Foxconn’s BlackOps enthusiast mobo makes a bang

Foxconn’s BlackOps enthusiast mobo makes a bang

Foxconn's BlackOps motherboard could have enough to satisfy even the most hardcore enthusiast.

During the show today, we popped along to see what Foxconn is working on at the moment and we were treated to a bit of a surprise.

As I am sure you’re aware, Foxconn has been trying to break into the hardware enthusiast’s market for some time now and I believe that, with its soon-to-be-released BlackOps motherboard, the company is getting closer and closer to making its mark in the enthusiast sector.

BlackOps is based on Intel’s X48 chipset and will be the second board in the Quantum Force range and it builds on many of the innovations made on the Mars board.

One of the biggest innovations is the new chipset cooling solution, which is CNC milled from a solid block of copper – it’s big enough to not need any direct airflow if you’re looking for a completely passive cooling solution.

That’s old hat, I know, but what makes this product interesting is that the chipset cooler is a multi-purpose design that allows users to interchange between different cooling methods without having to remount the cooler.

The first is of course to run the board completely passively, the second being an optional fan that Foxconn will supply in the box. Meanwhile, for those of you that are into watercooling, Foxconn has designed the northbridge heatsink in such a way that you can fit a lid that turns it into a chipset waterblock. That’s not all though, because Foxconn also allows users to connect a cooling tube which will satisfy those of extreme enthusiasts amongst us that love to play out in the cold.

In addition to this, Foxconn has also made what look to be some pretty decent improvements to its Gladiator BIOS and there is a massive number of voltage adjustment options available to the end user. What’s more, they’re actually organised in such a way that it actually makes some sense and you won’t need to study for a few weeks before you understand how each of the options impacts performance and overclockability – this is a vast improvement over what we’ve seen from companies like DFI.

It’s taken Foxconn some time to get it right, but the BlackOps has the potential to be a fantastic board for hardcore enthusiasts.

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mrplow 8th January 2008, 03:22 Quote
that 'waterblock' can't act as a very good heatsink under air, the fins on the base are tiny.

but enough of all that, are you having fun in vegas timmy (assuming ur still there)?
Tim S 8th January 2008, 04:01 Quote
I possibly misunderstood, but this isn't quite the final design - it's about 2 months away from launch. :)

Tiredness is starting to kick in... sleep is for the weak as they say, so I gotta stay strong. :p
Sparrowhawk 8th January 2008, 04:52 Quote
Originally Posted by mrplow
that 'waterblock' can't act as a very good heatsink under air, the fins on the base are tiny

Well, it'll be good enough for those only wanting a mild boost, or those who inherit the board after it's no longer the latest or greatest.

I know around here, new hardware usually gets bought by my roommate, I'll buy it when he upgrades, and what gets upgraded usually goes to all the parents. Seems to work pretty good for all of us.
zoom314 8th January 2008, 06:06 Quote
To think I'm just down the road from CES and more importantly across the border in Yermo California, I'll be waiting for more info as It's put online. :)
naokaji 8th January 2008, 06:47 Quote
yet another board with the ram too close to the pci-e slot....
liratheal 8th January 2008, 07:23 Quote
I'll actually be interested in this board.

Looking forward to a review, try to get some water involved BT :B
Angleus 8th January 2008, 09:50 Quote
Im pretty interested tbh, would of bought the Mars as well if it was about £20 cheaper, as long as its not stupidly priced and gets a good review from you guys its got a pretty good chance of finding its way into my system
Redbeaver 8th January 2008, 14:02 Quote
whoa..... whats with the black tower? is that supposed to b filled with LN2 or somethin? :p
Cthippo 9th January 2008, 04:46 Quote
This is probably a dumb question, but whatr are those red, white and blue connectors down the left side of the board? eSATA? USB? I don't think i've seen a connector like that before???
stevehp 9th January 2008, 07:42 Quote
Originally Posted by Cthippo
This is probably a dumb question, but whatr are those red, white and blue connectors down the left side of the board? eSATA? USB? I don't think i've seen a connector like that before???

front usb, audio, etc..
Blarte 31st July 2008, 14:32 Quote
any one bought one? I can't seem to get the my memory to 1333 or over without crashing
OCZ HPC 1333mhtz 4 gb (2 x2) its rated at 1333 and have had it to over 1450 on a small over clock on the 790i board
Just cant seem to get it to do much on this (tests fine with mem tests)

Any suggestions please.... non abusive ones would be constructive :o)
naokaji 31st July 2008, 16:09 Quote
Bigbrew67 13th April 2009, 20:17 Quote
Just got lucky and purchased the Foxconn Blackops for $140 shipped from Newegg! From what I see this is the best board for under $200!. My question is.... What memory works best with this board with a Q9650 chip set ? 'm looking at Cosair or OCZ! On a budget of about $1,000 to 1,200! Please help!!
haofeng 8th August 2009, 01:17 Quote
$90 after mail in rebate! this has become the cheapest X48 board newegg there something I'm missing?
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