Cooler Master to release limited edition Cosmos

Cooler Master to release limited edition Cosmos

Cooler Master is set to release an exclusive limited edition run of "Black" Cosmos cases. We've got some early details on what the company is planning.

We have just learned that Cooler Master is getting ready to release a run of 500 "luxurious" limited edition Cosmos cases. The name and full details are being kept under wraps until December 11th, but the company released some initial details to us.

Cooler Master said it has no plans to extend the production run beyond 500, but each of the cases will be individually numbered from one to 500 and there will also be some subtle upgrades to the appearance and cooling features.

The upgrades include an all black exterior and interior design, a tinted see-through side panel, up-rated cooling (2 x 140mm top fans and a hard drive cooling module) along with a new name and logo.

Not surprisingly, availability is going to be very limited, but Cooler Master has said that the limited production run will be evenly distributed across the globe – there is, however, no word on pricing, but we're not expecting it to be cheap given its limited edition status.

Cooler Master knows this and it's not targeted at those who are value conscious; instead, it's targeted at the group of users who demand nothing but the best and something very exclusive – this is exactly what the Cosmos Black, as we've heard it referred to, will offer.

The company hopes to spice the bundle up with membership to Cooler Master's VIP club, which apparently includes benefits like exclusive articles, downloads, a forum and VIP invites (to events we presume) and "much more." You can check out Cooler Master's "Black" microsite for more details.

Would you be up for buying a limited edition Cosmos decked out in black? Share your thoughts in the forums.

Cooler Master to release limited edition Cosmos


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liratheal 19th November 2008, 09:48 Quote
Limited edition = License to print money, apparently :/
Denis_iii 19th November 2008, 11:28 Quote
if it looks good i'd take one
mclintox 19th November 2008, 11:58 Quote
People will buy them no matter what price,just to say "i have one of those".I saw the Cosmos case at Scan and it's enourmous,far too big for my needs,but hey,horses for courses.
Cadillac Ferd 19th November 2008, 12:14 Quote
That is a sexy, sexy, waste of 400$
biebiep 19th November 2008, 12:31 Quote
It's a sign, they are releasing it on my birthday...

Maybe i could ask for freebies
Tim S 19th November 2008, 12:53 Quote
best comment I've heard about the Cosmos is that "it looks like someone wrapped a hosepipe around it" :D
Naberius 19th November 2008, 13:37 Quote
Its not exactly exclusive, theres a million modders out there who could easily make the same upgrade to their own chassis.
MgM* 19th November 2008, 13:54 Quote
The cosmos is a rigid and well structures chassis, if the LTD ed will out-perform the standard cosmos s, I'm dying to see the new cooling systems and overall layouts.

Plus it better have carbon fiber trims if they rily want to make something "special"... : D
StephenK 19th November 2008, 14:09 Quote
So what are the chances of BT getting one to review... slim to none ? :(
dtham 19th November 2008, 15:20 Quote
If it incorporates little details like the ATSC 840 and HAF 932 like the nifty mobo tray hole and filters like the I'm all for it. They're comparatively the same internally, but the Cosmos is curvy, ATSC 840 is refined and the HAF 932 ... has extra airflow.
HourBeforeDawn 20th November 2008, 02:51 Quote
hmm well it looks pretty but at 400 I shall pass.
Thatguy119 25th November 2008, 21:57 Quote
hm, mabye, i might not get there in time though
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