Ubuntu now available for Eee PCs

Ubuntu now available for Eee PCs

eeeXubuntu - now available for your Eee PC

If you're one of the lucky few who managed to get an Eee PC ahead of the Xmas rush, I'm sure you've thought about replacing the rather basic operating system with something a bit gruntier. Well, how about something gutsier?

Dedicated Eee PC owners have produced a customised version of Xubuntu 7.10 'Gutsy Gibbon', the lightweight desktop Linux release based on Ubuntu (which, in turn, is built on Debian). Featuring full support for the Eee PC hardware with no post-installation configuration to worry about, the new release also handles the fairly low resolution screen better than a standard Linux distribution would.

Dubbed eeeXubuntu, the most important change the distribution has from the standard Xubuntu install is a tweak to reduce the number of writes made to the irreplaceable solid-state storage device inside the Eee, which has a limited lifespan.

Available, as is the tradition for desktop Ubuntu derivatives, as a Live CD which allows users to try it out before committing to install it, the operating system can be installed to either the internal SSD or to an external flash drive.

While replacing one Linux variant with another isn't as impressive as installing MacOS it is perhaps slightly more usable. As an Ubuntu user myself I certainly wouldn't sniff at an ultraportable replacement for my ageing 500MHz laptop.

Links to the ISO for the Live CD are available on the eeeXubuntu homepage, or a Torrent is available if you want to give their servers a breather.

Anyone out there with an Eee PC that they haven't modded into a toaster willing to test-drive eeeXubuntu? Let us know how you get on via the forums.


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Glider 13th December 2007, 12:18 Quote
Won't be long untill other distro's follow... and I hope other manufacturers...
proxess 13th December 2007, 13:39 Quote
Ubuntu <3 A rising star!
pumpman 13th December 2007, 15:46 Quote
Ive seen a few articles with mac os running on them too
Icy EyeG 13th December 2007, 22:02 Quote
Originally Posted by pumpman
Ive seen a few articles with mac os running on them too

I don't want to offend anyone, but when I see MacOS running on PCs I keep wondering why macs are so overpriced and the Leopard DVD is so cheap. What I mean by this is that macs aren't superior to PC hardware wise (a MacPro is, but that's a workstation...).

IMHO clever marketing does wonders to a company, and, for the record, I do like MacOS.
konsta 13th December 2007, 23:37 Quote
I'm already running normal ubuntu on mine, and have put some of the write-saving tweaks in as per guides i've found on the net, but I may take a look at this one to see if it offers enough new stuff to warrant the time spent reinstalling over normal ubuntu.
fakeN 13th December 2007, 23:53 Quote
how long is the flashdrive meant to last without tweaks then? x_x
PaulMac 2nd February 2009, 18:51 Quote
After 5 years collecting 5 used Macs because of OSX, (crown jewel being the Mac Mini G4) (total spend on all 5 being $800 in that time) I agree that apart from Power Macs, well, dont pay Apple's inflated prices for a newie. I havent had a death in the family they seem reliable. But mean on some things. Then I saw the Eee PC and thought wow that's rad. Had to have a custom built Linux machine as a poltical statement. Im no techno person. I write and listen to music. and use the net. I know what I know and dont know what I dont know. As for the life span of the Eee's drive, I wondered that myself. But seeing as you can boot from a thumb drive or externally anyhow (if im understanding this right) then what the heck?

I had an old dead Lacie external CD case hanging around, 2 4 gig iPod clones, a 4 gig sd card, a two gig sd card and an 8 gig thumb drive. Im handy with velco so I poppoed the Lacie case open and velco'd the drives into the case. I velco'd a little hub into it at the back and a multicard reader at the front where the cd tray used to be. So I have an internal 8 gig, a 4 gig sd card in the Eee's sd slot, and externally 18 gig. The Eee powers the external drives fine, Ive been running it now for 8 hours without problems. I put empty name folders on each drive so I could see what was what.

So is it important if the Eee's internal drive dies ? If it does it would be just a reason to use another flavour of Linux wouldnt it? Or could I restore to an external drive with the Asus recovery cd?

At least Apple doesnt sell Windows XP.

