Windows XP SP3 released on 29th April?

Windows XP SP3 released on 29th April?

Windows XP SP3 will be released to the general public on April 29th, according to a report on Neowin.

According to reports that have popped up on the web, Microsoft is preparing to release Windows XP Service Pack 3 to the public before the turn of the month.

Support was reportedly available for the release version of SP3 from yesterday, with Microsoft planning to roll out the Service Pack to OEM, Volume License, Connect, MSDN and Technet customers on 21st April.

The report says that the update will then be deployed to Microsoft Update, Windows Update and the Microsoft Download Center on the 29th April and then on 10th June, it will be made available via Automatic Updates.

There has been talk of the third Service Pack for Windows XP, Microsoft's most successful operating system to date, ever since the software giant announced that SP3 had been delayed until sometime in 2008 back in October 2006.

Reports then emerged late last year to say that Microsoft would give its Windows XP customers a performance boost with the new Service Pack, which will further increase the gap in performance between XP and Vista – Microsoft's latest operating system.

Vista hasn't been received well by customers, even despite Microsoft boasting impressive sales figures, and as recently as yesterday a study from research firm Gartner suggested that the Windows ecosystem might collapse under its own weight if drastic changes aren't made.

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Burnout21 15th April 2008, 15:16 Quote
what advantages dose this SP offer?
DriftCarl 15th April 2008, 15:20 Quote
I dont have any XP machines left at home. they are all perfectly working non problematic variations of vista installed for over a year.
donnie 15th April 2008, 15:28 Quote
I'm curious as to whether the OEM will feature SATA drivers as slipstreaming the OS is just a pain in the arse.
Buzzons 15th April 2008, 15:56 Quote
Donnie has a good point, I'd hope they have finally added teh SATA drivers :S

Burnout :: other than meaning you don't need to install ~100 updates after installing a clean XP SP2 PC it tweaks a lot of settings in XP,and also adds new features to make it easier to talk to it from 2K8 server

some details here ::
sam.g.taylor 15th April 2008, 16:02 Quote
Originally Posted by Burnout21
what advantages dose this SP offer?

Check this out...
Omnituens 15th April 2008, 18:28 Quote
Looks like i will hold off the formatting until i have this. have to make an new slipstreamed disk.
proxess 15th April 2008, 20:27 Quote
It has huge ass performance boost. I've got the RC running on my laptop and its one heck of a breeze.
OleJ 15th April 2008, 21:14 Quote
Hugh Jazz performance boost?
TomH 15th April 2008, 21:25 Quote
After installing the RC on my work laptop, I saw absolutely bugger-all difference. The only nice thing I can say, is that I shouldn't have to install 5000 patches to a clean SP2 installation. :)

As for slip-streaming, I just petitioned the boss to buy a USB-FDD. £20 and it's come in handy more times than I care to think since then. :)
123mccann 15th April 2008, 21:54 Quote
I don't know how but, on my grandad's machine in system information it states he has SP3, however, if it hasn't been released i'm not sure how.
reflux 15th April 2008, 22:16 Quote
I've been running the leaked BETA for a while. No noticeable performance improvement, but XP kicks Vista arse anyway so who cares?
dyzophoria 17th April 2008, 04:32 Quote
nice for xp, though haven't had any xp installations any more in my office and at home :)
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