Faulty HD 2000-series cards... or not?

Faulty HD 2000-series cards... or not?

So there wasn't any problem in the first place!? Good to know, even if it's all got so confusing.

Recently at an event in Taiwan promoting AMD's ATI Radeon HD 2000-series graphics cards, someone at AMD hinted that some cards in the channel may be defective. However, given a week for the dust to settle it seems these cards have magically disappeared and everyone is denying knowledge of ever having a problem.

In fact, none of the three Tier One manufacturers, Asustek, MSI and Gigabyte have yet to come across the improper BIOS flash defect.

DailyTech had a word with an engineer at Asus, who citied a specific requirement of Acer for non-UVD (Unified Video Decoder) HD 2600/2400 chips from ATI.

However a specific order for a special part didn't mistakenly get sent to the channel and was used by Acer in OEM parts specifically. Acer also only contracts ECS and Asus for manufacturing, which leaves Gigabyte and MSI a little dumbfounded as they have nothing to do with this UVD-less shenanigans.

Finally, another AMD engineer has claimed "Any report claiming that defective HD 2600 and 2400 [cards] are recalled in the channel is completely untrue." All this makes us wonder who DigiTimes spoke to from AMD in the first place? Perhaps the "AMD organised event" was a bit heavy on the alcohol...?

So wires crossed or a huge-conspiracy cover up? As much as we were fans of the X-Files, it's overwhelmingly likely to be just the former. Let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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Tyinsar 10th August 2007, 16:48 Quote
mclean007 10th August 2007, 16:56 Quote
Aren't all HD2000 series cards defective, in that their performance is woeful, they draw an obscene amount of electrical power, and they are quite handsomely put to shame on all fronts by their nVidia counterparts? :D

Maybe they have a short circuit across half the pipes - would explain the horrendous power draw and underperformance!
Gravemind123 11th August 2007, 01:40 Quote
Well, the lower HD2000 cards that were supposedly having these issues actually use less power then the nVidia cards, but yes, their performance is as much of a let down as the 8600/8500 series of cards are. I hope that the mid-range comes back to life in the next generation.
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