Splashtop features on 4 new Asus boards

Splashtop features on 4 new Asus boards

Splashtop, or ExpressGate, is soon to be rolled out over even more Asus boards like the upcoming M3N range.

Splashtop, the embedded Linux OS previously featured on the Asus P5E3 Deluxe WiFi AP @n motherboard we reviewed late last year, featured under the brand, Express Gate, has been expanded to four new Asus motherboards. The updated (and more easily typed) P5E3 Premium also includes it, as well as new boards featuring a previously unannounced Nvidia integrated chipset - the Asus M3N-HT Deluxe/Mempipe, M2N-HT Deluxe/HDMI and M3N-H/HDMI are due mid-late January.

DeviceVM, the makers of Splashtop recently released its software under GPL, making it open source, so now any developer can make extra functionality for it. It's also updatable from Asus directly, but there's still only Skype and Firefox included out the box.

Given that it's now being featured with an IGP motherboard, hopefully we'll see someone develop a music or video player for it. This way Home Theatre enthusiasts to create a CE-like device with fast boot, but with a customised look and functionality.

"Splashtop is changing the way people use their computers, and we’re excited ASUS shares our vision of the way computing should be,” said Mark Lee, CEO and co-founder of DeviceVM. “By the end of 2008 we expect most consumers to not only be asking for this technology on motherboards, desktops and laptops, but expecting it.”

It's potentially huge, but only if development is undertaken to expand it. Launching it on more inexpensive motherboards is certainly a start but the uptake and actual use of Splashtop by the mainstream consumer will be critical in the next six to twelve months for its eventual success.

Still interested in Splashtop and ExpressGate? What do you think will feature on the Asus M3N boards? Let us know your thoughts, in the forums.


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DXR_13KE 4th January 2008, 17:45 Quote
linux rocks :D
Sparrowhawk 4th January 2008, 17:56 Quote
I still wonder if you can customise Splashtop, or if it is just on a ROM chip or something...
Krikkit 4th January 2008, 17:59 Quote
The ultimate benching OS - hopefully it'll make its way on to more high-end OC-focussed boards.
DougEdey 4th January 2008, 18:10 Quote
I wonder how easy it'll be to hack BIOSLinux onto these
Mr T 4th January 2008, 21:07 Quote
Splashtop, the embedded Linix OS previously

Whoopsie. Seams like a pretty cool idea if your OS is broke but i struggle to see the advantage most of the time.
jkeyser14 4th January 2008, 21:28 Quote
They need to trickle this down to less expensive motherboards. I didn't want to pay that much for ASUS's top of the line motherboard with the computer I just built, but I would love this feature.
r4tch3t 5th January 2008, 02:45 Quote
If When they integrate a media player into this I will definitely get one for a HTPC, especially if its based on a decent integrated chip that can handle HD.
completemadness 5th January 2008, 04:41 Quote
Originally Posted by Mr T
Whoopsie. Seams like a pretty cool idea if your OS is broke but i struggle to see the advantage most of the time.
its supposed to boot very fast

sometimes you just want to call, look at a website or SSH into something - not having to wait 20 mins is a definite bonus
OleJ 5th January 2008, 17:53 Quote
Originally Posted by DXR_13KE
linux rocks :D

the alphabet rocks!

Who gives a rat?!
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