Sega developing mind-controlled robots

Sega developing mind-controlled robots

Sega Toys has teamed with Neurosky to develop mind-controlled robot pets for the world of tomorrow.

Sega is a company with its eye on the horizon - constantly scanning the skyline for the next big thing, whether that be memory cards with games built into them or fast-footed blue hedgehogs with a hatred of ginger scientists. Apparently though, the next item on the agenda for the company is robots - which you control with your mind!

Fresh from quashing rumours of the Dreamcast 2, Sega has announced a partnership with Neurosky - specialists in making mind-reading sensors.

Segas Toy Division is now looking to create fleets of robots which will "take play to the next level", according to Wired. Neurosky has signed on with the creators of Sonic the Hedgehog and will be using dry active sensors which eliminate the need for contact gels in their mind-reading tech.

Great, so you can make sure that your scalp stays bone dry when the robots rebel from human control and decide to enslave the worlds population of cats, riding them as feline mounts as they do battle with an army of furious human pet-lovers.

There's nothing more solid in the announcement, certainly not anything as concrete as an expected release date for the first batch of toys, but we're excited enough as it is. Really.

What about you? Would you love to have your own little robot pal who obeyed your every whim or are you like me, fearful of the threat presented by small, cat-riding androids? Let us know what you think in the forums.


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rhuitron 13th December 2007, 07:22 Quote

Soon, I will be able to control my robot to go and get my BEER!!!!

Clocked 13th December 2007, 07:47 Quote
Mind-Robot wars anyone?
xion 13th December 2007, 08:05 Quote
I for one welcome our new mind-reading robot overlords!
jezmck 13th December 2007, 08:59 Quote
where's the article image from? b3ta?
FragileSocks 13th December 2007, 09:00 Quote
All our practicing killing robots in games has finally paid off!
Phil Rhodes 13th December 2007, 11:46 Quote
...although on the other hand, the technology could have serious implications for people with, f'rinstance, spinal injuries.

VictorianBloke 13th December 2007, 11:58 Quote
Its going to be interesting if people fall asleep wearing the sensors, I've had some strange dreams and how they would translate into control of a robotic pet I'm not quite sure...
Drexial 13th December 2007, 12:48 Quote
your robot would need a box of lotion and tissues Victorian.

i feel like the modding possibilities for this would be amazing.
Redbeaver 13th December 2007, 14:23 Quote
my brain hurt just thinkin about it.... wow, i guess ive seen everything now....
Cptn-Inafinus 13th December 2007, 16:53 Quote
This is just TOO farfetched. Certainly for a console...
DXR_13KE 13th December 2007, 21:59 Quote
the implications of this are immense, as are the uses....
icutebluezone 16th December 2007, 22:43 Quote
MAN!! I want one That cat looks insane. Have it with glowing green eyes and use it to freck people out at night lol
Major 16th December 2007, 23:47 Quote
I command you to go get me a pint of milk and walk out of Sainsburys.
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