OCZ launches SPD-Z Technology

OCZ launches SPD-Z Technology

OCZ Memory + Compatible Motherboard = Firmware level overclocking!

OCZ's new SPD-Z Technology will allow owners of OCZ memory the ability to custom flash their memory with a choice of timings to match the motherboard they are using. This should not only improve performance, but compatibility as well. But, surely you can just set what you want in the BIOS? True, but this way the settings are hard coded and will stay even if you reset the CMOS or throw the memory into other systems.

The crux is that OCZ makes a lot of memory and has to go through all this testing with all manner of different motherboards and memory combinations to make the alternative SPD settings. Currently, since this is still a young initiative, there is very little online other than the standard SPD options for the modules, but this will develop over time offering some interesting alternatives that you know will work. But, isn't that half the fun? Spending hours finding out what works, what's stable and what juuuuuust about lasts long enough to run 3Dmark (if that's your thing).

The biggest advantage looks to be compatibility, but unless there's an alternative "standard" SPD specifically for your motherboard you'll likely have to flash with something slower to make sure it works. That's not the ideal direction.

However, it does allow those who want something a bit more permanent or those who are less adept at the ins and outs of BIOS tweaking to just log on and "overclock" their modules with very little effort while remaining completely within warranty. It should also allow OEMs to offer tweaked systems without having to worry about the end user resetting the CMOS or trying it themselves and running into problems.

You can check it out right now here if you already own OCZ memory. Known limitations are that it's "in Windows only", with no DOS or 64bit Vista support and there's no word on *nux either however that should cover 90+% of users already.

We had a shot at the new software just to take you through what you should expect:

First you have to select what module you want flash, just in case you're running two different pairs or sticks.

Next, the software is intelligent enough to pick up you're running two sticks the same, like many people will be doing with dual channel memory.

Thirdly you get the choice to use a local file, if you've downloaded it elsewhere, or check online with OCZ for what they have. Unfortunately that's as far as we got because it threw up a 404 error at us. This error means there's currently no directory within the Repository so your module isn't supported yet. If there's just a single SPD on there, that'll be the same one that's already on your modules so you don't need to flash either, it's only if there's a couple that you get the choice to have some fun!

Check for updates about the tool here. And while you're at it, tell us your thoughts on it in our forums!


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lamboman 9th August 2007, 17:58 Quote
This is pretty cool! A great idea, though I personally am not really sure there is much point in it considering that memory speeds and timings are always already in the BIOS anyway. It would only be useful to those who use their memory at certain speeds and switch often.
wafflesomd 9th August 2007, 18:06 Quote

Too bad I don't use OCZ.
Gman22 9th August 2007, 18:17 Quote
"OCZ memory can not be custom flashed with a "overclocked" SPD by using its new flashing tool: SPD-Z."

It can't? Then what was the point of this news post? Was this a joke? :p

friskies 9th August 2007, 20:15 Quote
Yay, the kings of nothing releases new crap. Maybe they got tired of sticking pieces of insulating trademarked metal/tape onto their memories while claiming they rock?? Stop killing the scene and get a real job.
Gravemind123 9th August 2007, 20:23 Quote
And how is having a new SPD better then just manually setting the timings yourself?
Bindibadgi 9th August 2007, 20:27 Quote
Originally Posted by Gravemind123
And how is having a new SPD better then just manually setting the timings yourself?

Noobs doing it without fear of not knowing a BIOS.
perplekks45 10th August 2007, 00:25 Quote
Originally Posted by Bindibadgi
Noobs doing it without fear of not knowing a BIOS.

That equals more money for OCZ and the likes as more noobs fry their boards? ;)
Bindibadgi 10th August 2007, 09:29 Quote
Originally Posted by aon`aTv.gsus666
That equals more money for OCZ and the likes as more noobs fry their boards? ;)

Mobos? Nope. Fry Memory: it's all warranted so OCZ lose money.
completemadness 10th August 2007, 15:45 Quote
wow this is pretty sweet, when i bought my 2gb kit, i couldn't use the 1gb kit with it because the timings weren't exactly the same
OCZ said they would re-flash it for me, but then later said they wouldn't

If only i still had that 1gb kit :( still its nice to see some new innovations in ram :D
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