Microsoft reduces Vista prices

Microsoft reduces Vista prices

Over 100 million licenses have been sold since Vista's January 2007 début, but Microsoft still sees growth opportunities with lower prices.

Microsoft has announced that it is set to reduce the price on several copies of Windows Vista sold in retail outlets.

Brad Brooks, corporate vice president for Windows Consumer Product Marketing at Microsoft, said that "the price changes will most notably impact upgrade retail versions of the new editions we introduced in 2007—Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate editions.

In the US, Windows Vista Home Premium upgrade will be cut from $159 to $129, while Vista Ultimate upgrade will drop from $299 to $219.

"These price changes will take effect globally with the retail release of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 later this year," he added.

The software giant says that it has sold over 100 million Vista licenses since the operating system was launched at the start of last year. Brooks pointed out that, "while this is great progress, we see an opportunity to grow our business even more with some of the new editions we introduced with Windows Vista."

"Today, the vast majority of Windows licenses are sold with PCs; retail stand-alone sales, in contrast, have been primarily from customers who value being early adopters and those building their own machines," he explained.

Would the lower prices tempt you to upgrade to Windows Vista, or are you still happy with Windows XP? Tell us in the forums.


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Bladestorm 29th February 2008, 15:37 Quote
Well, good. Though I doubt it will effect what I'l pay for that copy of oem home premium 64 I intend to buy when I have a use for it much ;) but then it won't effect my decision on when and if I buy by much either .. :)
legoman666 29th February 2008, 15:40 Quote
I'll take my $20 student copy, thanks ;)
Orlix 29th February 2008, 16:29 Quote
My main reason for not adopting Vista is that I do not see a benefit of having it vs the time needed to install everyting again. I would not do an upgrade as I have had bad experiences with it. I would do a clean install.
Kufwit 29th February 2008, 16:31 Quote
Who buys retail these days, I get OEM and pass the system on as a whole when I'm done with it.

Besides thers no way I'm splashing out £70 for a performance hit, no matter how shiny the interface. XP all the way till something more than Crysis needs it.
rjkoneill 29th February 2008, 16:45 Quote
why did i know this wouldnt apply to oem before i even clicked on the link
cpemma 29th February 2008, 17:12 Quote
I splashed out on Vista (OEM) for the new system (I had to buy that or another XP OEM) and I'm starting to regret it. The extra security features might be good in an office situation but for the careful home user they just get in the way. Aero bling doesn't make up for a slow Start menu (5 clicks to open most programs) and half-finished Mail programs.

A price drop is only to be expected, XP got cheaper after the initial rush had died down. Even now Vista prices vary a lot, depending on where you buy - £52-£91 for HP OEM by a quick look at Google Shopping.
johnnyboy700 29th February 2008, 18:45 Quote
No thanks, I'll stick to XP.
dr-strangelove 29th February 2008, 19:47 Quote
It may be $80 cheaper to upgrade to Vista Ultimate now, but your still going to have to fork out £100+ for a DX10 graphics card to make it worthwhile. Maybe when there are more games that require Vista.
Shadowed_fury 1st March 2008, 03:10 Quote
Still on XP until I get tempted (ie, have spare monies!)
Hydra 1st March 2008, 03:58 Quote
Great, now just lower XP to $50, and we're all happy :D

Noob question: What's OEM?
David_Fitzy 1st March 2008, 06:36 Quote
I'm on my switch over to linux phase laptop dual boots and desktop is ubuntu I doubt I'll ever use vista and time will tell if I use windows ever again after I finish my switch.
Cthippo 1st March 2008, 07:35 Quote
Welcome to the dark side, David!

I think you'll discover a couple of things, one that you don't use Windows much after you switch and two, that and OS is an OS is an OS, they all do pretty much the same thing, you just find the one you prefer.
Neoki 1st March 2008, 14:53 Quote
Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM

cpemma 1st March 2008, 15:42 Quote
Originally Posted by Hydra
Noob question: What's OEM?
OEM versions are considerably cheaper copies sold to people who are
  1. Building a system from bits, usually to sell but for yourself counts

  2. Providing technical support for that system
Activation ties that DVD serial number to that motherboard, upgrade the motherboard and you may need a new copy of Vista. Or hopefully, Win 7 ;).
The_Beast 1st March 2008, 18:23 Quote
I'll stick to XP
BurningFeetMan 2nd March 2008, 02:03 Quote
Originally Posted by The_Beast
I'll stick to XP

Agreed. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Who needs Aero anyway when they're running Milkdrop as their desktop wall paper. :)
Click for biggy! Beautiful stuff.
serial_ 2nd March 2008, 07:43 Quote
Completely unrelated: Aero's are shite. Dell tried a laptop like that in 2000 with the Latitude LS. It flopped. Same goes for the iPod. Apple is a company of experts that know how to make mediocre look stunning. There's not a great difference between them and those daytime TV make-over artists.

XP works for me, what's the use of good memory management when it gobbles half of your available ram to do it?
Bladestorm 2nd March 2008, 22:23 Quote
Originally Posted by serial_

XP works for me, what's the use of good memory management when it gobbles half of your available ram to do it?

Imho its not that surprising that it uses a bit more memory than XP does really.

Whats really is surprising to me though is how many people to this day still confuse the memory management's pre-loading of commonly used data for quicker access (and releasing instantaneously if other date needs to go in since the new data can over-write the old with no intermediate steps required and thus no real slow-down) with it gobbling up half there memory. ;)
Darth Joules 3rd March 2008, 18:33 Quote
Quite frankly Vista feels a bit like the whole WinME/2000 period repeating itself. Two OS's that made me go back to using Win98 until WinXP SP1 arrived. Hopefully by the time Windows 7 arrives there'll be a greater impetus and genuine need to upgrade to a new (better) OS.
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