Yorkfield breaks seven world records

Yorkfield breaks seven world records

Wirth broke three records on stage and another four before the keynote started with an overclocked quad-core Penryn desktop processor.

Otellini's keynote this morning focuses on bringing extreme to the mainstream and during his talk about extreme overclocking, he invited Charles Wirth, owner of the renowned extreme overclocker site onto the stage.

Wirth arrived on stage and was greeted by Otellini, who asked him what he'd been doing this morning. Wirth explained that he'd been playing with a quad-core Yorkfield processor in an unmodified motherboard using an X38 chipset and some Corsair Dominator DDR3 memory.

He was also running a GeForce 8800 Ultra running at its default clock speeds in the system too.

Before the keynote, he explained that he'd already broken four world records and then broke another three benchmarks live on stage in just over two minutes.

According to a slide displayed during the live demo, he broke the highest quad-core frequency, the highest 3DMark 06 and 3DMark 05 CPU scores, as well as PCMark 2005 too.

On stage, he broke the record for SuperPI 1M, which he achieved in eight seconds, followed by Aquamark 3 and Cinebench 10. He set scores of 273,000 for Aquamark 3 and over 20,000 for Cinebench 10.

We spoke to Charles after the keynote and he said that he's actually hit well over 23,000 in Cinebench 10 in the last few days. He also said that he hasn't hit his chip's maximum core speed yet.

"Like Paul said earlier today with a gate leakage - we can directly see that by pushing voltage into the core. The more voltage we push into this core, the faster we can push this processor. I have not reached the top speed of this processor yet, and I did reach 5.56GHz already on an unmodded board. This board has no voltage modifications of any kind."

In order to break these records, Wirth used a custom-made three stage cascade cooler that cooled the CPU to -160'C.

As Wirth was leaving the stage, Otellini joked "call me when you hit 6GHz." Knowing how hard these guys push processors, I wouldn't be surprised if that happens long before the Penryn family launch on November 12th.

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mattthegamer463 18th September 2007, 23:28 Quote
Thats marketing right there.

Any more numbers? I want to know what the current 3Dmark06 number is to compare against my paltry rig.
knowyourenemy 18th September 2007, 23:28 Quote
Wait, Christ hasn't come back yet? Figured he would before I'd see this.
DXR_13KE 18th September 2007, 23:28 Quote
very nice indeed..... i wonder how these compare with AMD's offer....
Stickeh 18th September 2007, 23:41 Quote
Very very impressive !
Though he was saying the board was unmodded and i was like cool, so we all get this kind of speed....then he goes to say the chip was cooled to -160C !
maybe not then? haha....
samkiller42 18th September 2007, 23:49 Quote
WOW, thats some Overclocking, i gotta get me that CPU:P

KayinBlack 18th September 2007, 23:59 Quote
We all love FUGGER!!! I may just switch from AMD for that...
Sim0n 19th September 2007, 00:02 Quote
Not to cast a shadow, but neither of the 3Dmark scores have been submitted to the 3Dmark 2005/2006 orb's
Firehed 19th September 2007, 00:07 Quote

He should have gone for LN2 instead of the cascade system though. -198c love should do some interesting things. Or better yet LHe, which is EVEN colder. Or just work in the near-absolute-zero of outer space :D
Woodstock 19th September 2007, 00:40 Quote
i want to see an independent review on a normal cooling setup (air or water (never thought id say water to be normal))
yakyb 19th September 2007, 01:01 Quote
many people don't submit there scores onto orb its a considered code of coduct so to speak between top level overclockers
and there is absolutely no questioning Fugger's reputation for those that don't know
[USRF]Obiwan 19th September 2007, 09:29 Quote
Submiting those scores would be unfair to other people. Because the professional overclockers uses procs/mobos/mem and cooling setups, normal overclocking folks can only dream of
mclean007 19th September 2007, 09:56 Quote
Originally Posted by Firehed
Or just work in the near-absolute-zero of outer space :D
The only tiny problem being that, since space is a near perfect vacuum, there would be nothing into which the heat could be dumped. You'd have to rely on pure radiative cooling, using a massive aluminium radiator just to get the chip to stay within its operating parameters!
Tulatin 19th September 2007, 12:30 Quote
Erm, Intel always has 'tardedly fast chips, since i mean, who can cherrypick them best?
kosch 19th September 2007, 17:34 Quote
Not the sort of thing us mortals can easily achieve, although I believe I could gain access to some liquid gases from somewhere :p
mclean007 19th September 2007, 18:45 Quote
Originally Posted by kosch
Not the sort of thing us mortals can easily achieve, although I believe I could gain access to some liquid gases from somewhere :p
Liquid gases, you say? :D
kickarse 19th September 2007, 19:31 Quote
Because we all just have Liquid Nitrogen just bottled up in our houses... Call me when its 6ghz on air.
The_Beast 19th September 2007, 23:12 Quote
his cascade cooler is really cool looking
serialnuber2012 21st September 2007, 07:22 Quote
i dont suppose they sell these "cascade coolers" at best they
Da_Rude_Baboon 21st September 2007, 08:50 Quote
No but you can use one of those mini beer fridges to cool your CPU to the same level. ;):p
kosch 21st September 2007, 12:52 Quote
Liquid Gases ftw!

"Liquid nitrogen is a compact and readily transported source of nitrogen gas without pressurization."
Jito463 24th September 2007, 19:58 Quote
It's always worth questioning the results. If someone has proven themselves (as I assume he has), then you give them the benefit of the doubt. But you should always be ready to question results, especially when they're as exteme as this. It's not calling into doubt anyone's reputation, it's just a matter of verifying the results.

By the way, your Register link has an extra "http://" in it, which leads you to this page:

You might want to fix that.
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