MSI has Intel XMP, better BIOS help on P45 boards

MSI has Intel XMP, better BIOS help on P45 boards

New BIOS options on MSI boards will have more detailed help features.

MSI has revealed that its P45 motherboards will support Intel's XMP memory technology, bringing this kind of feature to the mainstream for the first time. Currently, XMP support is only advertised on some X38 and X48 boards, and even then this “newbie overclocking” is largely unsupported in the memory industry as a whole.

We talked to one major memory manufacturer recently and it claimed it had sold virtually no XMP modules since its launch last September. Since DDR3 becomes ever more mainstream this year and more people buy P45 DDR3 boards (sorry XMP is not available on DDR2), we are starting to see a small renaissance for it.

In a slightly related piece of news, for those of you that are familiar with a conventional BIOS layout, you'll know that as you scroll through the options, on the right hand side there are usually details about the option you’ve selected. Unfortunately this is rarely filled with anything useful by the manufacturer so you either have to look online or hope the manual has something to offer.

MSI has said it will change this with its P45 boards though – it showed us an example of the very much more detailed level of help its P45 BIOSes should contain, so if you don’t know your tRRD from you tRP, it should make tweaking your system a lot easier.

Do you care about XMP or even DDR3 for that matter? Are detailed BIOS help options something you’d like to see as well? Let us know in the forums.


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chrisb2e9 14th May 2008, 15:36 Quote
detailed info would be nice. my p5k dlx looks like it was translated by a someone using the internet to do the translating.
Bindibadgi 14th May 2008, 17:19 Quote
I've not got MSI P45 boards yet to take my own pics sorry :( It was only from the MSI P45 event.
cpemma 14th May 2008, 20:37 Quote
My P35 BIOS is a 1Mb file, double the size of the last (Socket A) mobo's and has a bit more info in the Help. Wonder how big the P48 BIOS is?
nitrous9200 14th May 2008, 23:09 Quote
I hope they can fix their Engrish; if you look at their global page you can look at some of the articles and laugh a bit at the horrible translations.
Yemerich 15th May 2008, 04:26 Quote
I never understood why bios had such an useless help.
I think that slight change took too long to occur.
Better later than never!
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