 18th March 2009, 11:56 Quote
highly unlikely this will top fastest single GPU. that's why rumour-vile also have nVidia making GTX275 to compete (note: not gtx290, so slower than gtx280).

still, impressive clocks, let's see what other manufacturers with third party coolers can do.
DXR_13KE 18th March 2009, 12:59 Quote
no wonder the GPU market is going to s*** land..
[USRF]Obiwan 18th March 2009, 13:27 Quote
Well I can assure that the last screenshot from salland website is real...
Redbeaver 18th March 2009, 14:08 Quote
ATI won't beat Nvidia.

rawr. :P

ok, just not this time, i guess...
pimonserry 18th March 2009, 17:08 Quote
Sounds like it will be the last of the 4800 series, and probably the best, although typically the top-end of a line has a pointed price premium :(
So the 4870 may remain the best deal of ATi's lineup.

But still, I reckon it could give the GTX280 a proper run for it's money now ;)
frontline 18th March 2009, 18:17 Quote
4880 to be a single slot revision but running a lot cooler than a 4850 and with higher clock speeds? Now that would be good to see :)
Turbotab 18th March 2009, 19:24 Quote
I was hoping that the 4890 would retail for around 200 of the Queen's finest, given that a 1GB 4870 can be had for £170. Hopefully that pre-order price is just a conservative guess:(
ricickle 18th March 2009, 19:36 Quote
I wonder if there will be a dual gpu version of this
Slyr7.62 19th March 2009, 09:28 Quote
It'll be nice when this helps push down prices of the GTX 280/285 etc. (My GPU might go to someone else & I'd like a small upgrade :D)
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