Rumour: Intel changing ten CPU logos

Rumour: Intel changing ten CPU logos

According to this picture from Fudzilla, Intel's Core i7, Core 2 and a Centrino brands are getting shorter, wider logos

After demoting its premium Pentium brand to the status of a jumped up Celeron with the release of its new Core-branded CPUs, it looks as though Intel has now decided to complete its CPU branding overhaul with a batch of new logo designs.

Eschewing the classic tall and narrow logos that have been stuck on the front of PCs since the original Pentium era in 1993, most of the new logos appear to be shorter and wider instead. As well as this, they apparently also feature a part of an internal die shot in the top right corner, with 'Inside' printed on the bottom right, while the Intel logo and CPU brand is printed on the left.

Fudo at Fudzilla claims to have got hold of several of the new logos (pictured), which encompass the new Core i7 processors, as well as the Core 2 Duo and Quad CPUs. It also looks as though the Centrino and Centrino 2 logos are being refreshed as well, along with the Centrino and Core 2 vPro emblems.

Meanwhile, according to the pictures, Intel’s Itanium, Xeon and Core 2 VIIV badges will stick with the original style of tall logos. However, we've also spotted that there's one slightly different Xeon logo with a light grey-blue background, which we assume will be used for the upcoming Nehalem--based Xeon CPUs such as the recently announced eight-core Nehalem-EX.

Worryingly, Fudzilla reports that the new logos will be introduced on 1 April this year, but the pictures certainly look genuine enough to us.

Do you like the new logos? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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_DTM2000_ 27th February 2009, 11:09 Quote
I prefer the old ones. The new ones look messy and fat.
It's as if the old badges have developed middle-aged spread and resorted to wearing excessive amounts of cosmetics in an attempt to look youthful and relate better to their teenage daughter.
ChaosDefinesOrder 27th February 2009, 11:14 Quote
the new ones look too "busy"

The old ones were nice and simple

Then again, they're logos, what does it matter really?
kenco_uk 27th February 2009, 11:23 Quote
I'm going to buy one just to get a new case sticker :D
V3ctor 27th February 2009, 12:32 Quote
Originally Posted by kenco_uk
I'm going to buy one just to get a new case sticker :D

Me too... never liked that Athlon X2 logo...
HourBeforeDawn 27th February 2009, 19:49 Quote
the badges are getting larger?eh never used to begin with other then in photos lol
roshan 28th February 2009, 09:25 Quote
new badges are good for making e a noise in market with core i 7.but performance and value are the facts we r looking for.
Pookeyhead 28th February 2009, 10:06 Quote
Does anyone actually stick the logo on their case?
DougEdey 28th February 2009, 10:21 Quote
Originally Posted by Pookeyhead
Does anyone actually stick the logo on their case?

Pookeyhead 28th February 2009, 10:23 Quote
Originally Posted by DougEdey

Clearly I was asking the question to those that build their own, otherwise it would be a moot question.
wuyanxu 28th February 2009, 11:11 Quote
Originally Posted by Pookeyhead
Does anyone actually stick the logo on their case?
i do, stick them inside of the case, to show what hardware i've put into it. but outside is sticker free, completely Antec sleek.
Timmy_the_tortoise 28th February 2009, 13:17 Quote
I do like the way the die is peering around the corner...

But I still prefer the old ones.
pimonserry 28th February 2009, 16:36 Quote
Originally Posted by Timmy_the_tortoise
I do like the way the die is peering around the corner..

Really? I think it's pretty fugly. Your average user won't have a clue what it is, and it makes it looks way too busy.

Yeah, the old design may be a bit dated, and I can understand going horizontal for a change, but it's not pretty.
Originally Posted by Pookeyhead
Does anyone actually stick the logo on their case?
Hell yes. I <3 my stickers. Shame the Gigabyte Dynamic Energy Saver one peeled off though :(
E.E.L. Ambiense 28th February 2009, 18:07 Quote
From purely a design standpoint, the old ones were far superior and efficient in utilizing the available space as well as adhering to and complimenting the logo's design characteristics. The new ones look almost... lost, in a sense.

Just my personal view on it.
Cupboard 28th February 2009, 23:05 Quote
The new ones have more colours, so will cost more to print, so more money will be wasted on a questionably pointless accessory. I would prefer them to give me a 50P discount.
rjkoneill 1st March 2009, 23:38 Quote
"The new ones look almost... lost"

my feelings exactly
dire_wolf 2nd March 2009, 10:37 Quote
So we've all got super dooper classic case badges. Woo
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