Novint Falcon launching for consoles

Novint Falcon launching for consoles

The Novint Falcon has been available on PC for two years, but may soon be coming to consoles too.

Innovative controller crafting company, Novint, has explained that it may soon be bringing it's flagship device, the Novint Falcon, to consoles after wowing console manufacturers with wide game support apparently.

The Falcon is a HaptX-enabled 3D motion controller which uses a series of motors to detect hand movements. The motors can also be used to work against the player to mimic the sensation of touching different textures or shapes, as well as shaking to feel weapon recoil.

Novint has already had the Falcon available for PCs for two years, but is now apparently looking to bring the device to consoles after proving that it supports a wide number of games, such as Left 4 Dead.

"The main thing that the console manufacturers wanted to see was game support, and now, we have that game support," said Novint CEO Tom Anderson in an interview with GameCyte.

"We’ve asked our publishing partners if they’d be willing to support us on consoles, and they said yes. So all the pieces are there — we just need to put it together."

Whether Novint will be launching the console version of the Falcon as a wholly new product or will just be selling an adapter is unclear at the moment, but Novint does plan to have console game support done by the end of the year.

You can check out our own thoughts on the controller in a comprehensive Novint Falcon review - be sure to let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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Redbeaver 14th January 2009, 15:54 Quote
i wanna try this thing................................
Cadillac Ferd 14th January 2009, 18:06 Quote
There's a display model of one of those things in a local electronics store. It's not hooked up to anything as far as I can tell so I can't test it properly but it certainly feels solid enough. 190$ still seems steep for something that doesn't have the most use.
DXR_13KE 16th January 2009, 14:01 Quote
shame it does not have extra rotation axis on that handle....
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