Asus says No to barebones, Yes to complete PCs

Asus says No to barebones, Yes to complete PCs

Asus will swap barebones machines out in favour of complete PCs.

You may be familiar with Asus for its motherboards, graphics cards and a whole host of other peripherals but not particularly for its barebone systems, and even less for entire PCs. Apparently the market that was so in favour of barebones back a few years ago is now far smaller, and Asus believes that it can brand and sell entire PCs, containing its own components.

Sure, Asus makes some great kit and was even seen expanding out into more CE (consumer electronic) devices (like TVs) back at Computex, but can it make PCs that will attract the consumer? The Commodore PC we reviewed recently was hit and miss in the looks department, sporting a nice finish but very boring case underneath. If Asus can make something a little special like Dell, Alienware and Vadim offer, for example, then perhaps they will be worth a real look in.

"Asustek decided to quit the barebone market in Taiwan due to a continuously shrinking market scale. Asustek currently is offering own-brand desktop PCs in Taiwan and the company will start to offer such products in overseas markets after the company completes the spin-off of its own-brand and OEM businesses, noted the sources. Asustek will separate its own-brand and OEM business in January of 2008."

The separation of OEM and own-brand businesses allows Asus to not annoy companies that buy its kit and sell it in their own PCs, while Asus will be directly competing them, and probably undercutting them as it has a start-to-finish manufacturing process. It will be interesting to see if Asus brings out a Republic of Gamers branded PC for the gaming market, with RoG motherboard and possibly graphics, sound card and case.

Are you interested in an Asus PC, or do you think it should stick to its popular notebook range, as going mobile is the future? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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DougEdey 1st August 2007, 16:56 Quote
Didn't it split into two divisions? Components and Systems? With two distinct names?
E.E.L. Ambiense 1st August 2007, 17:17 Quote
Personally, part of the fun is building your own. I don't personally care for prebuilt systems, but hey...people will either buy or won't buy. If they aren't going to support the enthusiasts as much down the road and simply offer their polished PCs-in-a-box, there are plenty of other quality companies out there that will step up to the plate. Part of the free-market thing, I suppose.
Bauul 1st August 2007, 18:27 Quote
I know a fair few people who like designing their own systems, but not build them, as they don't have the necessary skills or time. A pre built, pre designed computer though is likely only to appeal to rich people's children who insist on having the best of everything, but don't actually care about it.
timmythemonkey 1st August 2007, 20:42 Quote
Personally I know a few people who want decent components but the comfort of "support" should something go wrong. (Ignoring my love of DIY systems) I look forward to seeing what ASUS can churn out, hopefully at a competitive price.

This new venture may explain why Scan are now selling an ASUS bundle containing motherboard and "ASUS branded" DDR3, even though I never heard of ASUS having sold memory before.
leexgx 2nd August 2007, 01:55 Quote
ASUS barebone i get most of the time for my lower end pcs as its alot cheaper to get an asus barebone over getting an Good PSU and quite fan (PSU in them are good, the motherboard uses an onboard 6100 nivida card (the m2n case) has PCI-e 16 slot)
it cost me 30-50 more if i had to get each part
Max Spain 2nd August 2007, 08:22 Quote
As the owner of an Asus barebones laptop, I hope that they don't extend that policy to their notebooks. It's easy to find the parts to build a desktop pc, but laptops are a relative nightmare :(
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