Sapphire to Open Web-Shop

Sapphire to Open Web-Shop

The Sapphire HD 4850 Toxic - this comes with a Zalman cooler, but potentially Sapphire could let you change that.

This September(ish) Sapphire will open its new web-shop. We've no idea of the global coverage yet, but those who it will serve will be able to buy a range of products including graphics cards (obviously), as well as your choice of third party coolers to go with them.

So if you preferred a Zalman to a Zerotherm on your brand new HD 4850 - you could custom spec it! The range will vary from product to product though.

Also available will be extras like HDMI cables, HDMI dongles and other knick-knacks that you sometimes need but never know where to buy, other than scrounging on forums or scouring eBay.

To be honest, we're not sure why this facility hasn't been offered before - it must be a lucrative market that no one has yet tapped and even if you don't own a Sapphire card but want a HD 4870 cooler or need a component break-out cable, this could be the perfect option. That said, we would like to know shipping costs for stuff like a mere cable or dongle.

Now all we've got left to wait for is an online shop for motherboard parts - how many times do you get one that doesn't come with S/PDIF brackets or all the SATA cables?

Are you in need of some extras for your graphics card? What would you like to see Sapphire stock? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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liratheal 4th August 2008, 10:23 Quote
Currently not in need of extras, but it's nice to know that (For a time at least) I can get that assorted stuff from somewhere.

Interesting that they're doing BTO cards - How will that change the warranty, will they just add sections to cover BTO cards or will there be a certain allowance for cooler changes?

And how will they enforce that, will it be noted by your serial number or something?
tonpal 4th August 2008, 12:54 Quote
Being able to buy a factory customised board is a great idea. Not so sure about the accessories possibly a market for them as a add on when a card is purchased.
Timmy_the_tortoise 4th August 2008, 13:19 Quote
"how many times do you get one that doesn't come with S/PDIF brackets"

Too often... And they're IMPOSSIBLE to find individually. I'm getting really quite annoyed.
HourBeforeDawn 4th August 2008, 19:06 Quote
hmm this could be interesting will have to check it out come Sept. :)
Cadillac Ferd 4th August 2008, 19:50 Quote
Definitely sounds like it will be worth checking out.
CowBlazed 5th August 2008, 05:40 Quote
Good idea, pre-installed GPU coolers of your choice so you don't have to void your warranty.
Cupboard 5th August 2008, 11:41 Quote
Brilliant idea! Hopefully the prices will be competitive becuase then you won't have the problems with some people saying "I just want the card" and others saying "Give me all the accessories", people will just be able to get what they want bundled. 5th August 2008, 18:27 Quote big deal, if somthing goes wrong just be carefull with those "void if removed" stickers, stick the fan back on, and wallar, even the godly BFG dosn't know *cough*tested*cough*.
johnnyboy700 12th August 2008, 11:56 Quote
I suppose it depends on how keenly they set their prices, worth a look for sure.
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