Antec's new P183 and P193 on show

Antec's new P183 and P193 on show

The new style for the Antec Performance Ones is not one we like.

CeBIT 09:Just no, no, no.

The Antec P182 is an excellent case and the P190 was a good looker (but try to pick it up without getting a hernia), but it looks like "3" is a bad number for the case manufacturer. The P183 updates look pretty cheap and nasty in the flesh, while the side of the P193 was attacked with an ugly stick.

Most of the design is much the same: the same door and general build quality are there, but the plasticy bits seem obviously plastic and we feel the slash look just doesn't suit what was an attractive and clean design.

Having owned a P190, I do understand that the case just wasn't wide enough and the side fan infringed on the graphics card's space, however while Antec has attempted to find a solution, we feel the one employed on the P193 isn't it.

Antec needs to have another go at this and, in the meantime, it looks like you're better off buying the existing models or sit waiting in hope that the next generation will be better.

Addendum 13th March: We grabbed a phone call with Antec earlier today who were keen to stress that these products were "pre-production", with new features like eSATA on the front panel, improved dust filters and airflow through the front vents (which Antec claims will also be redesigned) and it will include the ability to use larger PSUs and swap them out easier. We were also told that while the plastic looks cheap on the new design in the pictures, it will change in the final product

That's all good, but when pressed on the design changes Antec were less hard to pin-down to what will stay and what was "pre-production". The side-fan on the P193 is likely to stay, but it seems Antec will be concentrating on features over design in the third iteration of the 180s and 190s. Availability should be from April we were told.

Antec's new P183 and P193 on show What the hell have you done, Antec? Antec's new P183 and P193 on show What the hell have you done, Antec?

Antec's new P183 and P193 on show What the hell have you done, Antec? Antec's new P183 and P193 on show What the hell have you done, Antec?


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ry@n 8th March 2009, 09:53 Quote
Dear god.. that thing on the side is icky :(

What is that material on the drive bays?
MiNiMaL_FuSS 8th March 2009, 10:41 Quote
urg nasty!
steveo_mcg 8th March 2009, 11:12 Quote
Ah well at least it will save some time not having to review them...
LAGMonkey 8th March 2009, 11:35 Quote
out of the two i prefer the P183, Although on the proviso that you never open the bay doors!

So as a Server case it wouldnt be too bad, can i assume there is massive ammounts of space in the P183 to fill with Hard Drives?

As for the P193, humm....not even a dark corner of my basement will stop me thinking about that "growth" on the side. ill give creit where its due tho, it was a nice attempt. it just needs the "growth" on the other side and the P193 will have stubby wings!
edzieba 8th March 2009, 12:29 Quote
A damn shame. I was thinking of upgrading my ageing P180 to a P190 for the increased room, but a) it looks like it barely got a release without any PSUs, and b) is out of stock everywhere anyway.
wuyanxu 8th March 2009, 12:41 Quote
glad i bought my p182 at £80 one and half year ago. :)

so p193 is now the same size as p183, just with an added side fan??
azrael- 8th March 2009, 12:48 Quote
Makes me wonder if I should splurge out money on the P182 as quickly as possible after all, even though it's risen in price here of late.
Trefarm 8th March 2009, 13:27 Quote
Are they going to be selling the 'filters/blanking plates' as extras? I'd put them in my 182...
193's side is an abomination, I'd say an Engineering solution rather than Design. 8th March 2009, 13:29 Quote
Sorry to say this but they do both look like crap.
bigsharn 8th March 2009, 14:24 Quote
I thikn I speak for everyone when I say

Antec... what the hell are you thinking?
Gremlin 8th March 2009, 14:24 Quote
What the **** happened, did Antecs designers defect to Coolermaster or something? (just look at how sexy their new high end cases all are) Antec's designs are on the wrong side of ****ing ugly by several hundred miles lately, they just have all been looking cheap and crappy
Veles 8th March 2009, 14:25 Quote
Xenith 8th March 2009, 14:43 Quote
i have a p182, and the p183 definitely is not an upgrade from that! that is one terrible looking case..
jhanlon303 8th March 2009, 15:02 Quote
Well this is just two more places I don't have to spend money on!
These weren't released - they escaped!

LeMaltor 8th March 2009, 15:07 Quote
Quiet and cooling is what I look for in a case, who on earth cares how it looks!
glenster 8th March 2009, 15:09 Quote
The CP-850 power supply has been on sale for awhile, and the P193 is on sale in some countires. Please have performance reviews of them.
Elton 8th March 2009, 15:50 Quote
Time to buy a P182 quick!

THe P183 isn't bad but it still can't compare.
cpemma 8th March 2009, 16:17 Quote
One of the things I instantly disliked about the Mini P180 was the door design. Now they've repeated the unclean look on the mid-tower.
Originally Posted by me (on Mini P180)
What could have been a classy case spoilt in several areas. I don't like the holes in the door (first thought was, "Why six front USB ports?")
HandMadeAndroid 8th March 2009, 16:19 Quote
My name is Darth Case, I have come to take over the universe.
Skiddywinks 8th March 2009, 19:20 Quote
I don't think it is too bad actually. The layout and exterior design looks good, but I do agree it looks a bit tacky, and I haven't even seen it in person.
NightrainSrt4 8th March 2009, 19:36 Quote
The slits on the mini look miles better than those on these new models. I don't know, I guess they look much bigger and plasticky.

The old grills were much much better. And if they wanted more width, they should have just made the case a bit wider, instead of a growth on the side of the case.
WARHAMSTER 8th March 2009, 21:18 Quote
That they would even consider that these cases will appeal to the same people who bought the 180/182 & 190 is crazy.
Elton 8th March 2009, 23:40 Quote
Time to bring out that dremel.
impar 9th March 2009, 10:42 Quote
Originally Posted by Elton
Time to bring out that dremel.
And a blow torch, a saw and, just in case the case is still alive after the proceeding, a hammer.
Bindibadgi 13th March 2009, 11:06 Quote
We've updated the news story with further information from Antec today.
The_Beast 13th March 2009, 22:01 Quote
The P183's front (with the door closed) looks pretty good but the rest of the case looks like dogmeat

utter dog meat
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