Razer introduces the Salmosa budget gaming mouse

Razer introduces the Salmosa budget gaming mouse

The Salmosa shown here is a clay mock-up only, the quality of the final product will be far greater.

Today we met with the Razer Guy himself and president of the company, Mr. Robert Krakoff, who showed bit-tech the new mouse due in Q3: The Razer Salmosa.

At only 90g it’s the lightest in its class - that is the 30 Euro/$40 budget - yet it still features all the gubbins from a DeathAdder and more – 1,800dpi 3G IR sensor, the same firmware, 1KHz Ultrapolling with an ultra low USB response time, 16-bit data depth, on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment and 60-120 inch per second movement detection. We were told the cost of the components to make this has been brought down quite considerably since the introduction of the DeathAdder – as the mouse has been so popular the economies of scale have risen quite dramatically.

The design is catered for those new to gaming as well as those with a low budget – likely the teenage generation. While it features no lights like other Razer products – the complete black mock up felt just as good as any other Razer mouse I’ve tried, and the Teflon feet just add to the better feeling. It’s quite like the shape of the older Viper, but also the Copperhead in some respects as well – it’s certainly far less chunky than the DeathAdder.

It’s also designed to be totally plug and play – no faffing with drivers as most customers will likely find precision tweaking outside their comfort zone. It’s ambidextrous too, which is perfect for us lefties (be quiet, we’re awesome) and the switches on the bottom allow easy changing of the settings, without the need for extra software.

While you do get what you pay for in some respects, as a Razer product and one of only two companies (Logitech are the other) who design and build completely in house (even Microsoft out sources or has bundled Razer products in the past) you just know you’re getting good value and a tried and tested product. Sure, 30 Euro isn’t super cheap; but it is still relatively economical knowing that it’ll last, and be more accessible for those who are casual gamers too.

On another topic - the Mako's are already shipping and Razer simply can't make them fast enough, even though they are a premium product. Having now seen them in the flesh we can honestly see why they are going like hot cakes - the quality is phenomenal and with such complex technology inside they've proven extremely hard to build. In the States, Amazon alone had a pre-order of 80 units before launch - don't expect the price to drop anytime soon with demand like that!

Razer certainly seems to be broadening its base, and with exponential company growth and plenty of cool stuff in the pipe for this coming year - it's certainly a company to keep an eye on!

In the market for a cheap gaming mouse? Or do you have another particular favourite? Let us know your thoughts, in the forums.


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ssj12 7th March 2008, 15:41 Quote
looks like a nice mouse actually
Tyinsar 7th March 2008, 16:49 Quote
Originally Posted by Article
It’s ambidextrous too, which is perfect for us lefties (be quiet, we’re awesome)
Indeed ;) <- see, even the smiley is using it's left hand :D
Originally Posted by Article
and the switches on the bottom allow easy changing of the settings, without the need for extra software.
Those switches are AWESOME for those who use Linux where the driver support is lacking. Additionally, I used to be a huge fan of extra buttons (and especially liked Kensington's MouseWorks - which the bums are abandoning - BOO!) but after having gotten used to gestures I don't use them much anymore so the lack of them isn't as big a deal as it might once have been.
Kierax 7th March 2008, 16:56 Quote
Oh I like this be good for the GF's computer when finished :D
Techno-Dann 7th March 2008, 18:27 Quote
Looks like a very nice budget mouse. I'm not a fan of the Razer shape, but for those who are, it looks like a winner.

(And Left-handed comfort cheesecake - I love my lefty MX 610.)
atanum141 7th March 2008, 18:44 Quote
badders 7th March 2008, 18:45 Quote
Originally Posted by Tyinsar
Indeed ;) <- see, even the smiley is using it's left hand :D

That's cos he's using the other one for the mouse!!!

This may be in the price bracket to replace my aging Microsoft Optical Wheel mouse.

Originally Posted by atanum141
QFT - That's what I'm gonna call it from now on.
lamboman 7th March 2008, 19:18 Quote
For the price, it seems like it is going to be a great mouse. I would still spend the extra money, if buying now, for the best gaming mouse you can buy (G5 still!), but looks nice.
wuyanxu 7th March 2008, 20:12 Quote
sign me up for one!

what are the button configurations? are there any buttons for the thumb? i'd like 2 buttons for the thumb, and some button to change the DPI
Tyinsar 7th March 2008, 20:49 Quote
From the looks of it:

No extra buttons.

See the switches on the bottom to change DPI

This looks like a great product but maybe not what you're looking for wuyanxu.
Originally Posted by badders
That's cos he's using the other one for the mouse!!!
wuyanxu 7th March 2008, 22:42 Quote
*sigh* looks like my search for a cheap gaming mouse continues........ sub £25 gaming mouse with 1500dpi+ and dpi adjustment (for vehicle sections, eg Crysis) and some thumb buttons.

in the mean time, my 6 quid Logitech value 1000dpi mouse should be enough :)
Amon 8th March 2008, 01:29 Quote
That thing is puny...
Shadowed_fury 8th March 2008, 02:11 Quote
Lefties are freaks :p
Tyinsar 8th March 2008, 05:55 Quote
Originally Posted by Shadowed_fury
Lefties are freaks :p
All evolutionary advances are - at first :p

(Though that would mean more if I actually believed in evolution)
rjkoneill 10th March 2008, 10:35 Quote
i love it when budget stuff shows all the benefits of the high end broducts without all of the unnecessary junk like lights and gold plated usb connectors!

looking forward to seeing how this product performs!
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