SanDisk announces G3 series SSDs

SanDisk announces G3 series SSDs

SanDisk has this morning announced its third generation family of solid state drives at CES.

CES 2009: SanDisk has this morning announced its third generation family of solid state drives at CES.

Based on multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash technology, SanDisk claims the drives establish new benchmarks in performance and value in the industry.

The G3 SSDs are available in both 2.5in and 1.8in form factors in 60GB, 120GB and 240GB capacities. They'll be known as the C25-G3 and C18-G3 in their various guises.

SanDisk says that the drives deliver read and write speeds of 200MB/sec and 140MB/sec respectively. The new drives also provide a Longterm Data Endurance technology that allows 160TB to be written to the 240GB version of the drive which, according to the company, is equivalent to over 100 years of typical use.

In terms of pricing, SanDisk doesn't disappoint with MSRPs for the 60, 120 and 240GB drives set at $149, $249 and $499 respectively.

SanDisk added that the drives will be available for DIY enthusiasts via SanDisk's website.

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notatoad 8th January 2009, 21:36 Quote
i don't think i'll be able to pass up $150 for a 60GB SSD. especially if they're as fast as they say they are.
Cupboard 8th January 2009, 21:42 Quote
$250 for a 120GB SSD doesn't seem too bad at all. Except they will probably be £250 but even that isn't too bad.
Do you think these are 64GB with a bit lopped off for redundancy, or have they just done something a bit odd to break from the usual 64, 128, 256GB trend?
bowman 8th January 2009, 21:45 Quote
After the JMicron controller fiasco and the weird behavior of Intel SLC drives I'm wary of SSDs. It seems most companies are shovelling crap out to the market rather than developing truly market ready products.

I'll wait until they've had some real-world testing (i.e. user feedback after weeks and months) before plodding down any bills for such drives.
Skiddywinks 8th January 2009, 22:15 Quote
What about a problem I read with SLC drives? I read on Guru3D that, at least with SLC drives, the drive is only fast when written from formatted. Once data has to be rewritten (i.e, when you delete a file and it comes back around to be written over) the drive has to write it to zero, and then write it to whatever the data requires, halving the speed advantage you originally had. The only way to regain the initial speed is to format again.

Is this an MLC problem as well as SLC? Or is this likely just a problem due to the controller used (Sorry, I can't remember which SSD it was)?
Xtrafresh 8th January 2009, 22:42 Quote
it's explained in the bit-tech review of the Intel SSD.
Basically what you are saying is true. Writing data is slower the second time, but ONLY on SLC. It's still going to be fast though...
iwod 9th January 2009, 01:30 Quote
Well, they are using the new chipset. Looking at the spec it seems it is exactly the same as the new OCZ Vertex
Redbeaver 9th January 2009, 14:47 Quote
holy jeez........ now where did i read Solid State isn't gonna be mainstream in 2009?

i think i'll be splurging on the 60Gb soon.......... wow............... i mean........

by the end of this year im sure 120Gb is below $99................ its so exciting to have the one single most troublesome bottleneck in a PC is getting a huge makeover :)
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