Regards to all, my first post, hope its OK. Hoping to learn more Linux. The Eee is so twee when it comes to swapping files to the Macs. And its wireless is way better. Macs make great music - thats a definate plus in their favor. And it plays well on the Eee As do movies made on the Macs.

Safety tip: Soldering irons burn. Use velco. I mean, I admire the guy who put a thumb drive inside his Eee, but gee it might be more integrated than my solution but once youve stuck a hot iron in your mouth thinking it was a cigar, you have trouble talking for the rest of your life. Conductive velco. Someone needs to invent that.
Atomic 3rd February 2009, 09:52 Quote
Holy Thread Revival!
Gareth Halfacree 3rd February 2009, 09:58 Quote
Originally Posted by PaulMac
Im handy with velco so I poppoed the Lacie case open and velco'd the drives into the case. I velco'd a little hub into it at the back and a multicard reader at the front where the cd tray used to be. [...] Safety tip: Soldering irons burn. Use velco. [...] Conductive velco. Someone needs to invent that.
What's "velco?" :?
PaulMac 4th February 2009, 12:45 Quote
Originally Posted by Gareth Halfacree
What's "velco?" :?

My error. It's velcro.

I'm always confused.
Gareth Halfacree 4th February 2009, 13:44 Quote
Originally Posted by PaulMac
My error. It's velcro.
Ahh, thought as much - just wanted to check it wasn't a brand name I hadn't heard of (like "duct tape" and "Duck Tape").
PaulMac 4th February 2009, 23:27 Quote
Originally Posted by Gareth Halfacree
Ahh, thought as much - just wanted to check it wasn't a brand name I hadn't heard of (like "duct tape" and "Duck Tape").

Quite right too. Im going down to the computer shop so they can help down load Ubooto for one of my macs and the Eeee PC linux variant this thread is about. I dont know if I can burn the right format on my macs for the Eee - never burnt ISO. Ignorance isnt bliss.

On my 701 Eee PC theres a port for a phoneline for an on board modem. Its blanked off with a rubber stopper. But on remving that one can see the two metal connector wires in there and in the set up section for Netwroks theres a dial up modem page and evey field to fill in to configure it is active except the country field. That's dead. And so the modem cant be configured. On system diagnostics, the modem icon is dead. System profile names the modem and apparently its used as a sound card.

Issue is either getting that working somehow or using an old external modem with usb convertor cable for which Linux drivers do exist or finding a usb modem that is Linux compatible or has linux drivers for the Eee PC flavour of Linux so Im curious about other Linux flavors compatible with the Eee hardware. It might overcome the issue. So long as I dont loose wireless in the process.

Maybe if I fiddle with linux on one of my old Macs (apparently you can download Ubuntu as a dmg which Im confortable with) I'll get some confidence up.

People on the Asus forum site are mentioning probs with the Linux Eee and the XP users reply "Put XP on it" but its a Linux knowledge base thing, not fundamentally an Eee PC thing and anyhow Windows is against my religion.

I mght end up velcroing an old modem to my external drive case. But surely theres a usb dial up modem out there somewhere that's got linux drivers. Then I can velcro that into my external box.

The political issue here seems to be that models up from the 701 Eee do have dial up modems that are operational. But in Australia you cant buy the Linux versions of those models in the big stores. You have to hunt them out in Geek shops (I wanna be a Geek). Seems Microsoft is heavying Asus to promote Windows over Linux in the mass market in all but the base models. In my opinion, sorry Microsoft but you'll live if Im wrong. Like, go to the Asus site and there's all these sweet Linux models with solid state drives and then go to the shops here to buy one and you cant - they shove the Windows variant at you. So I run away, go home and play "Love over Gold" on the Mac Mini. Which is an overpriced piece of kit new that runs on OSX which is Linux in drag. Nice shoes and bling, lots of cleavage but still at its core Unix based.
Volund 5th February 2009, 00:02 Quote
my god.... dead thread bump?
PaulMac 5th February 2009, 00:07 Quote
Originally Posted by Atomic
Holy Thread Revival!

You're Jungian Atomic. I'm affliated with:

A thread revived in the UK courts as I type.

DNA is digitial. I think it might have a Darwin core.
Bindibadgi 5th February 2009, 01:29 Quote
Can we leave old threads alone, please?
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