EVGA's X58 SLI Classified uber motherboard

EVGA's X58 SLI Classified uber motherboard

EVGA has teamed up with renowned overclocking guru Shamino to deliver an X58 board destined to break world records.

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chrisb2e9 11th January 2009, 19:43 Quote
boo to the videos. My internet at work isn't good enough to stream video.
TomH 11th January 2009, 20:04 Quote
Edit: Not sure how I posted that here.
DougEdey 11th January 2009, 20:12 Quote
The video player needs to be bigger/resizable in some way

Tim: your schnozz isn't big enough on my screen :P
Denis_iii 11th January 2009, 20:34 Quote
sweet M/B, need a fullscreen option, maybe next time upload to youtube and save your that EVGA dude is kewl lol
Otis1337 11th January 2009, 20:48 Quote
omg, sound a bit more into computers ffs, that guy was boaring..... i think you need a new interviewer
thehippoz 11th January 2009, 20:50 Quote
yeah he's the european rep for evga.. who was the guy interviewing him- he didn't ask if shamino got his green card.. looks like high end ln2 overclocking just got easy

who needs skills anymore.. just buy your skills!
thehippoz 11th January 2009, 20:53 Quote
I dunno.. what impresses me is when some guy takes a total pos that's worth next to nothing and gets it running faster than the toolbag who buys stock and fanboy's all over the place =]
WildThing 11th January 2009, 21:05 Quote
Love the videos Tim, thanks for keeping us posted on what's going on at CES!
Goty 11th January 2009, 22:52 Quote
Great, the motherboard can deliver 600W of power. Why does this matter? Even if you populated every single PCI-E slot on that motherboard with 4870X2s and dropped in a 140W TDP processor you still probably can't draw that much power through the motherboard power connector. Aren't PCI-E slots limited to 75W apiece?
g3n3tiX 11th January 2009, 23:18 Quote
Tim looks a bit shy, but great job and good questions !
More close-ups would have been nice.
A small text under the video explaining what's in it is needed as well, so that the contents can be better searched/previewed.
LeMaltor 11th January 2009, 23:19 Quote
Nice video, maybe the videos need the Bit-tech logo and a sound at the start and the end of the video

*whoosh sound* and logo spirals into view etc :D
Slyr7.62 12th January 2009, 00:10 Quote
Originally Posted by LeMaltor
*whoosh sound*

Just please dont make it super loud like some websites.
DarkLord7854 12th January 2009, 01:35 Quote
Transcript would be nice, and maybe increasing sound, I had to pump the volume quite high to hear anything :(

Looking forward to this motherboard though
Jack_Pepsi 12th January 2009, 01:37 Quote
Well done Tim!


Might be my next motherboard, is this board mainly aimed at SLi then?
Grinch123456 12th January 2009, 04:59 Quote
These videos are quite frankly, awful. If every piece is like this, I'm just going to stop reading bit-tech (or is it watching now?). I can read an entire article in 30 seconds or listen for 3 minutes to two dullards talking to each other. I'll take the reading.

POST TEXT PLEASE. Much appreciated.
Phil Rhodes 12th January 2009, 07:35 Quote
quite frankly awful

Seconded. It's really not very fair to ask people who are not television presenters to present television.

I do this stuff for a living and spend half my professional life telling people not to expect their nylon-tie-wearing management to hold a camera and an audience.

Wolfe 12th January 2009, 09:04 Quote
Originally Posted by Grinch123456
These videos are quite frankly, awful. If every piece is like this, I'm just going to stop reading bit-tech (or is it watching now?). I can read an entire article in 30 seconds or listen for 3 minutes to two dullards talking to each other. I'll take the reading.

POST TEXT PLEASE. Much appreciated.


I spend perhaps 3 minutes skimming the news (as in all new posts) each day.

If you want video's that fine, but set them up to NOT autoplay, and have a transcript. Alternatively, you could have them on another page.
[USRF]Obiwan 12th January 2009, 11:36 Quote
Why not put in both text and a option to play the video. And secondly, I want to see the camera all over the hardware and little as possible the interviewer/interviewed person. Unless it is Jade Raymond It's about the hardware, focus on hardware, if it is about a person, focus on person.
AuDioFreaK39 12th January 2009, 14:05 Quote
Fudzilla has an article up regarding the information released in this interview. Check it out here:
HourBeforeDawn 12th January 2009, 18:21 Quote
wow Im glad you guys are doing videos but damn have a script ready next time and be a bit less I dont know dead lol, also the camera needs to be better positions whats the point of having product in the shot when the camera is so far away you cant even make out what it is. Well for what Im guessing is a first attempt I will give it a D+
Redbeaver 13th January 2009, 02:51 Quote
beside the whole video thing... that mobo looks kickass...... wtf... separate board for cmos reset and manual volt jumper? rofl!
Tim S 13th January 2009, 13:59 Quote
Thanks for the feedback regarding the videos - we really appreciate frank, constructive and honest feedback. This was our first attempt at video and it's part of an ongoing trial - we're not going to be replacing text reviews, but it might add another dimension to future tradeshow coverage where there will be a mix of video and written content. I'd imagine that the videos will also be accompanied by text as well.

The reason that there was only video and no text for some articles was that I was the only person out covering the show for bit-tech (there were more journalists from other Dennis websites, who shot more video than we did) and my meeting schedule was packed from 7am to 7pm (inclusive) each day. I had to choose how to cover things fairly carefully, while also trialling some video and it's a matter of experimentation.

There is work that needs to be done on presenting the videos, but we're quite happy with how they came out for a first attempt - the best part of it all is that, from our perspective, the production quality is good and it's the presenting that needs work. From past experience, tradeshow interviews are completely unscripted (whether written or video) and it's just a matter of catching them on screen. That's easily fixable with a bit more planning/high level scripting, some practice and more time in front of a camera.
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