AMD launches new processors

AMD launches new processors

The Athlon, X2, and Sempron lines are receiving some new blood even though Phenom is right around the corner.

AMD has been very sneaky recently. Last month, the company quietly launched the Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Black Edition and now it's at it again. Yesterday, AMD silently launched six new 45W processors to its Athlon and Sempron processor lines.

In the Athlon X2 line, AMD has released the Athlon X2 BE-2400 which operates at 2.3GHz and is priced in 1,000 unit quantities at $104 each.

The Athlon processor line received two new products. The Athlon LE-1620 will operate at 2.46GHz and the Athlon LE-1600 will operate at 2.2GHz. Pricing is respectively set at $53 and $47 each in 1,000 unit quantities.

In addition to the new Athlon and X2 processors, the Sempron line also received three new SKUs. The LE-1250, LE-1200, and LE-1100 will operate at 2.2GHz, 2.1GHz, and 1.9GHz respectively. Pricing is set at $53, $48, and $37 each in 1,000 unit quantities.

That's not all that AMD has done though. Older Athlon X2 processors received a nice new pricing system as well.

The latest additions to the Althon lineup will more then likely be the last since Phenom is expected to launch sometime next month. The expected date is highly probable especially with Intel launching Penryn on November 12.

With prices dropping so low on newer parts, now would be a great time to upgrade older system that you plan on keeping in use after Penryn and Phenom come around.

Plan to pick up one of the new offerings from AMD or are your hoarding all of your cash for a complete system build next month? Tell us your plans over in the forums.


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Almightyrastus 11th October 2007, 12:56 Quote
And here's me still running an Xp3000+ I feel so 5 years ago :(
mclean007 11th October 2007, 13:08 Quote
Originally Posted by Almightyrastus
And here's me still running an Xp3000+ I feel so 5 years ago :(
Heh, my main (only) rig runs an XP2200+ and Radeon 9600 XT. Fear my power.
[USRF]Obiwan 11th October 2007, 13:19 Quote
still on the s939 x2 4800. It will cost me a arm and leg to upgrade to am2+ so i wait till the am3 gets released.
Neoki 11th October 2007, 13:32 Quote
To be honest, AMD release all these processors, shame they can't actually release one to give Intel some stick.

I see them realsing all the different ones that are under par. Yes we at work use the semprons for the cheaper PC's we build, but for the more expensive machines intel is what we use.

I still have a 4400+X2 at home but want to wait and see what AMD bring out.
Naberius 11th October 2007, 13:51 Quote
One of my rigs still has a FX60 in it, looking to upgrade that one to match my other though.

I wouldn't mind an AMD to rival my intel's but at the moment they are just releasing pointless processors. Maybe Phenom will change that.
crazybob 11th October 2007, 14:56 Quote
All you people saying "My rig still has {3-year-old beast processor} and I hope to upgrade it soon" make me feel left out. My computer still has a Sempron 3100 and it's not getting changed for probably six months.

That aside, a lot of people are missing a fairly exciting point about these new chips - their 45 watt power consumption. If you're looking to build a quiet computer as a server or media center, until recently the best you could do without using a stupidly expensive laptop processor was 65 watts. If they ultimately release dual-cores with the same consumption, that'll be a huge selling point. My opinion about processors at the moment is to buy the slowest full-featured dual core available (based on my own usage, so don't try arguing about that). If AMD will net me a quieter computer, I'll go with them.
devdevil85 11th October 2007, 16:06 Quote
Prices dropping is always a good thing to me. Also, with most people unable to afford a complete system upgrade (myself) or with people still waiting for hardware/features like DDR3 or AM3 to mature before they decide to upgrade, this is great news as they are able to upgrade for less money and see a performance gain while waiting for the cash flow to accumulate. I am still using an OC'd XP 2500+ which I have taken to a 3200+ along with an AGP I'm feeling the me...
Shielder 11th October 2007, 16:33 Quote
Lucky you. I couldn't get my XP2500 to overclock at all. It just refused to boot at anything over 166FSB! I gave up in the end. Still using it as my primary system, just about saved up enough to build a new system. Unfortunately, it will be an Intel machine. AMD just can't offer me the power that I can get from Intel. :(

devdevil85 11th October 2007, 17:01 Quote
Originally Posted by Shielder
Lucky you. I couldn't get my XP2500 to overclock at all. It just refused to boot at anything over 166FSB!
Of course it depends on your mobo...but still that thing should OC easy. I haven't raised the Core Voltage or anything and have the RAM at a 1:1 ratio....currently I have it at 198FSB...w/ a 11x multiplier.....with an aftermarket Thermaltake HS on's running at around 44 celcius full load......lately though my system's been hanging while playing Oblivion and I've had to hardboot so I may drop it or I may raise the voltage idk.....I just wish I could figure out why it's hanging considering it shouldn't be temperature-related.....and I'm not OCing my video card either so....
completemadness 11th October 2007, 17:25 Quote
Does anyone know of a good graph with all the Intel and AMD processors on it? (i know ive seen one before ...) And possibly another with bang/$ ? (more hassle to keep it updated with prices though)

AMD procs are soo cheap, I'm interested in knowing when your better off with each company ....

If not, perhaps somthing bit-tech could do :p
crazybob 11th October 2007, 18:26 Quote
Tom's Hardware maintains pretty good lists at, although they don't have every processor.
Redbeaver 11th October 2007, 19:08 Quote
i have 2 box at home: XP2500+ @2.4Ghz, and s939 X2-3800+ @2.925Ghz.

now i wonder how people (and alot of them stilll im sure) would wanna pick up an AM2 socket these days???? s939 is, IMHO, AMD's last great bastion. AM2 is a so-so product that got swallowed the second it was born by Core2Duo architecture.
completemadness 11th October 2007, 19:22 Quote
AM2 just added DDR2 to the mix as far as I'm aware, so it wasn't a huge plus
Also at the time DDR2 was more expensive
devdevil85 11th October 2007, 20:13 Quote
Originally Posted by Redbeaver
i have 2 box at home: XP2500+ @2.4Ghz
Red, how did you get your 2500+ to 2.4Ghz????? do you game with it? because I can only get mine to 2.2Ghz before it just hangs every other minute....
LeMaltor 11th October 2007, 23:17 Quote
Originally Posted by devdevil85
Red, how did you get your 2500+ to 2.4Ghz????? do you game with it? because I can only get mine to 2.2Ghz before it just hangs every other minute....

2.4 should be attainable on air, its only 11.5 x 20X FSB ;)
devdevil85 12th October 2007, 17:56 Quote
Originally Posted by LeMaltor
2.4 should be attainable on air, its only 11.5 x 20X FSB ;)
Maybe it's my Generic RAM giving me issues....but there is no way for me to OC to that speed......I've tried.....
Shielder 15th October 2007, 08:24 Quote
Ah, the wonders of the unlocked multiplier! I got a locked 2500 and every time I tried to up the fsb, it wouldn't even post. Like I said, I gave up in the end (grief from wife had something to do with it...) but I'm looking to get a quad core jobbie in the new year (after sprog no 2 arrives) and I'm definately going to try again with the overclocks...

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