Windows Vista SP1 is available for download

Windows Vista SP1 is available for download

Microsoft has released a one click fix that it hopes will fix Vista's many problems.

After a lot of talking about the deployment of the first Service Pack for Windows Vista, the company has finally released it to the general public.

The update is available through Windows Update in the traditional fashion, but it's also available as a standalone download at Microsoft's Download Centre for those that don't want to have to download it every time they reinstall Vista.

The standalone download for 32-bit systems weighs in at 434.5MB, while the 64-bit version is much bigger at 726.5MB.

For now, the update is only available to users of English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish – other languages are expected to follow shortly. However, Microsoft hasn't detailed the rollout for language support in other localities yet.

For those wondering what has changed in Windows Vista Service Pack 1, there is a 17-page change log, which outlines the fine details of the new build.

The improvements include support for the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) on 64-bit versions of the OS, DirectX 10.1, and exFAT – a new file system supporting larger overall capacity and larger files, which will be used in Flash memory storage and consumer devices. There are many more improvements and fixes, but I'll save you from a massive list and let you go and read them if you're especially interested.

We'll be rolling the update out across our test systems over the coming days and weeks – we'll bring you a comparative performance article while we're at it too. In the meantime though, you can discuss your experiences with the update in the forums.


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huddy 19th March 2008, 13:04 Quote
I installed SP1 last night and my X-FI sound card is causing it to blue screen every time I boot. The only way I can get it to boot is to take the card out. At least neighbours are happy.
moshpit 19th March 2008, 13:18 Quote
I've been using RTM SP1 now for a month. Runs butter smooth and has been problem free. Everything working great here.
Akava 19th March 2008, 13:22 Quote
Tried to DL it yesterday but Windows Update wasn't having any of it, "Error Code 80073712" (or something like that, ill double check when i get home) anyone else been having this problem?

On another note, anyone else had problems like Huddy or found it to be brilliant like Moshpit?
Laitainion 19th March 2008, 13:33 Quote
I've got Vista SP1 on an OEM DVD (Ultimate 64bit) and have been running a (less than legal) 'trial' of Vista for 3-4 months before that. However, I only install Vista SP1 (from clean, new motherboard etc.) yesterday so it's a bit early to tell for sure. However, like huddy I have an X-Fi but haven't had any problems with it.

So far the biggest change I've seen is that now drivers *have* to be signed, so I can't run speedfan anymore, although I can live with it. No crashes, blue screens or anything as of yet though, but then my general experience of pre-SP1 Vista though was quite similar and it does feel a bit nippier, but I have also just upgraded so it's a bit hard to quantify.
wuyanxu 19th March 2008, 13:38 Quote
i've been using RTM SP1 for aggeeeessss. no problems at all :)

although dxdiag still says DirectX 10, not 10.1. can anyone using this offical release confirm that it's Dx10 on your machines?
quack 19th March 2008, 14:01 Quote
Dxdiag will say DirectX 10 not 10.1.
DXR_13KE 19th March 2008, 15:14 Quote
Originally Posted by Laitainion
So far the biggest change I've seen is that now drivers *have* to be signed,

i don't like that.
Mongoose132 19th March 2008, 15:19 Quote
I'll probably wait 'till bit's comparison to update, or maybe do it now...mehh..
The cheapskate 19th March 2008, 15:19 Quote
So is it safe to install?
BigPoppaJNutZ 19th March 2008, 15:19 Quote
I will have to try it out tonight. At least it's just the laptop that uses Vista.

wharrad 19th March 2008, 16:05 Quote
Originally Posted by Laitainion
So far the biggest change I've seen is that now drivers *have* to be signed, so I can't run speedfan anymore

Not sure how this happened, but I've got the same setup as you and speedfan is running happily under SP1... I have made some changes that go a bit deeper than UAC, can't remember what they were, but it seems there must be a manual setting around somewhere to allow unsigned drivers
EmJay 19th March 2008, 16:08 Quote
Hm, I see where this is headed...

'Vista sucks!'
'SP1 should cure that!'
'There are still some issues!'
'Vista sucks!'
DXR_13KE 19th March 2008, 17:09 Quote
Originally Posted by EmJay
Hm, I see where this is headed...

'Vista sucks!'
'SP1 should cure that!'
'There are still some issues!'
'Vista sucks!'

GoodBytes 19th March 2008, 17:28 Quote
EmJay, don't talk about things you don't know know about. PLEASE!

SP1 via Windows Update worked fine for me, Windows boot/shitdown is faster, and I see a LOT of minor and major issues fixed. No driver caused me problems.
In fact I see a slight increase in performance in my games. I think it's just like 1 fps bellow XP, does it really mater 1fps less?!? If you do see the difference then you have nothing to do with the settings set in the game, and should be reduce... cause a game a 2fps is not fun. And going with sideshow effect with your games, Windows slideshow thingy is way more fun.

