New Dell 30 inch monitor to have DisplayPort, HDMI

New Dell 30 inch monitor to have DisplayPort, HDMI

D-Sub, component, DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-D, S-Video - could you ask for any more different types of inputs?

Dell is looking to capture the hearts and minds of the display market again with its next 30 inch screen offering. The 3008WFP, which is the successor to the 3007WFP/WFP-HC, will come just about any input connection that you could possibly want on it.

The new monitor will sport HDMI, DisplayPort, D-SUB, component, S-Video, and DVI-D inputs - that's six connection types for those not counting.

The 3008WFP is looking to be one of the first monitors on the market to have a DisplayPort input connection type. Back in July, Samsung was the first to announce support for the new connection.

Native resolution is set at 2560x1600 while the video processing chip will scale to all of the most commonly used resolutions.

Currently, there is no word yet on if any of the other specs have been bumped up for the latest beast from Dell but more input types should keep anyone happy who loved the 3007WFP.

Think you might wait for the 3008WFP to come out before your purchase a new monitor or do you have something else in mind? Leave your thoughts over in the forums.


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DougEdey 14th November 2007, 12:50 Quote
WhiskeyAlpha 14th November 2007, 13:07 Quote
Originally Posted by DougEdey

Delphium 14th November 2007, 13:14 Quote
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :drool:
i wantz one!!!!!11
Nexxo 14th November 2007, 13:47 Quote
Tasty. But I'm happy with my current 30" 3007WFP-HC. :D
Orca 14th November 2007, 13:56 Quote
Wow that is a lot of inputs. I wouldn't mind having one of these, though I'm interested in seeing how the video processing looks when scaling to lower resolutions.
Firehed 14th November 2007, 14:07 Quote
Originally Posted by DougEdey
airchie 14th November 2007, 14:36 Quote
Sounds niiiice. :)
samkiller42 14th November 2007, 14:41 Quote
The base looks pretty bland compared to that from the 3007, while i agree with nexxo, the 3007 is awesome anyway, but i agree with doug, i want:P

Jamie 14th November 2007, 14:53 Quote
Nice to see them finally adding some more input options to the 30"
Bluephoenix 14th November 2007, 15:20 Quote
anyone want to buy a couple used 3007's?
I plan to replace them with two of these.
Tyinsar 14th November 2007, 17:15 Quote
If I hadn't already invested in 2 TripleHead2Gos + 6 19" I'd be seriously tempted.
nphekted 14th November 2007, 18:26 Quote
Originally Posted by Tyinsar
If I hadn't already invested in 2 TripleHead2Gos + 6 19" I'd be seriously tempted.

Pics or it diddn't happen :D
Mach1.9pants 14th November 2007, 21:02 Quote
Glad I saw this I was about to buy the older model with the 400 bucks off offer to replace my 24 inch. But the ability to downscale the resolution (if it works) will be great for games that my graphics card can't handle at high detail settings....I'll wait for a review now
completemadness 14th November 2007, 21:05 Quote
Originally Posted by DougEdey
And the second mortgage? :p
Tyinsar 14th November 2007, 22:20 Quote
Originally Posted by nphekted
Pics or it diddn't happen :D
I have tested it and it works but it's not fully assembled yet - I'm hoping to do that this weekend. Watch the Room + Computer thread next week.
capnPedro 15th November 2007, 19:04 Quote
Any word on pricing?
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