Elonex preps sub-£100 Eee-alike

Elonex preps sub-£100 Eee-alike

The top-heavy One has the USB and Ethernet ports situated behind the screen for no readily apparent reason.

Venerable box shifter Elonex has revealed further details of its Eee PC rival, the Elonex One. Is it enough to make people want to switch from the popular ultra-portable?

The most important thing first: the One will be available in a variety of colours: black, pink, green, white, and silver. Phew, and I was worried it wouldn't match my shoes.

More seriously, sub-£100 unit might sound like a bargain but it's worth checking out the specifications before plonking down your hard-earned readies on a pre-order. The One shares the all-too familiar 7” 800x480 display of the Eee, which will disappoint those of you waiting for a cheap ultraportable with a high-resolution display. The internals aren't too impressive either, with just 128MB of DDR 2 RAM and a 300MHz CPU. Granted, the processor is a custom job from specialists LNX which punches well above its weight and draws very little power, but anyone feeling constrained by the Eee's 630MHz Celeron won't be pleased by the drop in performance on offer.

Storage isn't too great either, with the One having just a single gigabyte of solid-state storage to its name. Whether the One will be joined by Twos and Fours having predicable levels of storage isn't yet known, although if any Elonex employees are reading then I'll sell the idea for 5 percent.

News is better on the connectivity side of things: the One will ship with a 10/100 Ethernet NIC and 802.11b/g WiFi onboard. No Bluetoooth, though.

The shape of the unit is rather odd, with the traditionally slim TFT panel being bulked out and having the USB and Ethernet port located to the left side of the screen. I'm not entirely convinced this is a good idea – I'd be worried about the device being top-heavy when sat on my lap with the display open. I know that my Eee has a tendency to rock backwards if I'm not careful when using it on the sofa, and that has a traditional slim display panel.

The battery life is the fairly standard four hours for this kind of device, although if my experience is anything to go by a vendor's hour lasts about thirty minutes. The keyboard is a reduced-size QWERTY layout with a 'splash-proof' membrane, and can be removed for cleaning.

It's hardly going to set the world on fire, but £100 for a Linux-based laptop with wired and wireless network connectivity certainly has my attention. Sadly, interested parties will have to wait until June to get their hands on one, and with the initial production run limited to 200,000 units it could prove difficult to get hold of unless pre-ordered.

What do you think: an Eee for those on a budget, or just another pretender to the throne? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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dslickness 29th February 2008, 07:44 Quote
I believe this has the potential to be a winner if it really is under 200usd.
just maybe =P
iwog 29th February 2008, 08:06 Quote
I thought everyone already decided it was ugly and underpowered
Arkanrais 29th February 2008, 08:13 Quote
well, if I can play my old favorite games on it, like diablo 2, starcraft and snes/emulator games, then I'm in for that price (although with only 1GB of space, diablo 2 multi player is a no go not to mention LOD). I guess this could be modable like the Eee for more space. another thought is to mod this right into a case, and for the price it doesn't seem too unreasonable (but you'll have to pay me royalties for using my idea - waffles may be a valid form of payment).
Cupboard 29th February 2008, 08:30 Quote
They have the keyboard and the screen the wrong way round! It will just sag under the weight of having loads of things plugged into it. I wonder how anyone could think that a good idea.
steveo_mcg 29th February 2008, 08:50 Quote
Depending how modable it is £100 could make for an interesting project.
mikeuk2004 29th February 2008, 08:52 Quote
300mhz wow. You can run Duke Nukem 3D on high settings lol.

Seriously, £100 more you can pop along to dell and get a laptop with vista and a 15" screen etc
CardJoe 29th February 2008, 08:54 Quote
I'd take an Eee PC personally as I think this just looks like arse. From what I've gathered it isn't actually a PC anyway - it's a digital photoframe with a keyboard dock stuck on it. That's why it has the USBs etc on the screen.
ChriX 29th February 2008, 08:54 Quote
It looks like if you had it on your lap any movement would throw it off balance and it would tip back, not to mention if you had things plugged into it as well.
iwog 29th February 2008, 09:39 Quote
With interest in this ugly thing appearing again, i've managed to find a video of it from the BBC
CardJoe 29th February 2008, 09:59 Quote
It does have a stand at the back. That confirms two things. One, it won't fall over. Two, it is a photo frame.
DXR_13KE 29th February 2008, 10:12 Quote
eeepc all the way, this is ugly, weak and overpriced IMHO.
rjkoneill 29th February 2008, 10:29 Quote
these cheap ultra portable things are stupid- i think they are a step in the wrong direction
i can check my emails and stuff using wifi on my psp
plus it has more upgradeable storage space and the ability to play games/video
DXR_13KE 1st March 2008, 00:04 Quote
and there is also the pandora...
Smilodon 2nd March 2008, 02:25 Quote
Taking of the keyboard and using it for surfing is great, but.... how the **** do you write without a keyboard? (Writing a message on an OSK is a pain, and everybody knows it)

Another problem is screen resolution. It will be to narrow to show any webpage properly. (all the letters will be stacked vertically, and the rest of the screen will contain ads.) But then again, it will probably be to slow to surf because many webpages today are so overfilled with flash and java stuff that it will be slow as hell.

Could become a nice picture frame, but it might be a bit too small...

So, what was this thing useful for again?
Major 2nd March 2008, 02:36 Quote
Good idea for a child, but isn't the small screen kinda bad for your eyes?
crayfish 7th September 2008, 15:38 Quote
Thread necromancy FTW!

My Elonex ONEt+ arrived on Friday and it's quite a nice device. The only crushing disappointment is that Youtube doesn't work in the browser because of out of date flash. Apart from that, not bad for £120.


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