Silverstone addresses FT01 issues

Silverstone addresses FT01 issues

Silverstone has gone some way to address the build quality issues we found in the FT01.

During our review of Silverstone’s FT01 uni-body aluminium case, we noticed a couple of rather concerning build quality problems, most notable of which was the fact that the included fans rubbed audibly against the case’s removable dust filters.

However, we’re happy to report that our review sample was one of the first off of the production line and Silverstone has since caught the problem, which was caused by incorrectly selected cooling fans.

Silverstone has worked to correct the issue in all retail versions of the FT01, replacing the case’s 180mm fans with revised models in which the fan blades are recessed deeper into the fan casing, eliminating the interference with the dust filters.

Our problems with power supply dust filter, which we also found to rub worryingly against our test setup's PSU fan, has also been remedied, with Silverstone now including rubber pads to distance the PSU from the filter and stop the interference caused by the mounting between them.

Such minor build quality flaws can sometimes sneak through into review or early retail copies and it’s encouraging to see Silverstone so quick to admit and quickly rectify the problem. While the FT01 still isn’t perfect, these improvements should go some way to assuage some of our build quality concerns about the case.

We've included some photos of the difference between the original and revised fan designs below - you can discuss these changes in the forums.

Silverstone addresses FT01 issues SilverStone addresses FT01 issues Silverstone addresses FT01 issues SilverStone addresses FT01 issues
Click to Enlarge - The original FT01 fan's blades stick out further, and so interfered with the removable dust filters

Silverstone addresses FT01 issues SilverStone addresses FT01 issues Silverstone addresses FT01 issues SilverStone addresses FT01 issues
Click to Enlarge - The replacement fan blades are fitted deeper into the fan casing, solving the problem


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The boy 4rm oz 20th October 2008, 07:49 Quote
Looks very nice, a very worthy blank canvas. Personally I would rather have 120mm fans all round than the 180mm fans, they are easier to replace if they die. Plus it makes mounting a radiator easier.
Jipa 20th October 2008, 09:01 Quote
IMO you could have should have tried to turn the top fan around to make it an exhaust? Might make some interesting changes to the results...
karx11erx 20th October 2008, 09:33 Quote
How about this: Reverse the top intake fan orientation to make it extract air from the case - will solve the problem of the single 120mm exhaust fan being too weak and allows to remove the top dust filter. ;)
[PUNK] crompers 20th October 2008, 10:29 Quote
is it just me who thinks the looks of these cases are distinctely meh?

maybe it looks better in black but the silver looks tacky to me
Chr!s 20th October 2008, 10:38 Quote
£150 is a bargain case?

Tim S 20th October 2008, 10:42 Quote
Originally Posted by Chr!s
£150 is a bargain case?


For a Silverstone it is!
Chr!s 20th October 2008, 10:45 Quote
Originally Posted by Tim S
For a Silverstone it is!

You can go to some eastern europe city for a weekend for that much dosh! Its crazy I tell Ye!
Tyrmot 20th October 2008, 11:43 Quote
What a shame that they spoiled the ship for a ha'porth of tar... Although I too would have thought that exhausting out of the top fan might work better.. it would be interesting to know how that would affect that overall case performance.
Tim S 20th October 2008, 13:10 Quote
Originally Posted by Tile
And again the hard drive cages are an epic fail.

I've spoken to several case manufacturers this morning about your claims--that use all of the various hard drive orientations--and none have said that this orientation is inferior in terms of cooling performance.
naokaji 20th October 2008, 13:42 Quote
A HDD orientation like in the FT01 does have the advantage though that you can remove / add HDD's even with long graphicscards installed that would get in the way if the HDD's would be the other way.
Also aslong as they cut big enough holes in the hdd "box" cooling shoudnt be a issue.

150£ for a midi tower that doesnt even have a removable mobo tray? no thanks, as much as I love the external design, I'd rather pay 20£ more and get the best case ever (lian li a77) or save a big sum and just get a cm 690 instead.
zr_ox 20th October 2008, 14:07 Quote
I had very high hopes for this case.

Shame really since Silverstone do make great cases. Cooling is much worse than I expected however I really think as part of your testing that you should have reversed the top intake. Many other sites reversed the fan's whilst reviewing the TJ07/TJ09 and experienced vastly different results.

When are peoplegoing to stop harping on about the orientation of hard disks....STOP! Should a case manufacturer decide to invest $$$,$$$ on R&D and deem their design sufficient to pass Q&C then you should rest assured that all will be well. Lian-Li did it back with the V1000 series. How many Lian-Li cases do you see stuffed with HDD's??? I have a TJ09 with 5 HDD's and no failures. It really is not an issue so shut up about it!

Apart from my rant's, another nice review BT. This was going to be my new case but I guess I should wait a while, this is screaming at me for a Crysis/Far Cry 2 inspired mod......hmmmmm!

