Thermaltake has a fantastic concept case: Level 10

Thermaltake has a fantastic concept case: Level 10

Thermaltake's new revolutionary Level 10 PC chassis.

CeBIT 2009: When finally released, Thermaltake's pre-production Level 10 concept case will cost over 500 Euros and only sell in a very exclusive limited quantity, but there will be literally nothing like it on the market.

Conceptualised by BMW Group Designworks in the USA, it was then put into practice by Thermaltake who has completely eschewed the “case” part of a chassis and has gone for absolute compartmentalisation in conjunction with a stylish single column it’s all built from.

On display was a pre-production part, so even Thermaltake's Global Director of Marketing, Joseph Lin, couldn’t tell us exactly what materials were to be used and how it would be finally made. Grabbing a quick feel (of the case and not Joseph, I hope - Ed) the material felt like thick, powdercoated aluminium, so unless Thermaltake plans to have little fans everywhere (like for the hard drives) – typically this will offer solid structural integrity, but also some level of insulation (think Zalman cases).

The rear side houses the entry point and hides the cable routing for all the components, and we hope Thermaltake also provides particularly long cables too.

But in a way, that’s not what a concept case is about. Even the Lian Li PC-888 might not be to everyone’s tastes and it lacks several key features, but at least it’s different from the normal enclosures every man and its dog is making these days – the same thing applies to the Level 10.

Visually it’s a masterpiece. A piece of artwork, even. As usual the pictures don’t do it justice and having something so different is always a breath of fresh air unless you’re so ingrained in the “case must look like a fridge” mould. But whether Thermaltake can not only design it, but rigorously test it as well is something the jury is still out on. Dropping by the new Luxa-2 brand which is the high price, high quality area of Thermaltake's case portfolio, even after just a few days on the show floor a couple had damaged parts from continual pressing or opening.

All in all, we’re keen to see how this pans out, even if it is the exclusive product few can afford, because the idea might proliferate into something that fundamentally changes the case industry... in a good way.

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Thermaltake has a fantastic concept case: Level 10 Thermaltake has a fantastic concept case: Level 10

Thermaltake has a fantastic concept case: Level 10 Thermaltake has a fantastic concept case: Level 10


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mikeuk2004 9th March 2009, 09:09 Quote
That looks strange. You will have to get hold of one and review it showing it opened up aleast :)
yakyb 9th March 2009, 09:20 Quote
love the no photos sign in the bottom right image
UncertainGod 9th March 2009, 09:23 Quote
Thermaltake owe me a keyboard since I've just drooled on mine.
DXR_13KE 9th March 2009, 09:40 Quote
damn... i had an idea to make something like this once!
clumsy_culhane 9th March 2009, 09:47 Quote
err forgive me if i missed it, but how is the mobo/cpu/gpu cooled?
ChaosDefinesOrder 9th March 2009, 09:58 Quote
wow... that's beautiful...

*hums theme from Space Odyssey*
Blademrk 9th March 2009, 10:20 Quote
I love the look of this case
Mister_X 9th March 2009, 11:18 Quote
First glance i thought eww upon further inspection ooooh!
Mankz 9th March 2009, 11:30 Quote
How can any of you find that 'nice'??

Its utterly hideous.
Silver51 9th March 2009, 12:14 Quote
Props for at least trying to design a case that isn't an oblong box. I'd love to see this reviewed.
pizan 9th March 2009, 12:34 Quote
Originally Posted by clumsy_culhane
err forgive me if i missed it, but how is the mobo/cpu/gpu cooled?

Cooling is overrated...let it burn
jsheff 9th March 2009, 12:38 Quote
I'd love to install a server in this case, lop the lip off the backside and mount this to a wall in a cupboard somewhere. Seems like one of those futuristic control panels you see on the walls of corridors in every shooter set beyond 2050! Me likey :-)
perplekks45 9th March 2009, 13:15 Quote
I like the idea but I think heat will be a problem with this one.
glaeken 9th March 2009, 13:20 Quote
Looks pretty nice.
Krikkit 9th March 2009, 13:37 Quote
That's probably the first Thermaltake case I've genuinely desired.
naokaji 9th March 2009, 14:22 Quote

TNo matter what material it is, it looks like cheap crappy plastic, also there is not enough cooling for a real pc and it is too fugly for use as a htpc.
mooseguy 9th March 2009, 16:19 Quote
That is nice =O
Slyr7.62 9th March 2009, 19:04 Quote
They have those dumb little key locks on the back side.
Nicb 10th March 2009, 18:06 Quote
I want it. When I get the extra money, and find out the answer to the cooling questions, I will want to buy it. Surly they have thought of cooling in the design.
mnpctech 6th June 2009, 17:36 Quote
Video of Thermaltake’s new “Level 10″ at Computex show
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