Nvidia GeForce 9800 GX2 caught on camera

Nvidia GeForce 9800 GX2 caught on camera

The Nvidia GeForce 9800 GX2 - due to arrive on the 18th of March.

Oooh behind the scenes politics is a minefield – Nvidia told us, “If we could find a 9800 GX2 on display, it’s fair game for photos” – and so the hunt was on. While everyone may have them behind closed doors, no one can talk about them until the 18th March.

Nvidia must have thought the show floor was clean, but that’s never the case on at a tradeshow: two minutes later when we stopped by Albatron’s booth what did we find? None other than the Nvidia GeForce 9800 GX2, clearly on display. Bingo!

The board has 1GB of GDDR3 – it has two PCBs – one top and bottom, as well as one honking great fan at the end that sucks air from both sides. The SLI bridge used in quad-SLI is stealthed to complete the chunky brick look (it’s far nicer than the 7950 GX2, but it’s a seriously meaty beast) and the card comes with three outputs – two dual-link DVIs and a HDMI connector, where the heat exhaust is to one side of these on the rear I/O plate.

As you’d expect it’s the full 12” long, although we couldn’t tell you the weight as it was look but don’t touch. We have been told (by no one in particular) that it is built on the current G92 core used in the current GeForce 8800 GT and GeForce GTS 512 , as opposed to something newer.

The GeForce 9800 GX2 has an 8-pin and a 6-pin at the top and another 2-pin connector next to them that we assume is the S/PDIF passthrough connector – still no native audio included.

Later that evening, after several drinks at the MSI booth we were told that it also had its GeForce 9800 GX2 on display – it had magically appeared sometime in the afternoon (with permission, we were assured).

Visiting the Zotac stand we were also shown the product that is due to launch on the 18th March, and while we respect Zotac's NDA for said product, the good news is that it has also today announced an increase in warranty for all its Nvidia graphics cards. From now on you get a non-transferrable 5 year warranty with all Zotac graphics cards.

To qualify, you need to register the product with Zotac and while the first two years are return to where you bought it from, the later three are a direct RMA with Zotac. While this doesn’t match BFG’s transferrable warranty, we were told it can’t be legally applied in Europe and some other regions anyway – Zotac wanted a policy that was consistent across the globe to make it easier for everyone to understand.

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Mankz 5th March 2008, 08:33 Quote
Hmm, interesting find on the chip used. Everyone on XS is convinced its a dual 8800GT. Looks far better and well designed than the 790GX2.

Mind you, theres a new rev. of the 3870 X2 coming soon with GDDR4, so it should be a fun match up!
yakyb 5th March 2008, 09:01 Quote
g98? thats the first ive heard of it hope its true
cjoyce1980 5th March 2008, 09:21 Quote
still no DX10.1 or OpenGL 2.1 support unlike the ATI's cards though. I know both of those are not really used yet, but still would be nice to see
Bauul 5th March 2008, 09:48 Quote
Looks a little like one of those uber-powerful, uber-power-hungry, uber-noisy, uber-hot, uber-expensive super cards that in action are God's gift to mankind, but practice 99.9% of the market are priced out.
Orlix 5th March 2008, 09:57 Quote
G98... another chip.. so launch date is March 18 and will be on backorder for 6 months....
naokaji 5th March 2008, 10:05 Quote
both amd and nvidia should just make a new highend card, not glue old ones together....
Flibblebot 5th March 2008, 10:14 Quote
It looks mahoosive. How much power does that thing consume? Time to start building my own power station, I think :D
rjkoneill 5th March 2008, 10:26 Quote
i dont care about this until i see SOLID drivers and at LEAST a 33% increase over the current GTX
samkiller42 5th March 2008, 10:42 Quote
I want Display Port, when Display Port is on them, then i will dish out my wallet.
Also, as rjkoneill says, Decent drivers are a must!!

[USRF]Obiwan 5th March 2008, 12:57 Quote
I rather see a new singleslot, sleek looking, dx10.x, 45nm, 150w max, display port card with at least 2 time the power of a 8800GTX. But that will probably stays a dream for over 6 months or so...
Hazza 5th March 2008, 13:01 Quote
Im slightly curious why NVidia haven't made any GDDR4 stuff yet. Also as someone said, the sign says DX10, so might that mean this card isn't DX10.1 compatible?
proxess 5th March 2008, 13:33 Quote
Or the sign is made by a bunch of newbies that just "know" its DirectX 10 something somewhat somesort.
naokaji 5th March 2008, 14:49 Quote
Originally Posted by proxess
Or the sign is made by a bunch of newbies that just "know" its DirectX 10 something somewhat somesort.

or they kept the sign generic on purpose so they can recycle it for the 3224324 variations they will release... kinda like inno3d did with the 8800 series retail box, it doesnt even have the product spec on the retail box, they just printed 8800 Series on it and then add a sticker with what flavour of the 88800 series it is.
Redbeaver 5th March 2008, 16:12 Quote
i want one. period.
Cupboard 5th March 2008, 16:20 Quote
Any idea how many of the outputs can be used at once?
Nice find btw.
Bindibadgi 5th March 2008, 19:40 Quote
Originally Posted by yakyb
g98? thats the first ive heard of it hope its true

I messed up and was told wrongly - it's two G92s. G98 is mid-low range coming later and future products are different too (triple figure Gs etcetc).
Cthippo 5th March 2008, 19:57 Quote
Hmm, well, now I know what will replace the two 7950GX2s I don't yet have in 5 years time or so!

I love obscure hardware and this will never become mainstream.
undertheradar 8th March 2008, 08:26 Quote
Dont worry, I was talking with someone at nVidia yesterday, and the G100 is the chip we have all been hoping the 9xxx series would be.
WalleyM 8th March 2008, 08:48 Quote
sounds nice !
[USRF]Obiwan 8th March 2008, 18:26 Quote
Originally Posted by undertheradar
Dont worry, I was talking with someone at nVidia yesterday, and the G100 is the chip we have all been hoping the 9xxx series would be.


"We from Toilet-Duck, advice toilet-Duck!"
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