AMD culls jobs in the UK

AMD culls jobs in the UK

AMD's latest round of job cuts hits the UK particularly hard.

We have learned from several anonymous tipsters that AMD has culled a large portion of its workforce at its UK headquarters in Frimley today.

Details are understandably very light at the moment, but we've heard that the sales team has remained relatively unaffected.

Other departments weren't quite so lucky though as the engineering, marketing and administration teams in particular have been hit pretty hard.

It looks like the recession is starting to kick in and I'm sure this is not the Christmas present those who are caught up in this were expecting. We just hope the cuts aren't too severe.

We'll bring you more when we get some more concrete information on the situation.

For now, you can discuss this rather shocking news in the forums.

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vampalan 23rd December 2008, 14:53 Quote
That's harsh, right before Christmas too.
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