Nvidia sends notebook gamers a holiday gift

Nvidia sends notebook gamers a holiday gift

The 8800M GPU will be made available this holiday season.

Notebook gamers are going to get a kick in the pants this holiday season thanks to Nvidia. Notebook manufacturers will be shipping new models equipped with the just-released GeForce 8800M GPU.

Nvidia's GeForce 8800M line of GPUs includes the 8800M GTX and the 8800M GTS. Both GPUs use a new unified architecture that supports PureVideo HD, DirectX 10 and PowerMizer – a program that decides the balance between good and evil performance and battery life.

"I am absolutely amazed by the sheer performance of the new GeForce 8800M GTX-powered notebooks," said Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games.

"These next-gen machines run Unreal Tournament 3 fantastically even at HD resolutions of 1920x1200. I'm ordering one!"

Expect to be able to pick up a new notebook that comes equipped with a GeForce 8800M in the very near future. Manufacturers that will be carrying the new GPU are: Alienware, Eurocom, Gateway, and Sager in North America; AIRIS, Chiligreen, Cizmo, Cybersystem, Ergo, Nexoc, Novatech, Plaisio, Rock, and XXODD in Europe; MouseComputer in Japan; and Pioneer Computers in Australia.

Are you a gamer on the go and think this might be one of the requirements on your next notebook purchase? Leave your thoughts over in the forums.


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C-Sniper 20th November 2007, 14:03 Quote
Definately holding off my order for a laptop now.
yakyb 20th November 2007, 15:20 Quote
hmm anychance bit could get hold of one and bench it please
GoodBytes 20th November 2007, 15:31 Quote
Shame it will never be in a Convertible Tablet PC. I frankly don't care that it weights a bit more.
kenco_uk 20th November 2007, 16:07 Quote
I have been gnawing, nay champing at the bit deciding whether to go for a Zepto 6624W with an 8600M GT 512MB built in.

Obviously, that idea's out the window.
insania 20th November 2007, 16:20 Quote
are there chances that this beast will make it to new new macbook pro?
Bindibadgi 20th November 2007, 16:26 Quote
Originally Posted by insania
are there chances that this beast will make it to new new macbook pro?

More likely you'll see a mermaid riding a unicorn over a rainbow.

Without taking drugs.
Tyinsar 20th November 2007, 18:08 Quote
Finally a real gaming laptop? That would be SHuWWEEEET if the promised performance is there.
The_Beast 20th November 2007, 18:37 Quote
battery time??? 2-3 hours gaming
Nature 20th November 2007, 20:08 Quote
Is this 90nm tech? Can U stuff it in a 15.4 inch form factor? doesn't post the answer on their 8800m pages.... DAMMIT better cease the day and with their 55nm and slap thems intwo's some's lappy's. A 3870m should be able to preform nicely.

I'd be nice to see a shrunken GPU able to play everything but crysis in a 12 in form factor, the 8400m gt is currently king of tiny little gaming friends, hopefully someone see's the mobile nerd market out there in GPU land!
CowBlazed 20th November 2007, 20:42 Quote
Originally Posted by The_Beast
battery time??? 2-3 hours gaming

lol are you kidding? more like an hour tops. Even laptops with current midrange mobile gpus don't get that much gaming time on a battery. If your doing 3d gaming you plug in, thas how it works.
tranc3 20th November 2007, 21:39 Quote
.. heater. but I'd buy it. better then the dell inspirion 600m im stuck on now.
airchie 20th November 2007, 22:22 Quote
Bugger, I just bought my Toshiba X200 with the 8700M GT.

Still, what's the chances of these GPUs being pin-compatible?
Cupboard 20th November 2007, 22:34 Quote
What is the 8700m? is it just an overclocked 8600? its not like you can get a desktop version which seems a bit odd.
DXR_13KE 20th November 2007, 23:15 Quote
shame they don't have a GT version.... and shame asus wont be packing one of these babies....
Nature 21st November 2007, 05:20 Quote
I love you Bindi
[USRF]Obiwan 21st November 2007, 09:52 Quote
All they need to do now is build beamer into a laptop. So you can go bigscreen...
GamingHobo 21st November 2007, 10:15 Quote
As I understand it its based on G92, so it's 65nm. I'm working on a Rock notebook for TrustedReviews atm, with a review going live tomorrow so those interested may like to head over there. Without wanting to pre-empt the review, the results are...good.
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