Faulty HD 2000-series graphics cards on the loose

Faulty HD 2000-series graphics cards on the loose

AMD has acknowledged that there was an issue with some of its qualification software.

AMD has acknowledged that several batches of faulty ATI Radeon HD 2400- and 2600-series graphics cards have made it onto the market but at an event in Taiwan, company representatives insisted that there was no need for alarm and that there would not be a recall.

The company says that the problem is not industry wide and it has already sent a fix to graphics card makers to solve the problem.

Sources inside graphics card manufacturers have confirmed that the issue is BIOS related, and that the affected batches of cards have just been re-flashed with a new BIOS revision.

AMD reiterated the fact that it thoroughly checks all graphics chips before they’re shipped to the add-in board manufacturers, claiming that this was an isolated issue. The source of the problem was an issue with AMD’s diagnostic and validation software wasn’t picked up on, but the company says that this has now been fixed.

One graphics card manufacturer is said to have already recalled over 20,000 units, while other manufacturers speaking on terms of anonymity have said that the problem has disrupted their supply channels.

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eek 2nd August 2007, 17:15 Quote
:o I've only just ordered a HD2600 XT for delivery tomorrow! I hope mines not faulty, is there anyway of telling? Will it just not work at all?
Tim S 2nd August 2007, 17:42 Quote
It probably won't work at all, but I can't confirm that for definite.
completemadness 3rd August 2007, 14:23 Quote
its good to know the validation software wasnt validated <_<
The_Pope 3rd August 2007, 15:55 Quote
I think what Tim means is that IF it's a "faulty" card then he thinks the fault will manifest itself as the card just not working at all - it's not like it will be "only a little flakey".

Whomever you ordered it from should probably be already aware of the issue and sort you out with a replacement (if not, let us know and we'll send The Boys around)
eek 4th August 2007, 11:08 Quote
well I installed it, it all seemed alright (i.e. it booted into windows). First thing I did was to try to install the drivers from the CD and it blue screened halfway through... now all it does is post and can't get to the windows loading screen!! Time to post in tech support!!

On a side note, I ordered it through Scan, free postage ftw!
Tyinsar 10th August 2007, 00:41 Quote
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