I thing Vista is perfect the way it is, no need for an other service pack... I mean for sure their will be always bug all in ALL OS in this planet, as long that it is made by a human.
Syx 19th March 2008, 18:36 Quote
Whilst I think that SP1 was a big improvement, I dont think calling Vista "perfect the way it is" is correct just yet!
I'm yet to test out some things that I was hoping for an improvement with (network file transfer being one of them) but I'm sure that there are plenty more things to be fixed before we can call it perfect.
Nexxo 19th March 2008, 18:52 Quote
Originally Posted by EmJay
Hm, I see where this is headed...

'Vista sucks!'
'SP1 should cure that!'
'There are still some issues!'
'Vista sucks!'
Originally Posted by GoodBytes
EmJay, don't talk about things you don't know know about. PLEASE!
No, I think Enjay is pretty spot on. That is where this thread is headed.
feldm4n 19th March 2008, 18:58 Quote
I have been installing SP1 on a ton of customer PC's. I even updated my 64 bit edition with it. I did this weeks ago though. I have to admit I really do like Vista. Sure it is a memory muncher but overall it is very stable once you get it stable with whatever you have in your PC. I hate to say it but I have had less problems with Vista then XP. I feel once Microsoft irons out the kinks everyone will go running to it and forget all about the disastrous start for Vista. Here is a simile for you... it's like Counter Strike 1.6 vs. Counter Strike Source. EVERYONE bagged on CS:S but funny how everyone rotated over to it and it became a crazy hit all of the sudden. I went to a LAN event and me and one other guy were the only people playing it out of 100 people. Every "hard core" CS1.6 player bagged on us playing it. I explained it is an awesome improvement and once they get hit boxes figured out with some other bugs all of you will switch. Same thing here. I install Operating Systems all day and troubleshoot. I love how Vista functions period.

Also to the talk about it being taken from OSX or whatever. Sure there are features that look the same to some extent but it is NOTHING like OSX. All in all give it a shot and if you can get it stable you will see how great of an operating system it will be. Keep in mind EVERY company ships products with software bugs. My cousin works for Adobe. We had a conversation about it because he is a coder. He says EVERY product that ships has over 3,000 bugs. Microsoft isn't the odd man out.

Give Vista a shot ;)

One more thing remember that XP is going into SP3 territory. Don't bag on Vista because it has had one service pack update.
DXR_13KE 19th March 2008, 19:56 Quote
Originally Posted by Nexxo
No, I think Enjay is pretty spot on. That is where this thread is headed.

scanning the thread i can only see one or two people complain.... and not in the way Enjay says and not like when the OS came out....
Malvolio 19th March 2008, 20:09 Quote
I still fail to see the problem with vista pre-sp1. Haven't had a system crash since installing it almost a year ago on my main-room pc and my lappy.

Rather, I've found it to be more stable than any other OS I've ever used. Period. To be honest, I don't even bother with updates anymore, I'm too lazy I guess.

Always get a kick out of people who hate vista coming over and using my system. They bitch and bitch about the interface, and how poor it is, stating some non-sense about how it'll crash before anything opens. But then something amazing happens: nothing. It just works, gets the job done, and nothing goes wrong. Then I get a phone call the next day because their xp machine crashed while printing off a spreadsheet, and is now spouting fire and saying bad things about their mum.

Or maybe it's just that I'm not a complete **** when it comes to setting up and maintaining a computer. Guess we'll see after my pc has sat turned on for 5 months straight without a single update while serving as a media hub, websurfing machine, gaming rig, and network storage.

Ah well, each to their own.
LordPyrinc 19th March 2008, 21:51 Quote
Although I haven't downloaded SP1 yet, I've been thus far pleased with Vista. I've only had two blue screen crashes since getting this box back in November. Both occured when exiting a particular game, but considering I pretty much play that game every day, 2 times in 5 months is no big deal.

Only thing I've ever had an issue with was KOTR2, game wouldn't load even after getting the updates. Turned out to be a .dll related to sound that I had to replace in the game's root directory. But that game is rather old now. I've had no problems with newer games.
Akava 20th March 2008, 22:40 Quote
Finally got it installed after having to re-install Vista, other than it being a bit slow to start up and shut down atm and a small problem with some of my Asus software... its incredible... SOOOOO much faster!!!

Very happy with it so far, pretty sure its using my RAM a little better now, certainly seems to be.
keir 20th March 2008, 23:57 Quote
I'm getting the error on install as well :(
The link the error message gives just takes you to a MS search engine which is no help at all.

trés ass
Akava 21st March 2008, 13:46 Quote
If that doesn't work look for a file called "Pending.xms" in C:\Windows\winsxs and delete it, that was recommended a lot when I was looking for a fix, BUT as always deleting any file in the Windows dirrectory is done at your own risk.

If that doesn't work and any of the other solutions out there don't work then just install Vista again over your current version, i would back up your files first though to be safe.

You'll need a fair bit of time, at least 4-6 hours to do all of that so make sure you have the time to do it before starting.

Good luck, and its well worth it in the end.
BigPoppaJNutZ 21st March 2008, 15:43 Quote
Installed it last night on my HP laptop. Went fast and easy! My laptop is actually running faster!!! Startup is easily twice as fast, as well as just about anything else that I have done. Networking (recognizing and hooking up) is really fast too.
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