DVDJon launches DoubleTwist

DVDJon launches DoubleTwist

DoubleTwist - now available for free.

Jon Lech Johansen, the man famous for cracking the original DVD CSS encryption and later Apple'ss (ironically-named) FairPlay DRM scheme, has gone legitimate with his new venture, having launched a new piece of software called DoubleTwist.

The new software can convert DRM infected video, music and photos so you can sync the media with other devices, meaning that your iTunes catalogue is no longer limited to only your iPod. You'll now be able to play that music on your PSP, another PC or phones like Nokia or Sony Ericsson.

It's free to download and prides itself on coming without Mal/Spy/Adware (unlike some "free" applications).

The slightly more controversial side of it allows you to share it with your friends - the software is very heavily tied into the social networking trend and there's even a Facebook application that rolls it all together.

Currently, as is the tradition with these things, it's still beta and there are some performance issues - it tends to cripple your system for a few minutes without telling when it tries to find media, but apart from that it's really very intuitive and well laid out.

Give it a go and let us know what you think! Does it cure all your DRM ills, or does it have flaws? Let us know your thoughts, in the forums.


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p3n 20th February 2008, 13:20 Quote
That share feature looks like they are going to be in hot water pretty quickly!
Nova 20th February 2008, 13:54 Quote
wouldnt the facebook integration just scream "subpoena me!"

this coming from an american college student who spends a good bit of time facebook...
Firehed 20th February 2008, 15:08 Quote
Well the actual de-DRMing works through the Analog Hole as far as I'm aware... but the sharing aspect could certainly get them in trouble if they weren't extremely careful. Something tells me that Jon is smart enough to have considered that and found an appropriate loophole.
Phil Rhodes 20th February 2008, 18:08 Quote
I rather object to the phrase "gone legitimate", inasmuch as there wasn't anything particularly illegitimate about his previous work.

The application of it, on the other hand...
MiNiMaL_FuSS 20th February 2008, 19:39 Quote
Anyone tried it yet? just downloading it now.....
r4tch3t 21st February 2008, 04:05 Quote
I can finally use those free songs I get through iTunes, will have to try this out when I get home.
-EVRE- 22nd February 2008, 04:57 Quote
WTF it wants you to register an online account.. *#*#*# that..

Let me staple a poster to my head! I'M CRACKING DRM RIAA... SUE ME!

here is my name, my email address and a way to get a log of my IP address and usage history!
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