Do Coolermaster realize how much they would make with an updated Black Widow? Update should be front, rear and top 120mm mounts, 6 drive bay's instead of 4 to mount radiators if your so inclined and a top and bottom PSU mount....They would clean up with that design!
Redbeaver 20th October 2008, 15:01 Quote
<- silverstone fanboi.

i love the looks of this case and a little downfall here n there that i can fix is not a deal-breaker.

and yes, looks like a great canvas. i prolly pick this one up for my girl....
kenco_uk 20th October 2008, 16:11 Quote
The top fan needs to be in a plastic cradle, secured either by a push clip or two or maybe even a single screw that's easily reachable.
Baz 20th October 2008, 16:19 Quote
Originally Posted by Tile
The design of the hard drive cages, especially ones placed transversally has to be revised: there should be at least 20 mm distance between the hard drives and the system of rails should be slimmed down. These changes really help in cooling the hard drives a lot better especially with a king sized front fan.

The orientation doesn't make a blind bit of difference, but I agree that the distance between drives certainly does.
Jipa 20th October 2008, 18:08 Quote
Who REALLY needs 7 HDD bays in a normal desktop computer anyway? After all 3 HDDs can be installed so that there's an extra bay between each of them... HDD-bay designs are always compromises between number of drives and amount of wasted space. If you had a couple of nicelyt spaced drive bays in a case like this then people would come ranting about not having enough bays :)
fathazza 20th October 2008, 18:53 Quote
bah, this case was on my shortlist :(
now it isnt... Gonna have to wait to see how much the coolermaster atcs 840 is when it hits the shops
Saivert 20th October 2008, 20:53 Quote
Well... for those who can't afford 1TB or even 1.5TB drives, you end up with a bunch of hard drives.
I own a Lian Li PC-101B case which is filled with 7 harddrives. I had to buy an extra Lian Li drive cage because the six drive slots was not enough.

Most reviews even these on Bit-tech only test the cases with a minimum of required stuff for a computer. That is MAX 1 HDD, 1 graphics card, no extra PCI cards (RAID controllers etc), only 1 DVD burner (many have two or a Reader+Burner setup).

Time to do some stress testing of the case as well and try to see how much stuff you can really fit while still keep it tidy. I'm sure most of the midi cases will fail miserably. It does not look pretty inside my Lian Li case.

A picture for those who may be in doubt:
HourBeforeDawn 20th October 2008, 21:32 Quote
hmm not as impressive as I thought it was going to be...
samkiller42 20th October 2008, 22:59 Quote
Like Silverstone cases, Don't like that front I/O location, still, i like my TJ07W far too much to want this

Gremlin 21st October 2008, 08:01 Quote
This case is ugly as a bucket full of ar*eholes, i cant think of anything that redeems this case's styling, its just channeling one of those old beige cases we all remember so well from the 90's the only difference is its made of metal now

its tacky , its styling is the Mullet hair style of computer cases 21st October 2008, 08:12 Quote
Can you do a test with a dual slot cooler, as they more than likely designed the case to have one or two dual slot cards exhausting some air as well.

i can see the performance with a dual slot cooler being so much better being a "positive" pressure case.
[USRF]Obiwan 21st October 2008, 10:28 Quote
Originally Posted by Tile
This case fails to me because of the badly designed hard drive rack..

You hate this case only because the drive bays are wrong? Personally I never use hd cages, I use the Nexus DiskTwin to put the hds into the 5.25 bays. And ditch the hd cages for more room for wc pumps and stuff

Now I cant wait for the review of the act840 coolermaster case!
naokaji 21st October 2008, 14:30 Quote
Originally Posted by [USRF]Obiwan
You hate this case only because the drive bays are wrong?

To be honest, there is such a big selection of cases on the market that I think it's ok to be very picky about even small details, It's not like your comparing lets say a k8 and nehalem, but something where thousands of variations are avalaible.
SupremeYusuke 27th October 2008, 13:39 Quote
This case reminds me of the MacPro case.
TheCherub 28th October 2008, 09:53 Quote
In the original review, the issue with the dust filters was one of the major let-downs. Are Bit-Tech likely to review the score given in light of the changes in the production version?
Bindibadgi 28th October 2008, 10:03 Quote
Originally Posted by TheCherub
In the original review, the issue with the dust filters was one of the major let-downs. Are Bit-Tech likely to review the score given in light of the changes in the production version?

We review on what we were given, but will make note that certain things change and improve post review, however once a review is published the score is final because it's already available to buy.

Otherwise we wouldn't review "like a consumer" - we approach a product like we would use it ourselves should we own one.
rjkoneill 28th October 2008, 15:48 Quote
cool - deffo getting one now!
Baz 19th December 2008, 18:05 Quote
Silverstone have added some Youtube Videos to show the FT01 in action using a nifty smoke machine - certainly of interest for those thinking of picking this up.
vicx 4th May 2009, 12:43 Quote
I have this case and the summary is spot on. The video card cooling is bad in this case; even with the drive cage removed and hard drives promoted to the 5 1/4 bay area. On the other hand the positive pressure cooling from the 2x180mm fans is awesome for CPU cooling. It is so good that it is better not running a 120mm rear exhaust fan at all. I turn the van off and you can feel the air venting still quite strongly and the Noctua cooler remains very cool without its own fan. So yeah positive pressure works but needs better tuning.

I think this case needs a third 180mm fan and mechanism for splitting the video cards into their own zone so the CPU doesn;t take all the air.

Ahh Silverstone - you guys always come sooo close to making a perfect case but always you mess it up somehow. Beautiful but flawed.
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