MSI Wind - upgrading memory voids warranty

MSI Wind - upgrading memory voids warranty

Want to break the seal and upgrade your Wind? Well if you live outside the UK say goodbye to your warranty.

We recently got an email from a US reader who had followed our advice in our Breaking Wind article and registered his new MSI sub-notebook with his local branch as he was going to upgrade the memory inside. However he was shocked to find out that opening his beloved pearly white sub-notebook would cause its warranty to be void.

For those who don't know, even though MSI has left a slot free for memory upgrades, the problem MSI faces is that it doesn't include a specific flap for the memory like every other laptop - you literally have to take the whole thing apart to get to the free memory slot (or hard drive if you want to do that too). The level of complexity in getting it back together correctly is far beyond "pop a lid off", yet leaving the slot free MSI must have realised that people will want to upgrade their machines? Major surgery like this naturally voids the warranty.

We asked MSI UK about this and was told that owners would just need to register the product before going ahead with the upgrade - all will remain good. However after much poking MSI for answers it seems that the "register with MSI" option is exclusive to UK customers. For once it seems those of us in Blighty have a better deal! Excuse me while I promptly fall off my chair.

Clarifying the Wind's warranty, MSI told bit-tech that while it was preparing an official statement for early August, it can tell us that if you are good and don't open it up, then you get a two year local warranty and a one year global warranty. In comparison buying a cheaper OEM clone like the Advent will only get you a one year local warranty only.

In MSI's own words:

The end user will need to contact MSI UK first, and we will approve case by case. Customer will have option to contact their reseller for upgrade, contact MSI for upgrade (fee applies) or upgrade themselves. If end user chooses to upgrade themselves, we will provide them with an instructional guide and list of approved components to use, plus a new modified warranty sticker. If they follow this procedure, then warranty will remain valid, however, they will loose the global travel warranty. This will be clearly explained to them.

However, remember:

If the customer damages unit in any way during upgrade, then warranty will be void.

However while UK users may get the benefits of the awesome MSI UK support, it is not the case for other regions. If you live in the US, anywhere else in Europe or elsewhere in the world opening up your Wind notebook will void your warranty - there is no other way to upgrade the memory.

This is no doubt reminiscent of the first Asus Eee PCs that had warranty stickers over the memory compartments - that didn't go down too well at the time, yet Asus did backtrack and eventually state that universally it will not void the warranty, offering sticker replacements, but it did emphasise that any upgrades were at the users own risk.

Have you bought a Wind notebook and wanted to upgrade it? How do you feel about this new warranty information? Let us know your thoughts, in the forums.


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wuyanxu 24th July 2008, 10:00 Quote
that sucks, memory should be the easiest to upgrade.

what about EEE, i'd assume that doesn't void the warranty
BlackMage23 24th July 2008, 10:03 Quote
hair dryer on the old sticker will make it easy to take off, then just put it back on once you have added in your memory.
ComputerKing 24th July 2008, 10:08 Quote
bad news :(

The hair dryer trick works but not most of the time.
quack 24th July 2008, 13:49 Quote
Is it really that hard to put a flap on the bottom?
chicorasia 24th July 2008, 14:22 Quote
Originally Posted by quack
Is it really that hard to put a flap on the bottom?

Not really. But it is terribly expensive.

Injection moulds cost tens of thousands of dollars to develop and machine.
Bluephoenix 24th July 2008, 17:15 Quote
Originally Posted by chicorasia
Not really. But it is terribly expensive.

Injection moulds cost tens of thousands of dollars to develop and machine.

very true

it would require a redesign of the entire bottom panel, as well as re-tooling the production line and creating a new panel cover and associated tooling.

for something with such slim margins its out of the question, and I think it was left out to save money in the first place.
pendragon 24th July 2008, 18:39 Quote
well, i'm glad i wasn't planning on buying one of these :P .. sucks for the non-UK crowd .. (cheers to you guys though)
TheLostSwede 24th July 2008, 20:19 Quote
It might also have something to do with the fact that netbooks with Windows on them have a Microsoft imposed limitation which doesn't allow any manufacturer to ship more than 1GB of memory in the system if they want to get a discount from Microsoft on the OS. So obviously everyone is designing towards that spec as they want the discount.
LordPyrinc 24th July 2008, 23:14 Quote
As much as it sucks.. the whole warranty voiding doesn't surprise me. There are a lot of stupid individuals out there who have no business trying to upgrade their own pcs, especially when it comes to laptops. I personally have no qualms about tearing apart my PC, but I would think twice about messing around with either of my laptops unless I absolutely had to.
Jmage 25th September 2008, 22:13 Quote
Warranty WON’T be void if we ONLY upgrade ram. I personnaly asked for this question on the website and they answered me :

“You can just break the warranty stick if you are only upgrading the memory. The memory will not void but please make sure you do not modify or change other components.


Then I replied with : “Awesome! Thank you so much for this quick reply! So there is no risk of voiding my warranty if I put another gig of ram inside? That\’s great!”

And their final answer was: “Yes, no risk of voiding the warranty if only upgrade the memory.


SO!!! Have fun upgrading your MSI Wind to 2gigs SAFELY!!

Have a nice day because I had one
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