2GHz Barcelona to compete with 2.33GHz Clovertown

2GHz Barcelona to compete with 2.33GHz Clovertown

AMD's initial Barcelona processors will not compete with Intel's high-end Clovertown-based Xeons.

During a chat with AMD’s Steve Demski, product manager for Opteron line, we learned that the company’s upcoming Barcelona processors will launch at 2.0GHz and, more interestingly, will compete with Intel’s Xeon 5345 processor, which is clocked at 2.33GHz.

When asked about the clock frequencies Barcelona will launch at, Felipe Payet, worldwide channel market development manager in AMD’s server/workstation product group, told us that “we don’t think that’s necessarily all that low.”

Payet then went onto explain the reasoning behind that statement “[AMD] tends to lag in terms of pure clock frequency, but that doesn’t mean we lag in performance. Given the fact that we use a HyperTransport and direct connect based design, clock frequency is no longer an indication of performance.”

Demski then chimed in to add some more context to Payet’s statements. “Even though 2.0GHz doesn’t sound like a lot, we will put our 2.0GHz part up against their 2.33GHz part and we will be very comfortable with that.

“If you compare our medium power part to their medium power part we think we’ll be compare very favourably. And the same is true with the low power parts. The thing we’re lacking is that we don’t have that SE high performance part, which is coming later this year,”
he said.

How much later this year is unclear at the moment, but it looks like Barcelona’s clock speed deficit might not be all doom and gloom. Obviously AMD isn’t going to compete with Intel’s Xeon 5355 or soon-to-be-released 5365 processors, which are clocked at 2.66GHz and 3.00GHz respectively – that’s going to have to wait a while.

DailyTech recently spoke to partners close to AMD and has what it claims to be AMD’s launch plans for the Opteron processors (up to Q2 2008). According to the report, AMD will launch Barcelona-based Opterons at up to 2.5GHz in both 2P and 4P configurations with TDPs as high as 120W in Q4 2007 and the clockspeed will be increased to 2.6GHz in Q2 2008.

There is unfortunately no news on the desktop front at the moment. However, if AMD was to launch Phenom at 2.0GHz, it’d probably not be enough to keep up with Intel’s Core 2 Quad Q6600, and could be a reason why we will not see a simultaneous desktop/server launch. Instead, it looks like we might have to wait until Q4 before AMD launches Phenom… right in time for when Intel starts to roll out its 45nm Yorkfield processors.

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Amon 26th July 2007, 20:03 Quote
Right out of the HD 2900 XT playbook.
perplekks45 26th July 2007, 20:04 Quote
I somehow feel AMD tries too hard to tell us they don't WANT to go against the high-end Intel CPUs. What if they CAN'T?
Amon 26th July 2007, 20:19 Quote
BTW, thanks for Relix'ing my avatar.... whoever it was...
devdevil85 26th July 2007, 21:58 Quote
I hope I'm not over-exceeding my expectations when I say "I hope the 45nm Phenom will be worth the wait"........
DXR_13KE 26th July 2007, 23:58 Quote
for the sake of god don't pull another X2900!
perplekks45 27th July 2007, 00:20 Quote
Maybe AMD will nuke (you can see the WiC addiction... I do at least) nVidia and Intel with R700 and Shanghai. :|
DarkLord7854 27th July 2007, 00:32 Quote
Originally Posted by aon`aTv.gsus666
Maybe AMD will nuke (you can see the WiC addiction... I do at least) nVidia and Intel with R700 and Shanghai. :|

Provided they don't go bankrupt by then...
adrianx26 27th July 2007, 07:16 Quote
Fusion will come :) ( fusion the processor)
Brooxy 27th July 2007, 11:15 Quote
I'm just hoping AMD pull something back. The only people that would benifit from Intel having a monopoly would be intel, and that's not a good thing.

*crosses fingers for AMD to redeem themself*
specofdust 27th July 2007, 12:09 Quote
Originally Posted by aon`aTv.gsus666
I somehow feel AMD tries too hard to tell us they don't WANT to go against the high-end Intel CPUs. What if they CAN'T?

Quite probably they cannot right now. But that does not matter very much. AMD rightly realise that the big money is in mid and low end parts. Value for money is what sells a few hundred thousand chips to a single company, not outright performance at any cost. If AMD can get the VFM right on their mid and low end kit, and retake a larger part of those markets with that stable income it'll be left free to focus more on nailing the high end stuff.
Fiber4now 1st August 2007, 13:37 Quote
Very fine and dandy relying on the mid and low end but when your high end is in fact low end compared to your two main rivals Nvidia and Intel, your buyers at the OEM level start wondering where are your exciting parts? Which the OEMs can use to advertise and promote the rest of their line up. When you have absolutely nothing at the High end as AMD has not for more than year now, OEMs start asking for better price wise deals to compensate for the lack of excitement your product brings to the market. It is not really the OEMs fault that AMD lost money, it is the fact that without AMD's products to generate hype and advertising the OEMS are locked in a clinch battle in the value sector using AMD, due to the fact that the consumer that purchases at the value end only do so based upon competitive price (cheap), it is not about the hype of what's inside the case for them.

In other words AMD parts do not allow OEMs to put a price premium onto AMD systems, keeping AMD parts strictly in the value segment where margins are very tight to begin with. These tight margins are drawn exclusively from AMD's hide now that AMD can supply chipsets also. This continues erosion of AMD's Average selling price is not due to the fact that they are in a price war with Intel but is due to AMD not having a product that can demand a premium for the OEMs. This helps explains why AMD in its last stock report claimed they moved 38% more units but lost the same amount of money bottom line as they did not selling those 38% more units in the first quarter which was $600 million.
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