XFX brings forth the 8800 GT 256MB

XFX brings forth the 8800 GT 256MB

The GeForce 8800 GT 256MB from XFX brings you DVI-D in a single slot solution.

So you need a new graphics card but can't afford to go all out and buy the current king of the ring - the GeForce 8800 GT 512MB. No problem. Just take a look at the latest offering from XFX - the GeForce 8800 GT 256MB.

The GeForce 8800 GT 256MB carries the standard feature set of modern Nvidia graphics cards - it's HDTV-ready (with HDCP), SLI-capabilities, RoHS-compliancy, and DirectX 10 support.

What's most interesting about this new card is the fact that it packs all of the features of the 512MB GeForce 8800 GT into a lower price point, thanks to the smaller memory footprint. That means that all of you out there with cramped computers can breath a little sigh of relief.

The latest offering from XFX will come in standard and XXX editions just like its previous offerings. Pricing for the standard edition is expected to be €149 excluding VAT, which puts it at an interesting price point that's not too dissimilar to the current GeForce 8600 GTS price.

If 256MB isn't enough for you, you'll be happy to know that XFX also has several 512MB versions of the 8800GT out as well. Sadly, the worst thing about the card is that it's not going to be available until the end of the month from what we've been told, which breaks Nvidia's hard launch tradition... one can't help but feel this is because Nvidia's friends dressed in Red and Green are just about to launch some new graphics cards.

Have you had good experiences with XFX graphics cards and think this might be your latest bang-for-your-buck offering? Leave your thoughts over in the forums.


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[USRF]Obiwan 14th November 2007, 15:08 Quote
hmmzz... dont see the point in going back to 256mb, and i have 2 xfx cards. One of them came in a X shaped box.
Akava 14th November 2007, 15:27 Quote
Agreed, not alot of point in going for the 256mb when you can get the 512mb for just a "little" bit more.
My first XFX came in an X shaped box, was the coolest thing I had ever seen :D
steveo_mcg 14th November 2007, 15:29 Quote
If your running a low res tft 1400x900 for example you don't need that much memory but you still need the speed for modern effects.
Paradigm Shifter 14th November 2007, 15:41 Quote
Paper launch... hm. The 8800GT practically is anyway, as it's kinda hard to find anywhere with stock. :) I've also watched prices of the 8800GT slowly creep up, as e-tailers realise they can make a little extra money off of the back of desire for the card. :( Shoulda bought two when I had the chance... ;)
DrFreeze 14th November 2007, 15:46 Quote
i think the main selling point here will be the fact that its only 10-20 bucks more expensive then a typical 8600GTS. Compared to the GTS the 256mb GT suddenly offers about 3 times the processing power, over twice the memory bandwidth etc..

id say ati better drop the price on their 2900GT to $100 soon :D

the point is, this card isnt interesting for people wanting a 8800GT512, its interesting for people who where considering a 8600GT(S) and could justify the 10 extra bucks. It isnt your classic high end card, its a top notch mid-ender
sub routine 14th November 2007, 20:14 Quote
more affordable cards ain`t a bad thing .
tranc3 14th November 2007, 22:31 Quote
budget box. :]
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