MSI watercools its GTX 280 with HydroGen

MSI watercools its GTX 280 with HydroGen

HydroGen, now with more graphics and less motherboard

This is one for you watercoolers - MSI has launched its latest GeForce GTX 280 with a funky HydroGen waterblock. The "N200 series" features a 700MHz core clock that MSI claims is one of the highest core clocks out there at a 17 percent improvement over stock.

The HydroGen block also sports a 10°C drop compared to the stock cooler but appears not to include the memory with its water coverage. Instead it relies on just a simple copper plate to conduct the heat to the water channels over the large core - much like the Danger Den block used on BFG Tech's GeForce GTX 280 H2OC.

MSI also states that it fits in a single slot now, but the PCI plate is clearly dual slot, unlike the BFG card, whose backplate has been changed to a single slot one. You lose the LED, but honestly - if you're competent enough to use watercooling you don't need to be told how to plug a graphics card in.

In the past, MSI's HydroGen was simply a concept as part of a potential watercooled X38 motherboard - we were first on the scene last year with that one. However, MSI couldn't make it into mass production back then even despite the superior design to other market leaders - this time though, around it seems to have made the big time.

We will be putting both up against each other in a head-to-head soon! Fancy grabbing yourself a watercooled GeForce GTX 280 without killing your warranty? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

MSI watercools its GTX 280 with HydroGen MSI Watercools its GTX 280 with HydroGen


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Teknokid 3rd September 2008, 16:36 Quote
That is one sexy card!
_DTM2000_ 3rd September 2008, 16:41 Quote
I slightly prefer the look of that to the BFG version. It looks more slick and expensive. I bet this doesn't have a lifetime warranty like the BFG though, which is a shame.
GregTheRotter 3rd September 2008, 16:43 Quote
nothing like knowing that card has a warranty that will last longer than the time you'll actually use the product i.e 5 years-ish?

Personally I'd take EVGA's step-up program over BFG's lifetime warranty.
keir 3rd September 2008, 16:45 Quote
Hmm I don't like it. I preffer the BFG block.
M4RTIN 3rd September 2008, 16:47 Quote
doesnt look like they finished it
Teknokid 3rd September 2008, 17:14 Quote
heatkiller blocks look the nuts IMO, there sli connectors are also pretty cool, lets hope MSI includes them :D
devdevil85 3rd September 2008, 17:37 Quote
vetty nize
Sim0n 3rd September 2008, 18:10 Quote
Doesnt look like its SLi compatible, which.. if your spending that kinda money on a card, you would hope was designed in..

BFG is sli compatible :(
Teknokid 3rd September 2008, 18:24 Quote
Sim0n 3rd September 2008, 18:34 Quote
The *BLOCK* is available to support sli etc.. but will MSI give you that option ?
Teknokid 3rd September 2008, 18:43 Quote
its the same block, just with an sli bridge block?
Tim S 3rd September 2008, 19:27 Quote
yep, looks like the SLI bridge block is available separately, although my German isn't that sharp. :)
docodine 3rd September 2008, 22:57 Quote
Originally Posted by Teknokid
That is one sexy card!

Agreed, but the sexiness crown stays with the Asus N7800GT DUAL.
samkiller42 4th September 2008, 00:38 Quote
Nice looking card, think i will go with the BFG though, it's £360 price tag from scan is reasonable enough to me.

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