Intel refreshes Core 2 lineup, lowers prices

Intel refreshes Core 2 lineup, lowers prices

Intel's new price cuts come into effect on July 22nd.

This morning, Intel announced its refresh to the successful Core 2 product range with a lineup of dual- and quad-core processors with a 1333MHz front side bus speed.

The lineup features three dual-core processors, E6850, E6750 and E6550 along with a new flagship quad-core processor, the QX6850.

Intel's Core 2 Extreme QX6850 is clocked at an impressive 3.0GHz and still fits inside Intel's 130W thermal design power specification. Being an "Extreme" edition, it not surprisingly comes with a hefty $999 USD price tag (~£600).

Lower down the range, Intel has also introduced the Q6700, which has exactly the same specifications as the QX6700 although there is now no unlocked upwards multiplier adjustment available. This comes priced at a healthy $530 USD (~£310) but isn't the healthiest quad-core processor available - that title goes to the Q6600, which weighs in at just $266 USD (~£150).

The Core 2 Duo E6850 comes in at the same price point as the Q6600, but is clocked 600MHz higher at 3.00GHz. The range is rounded off with the E6750, which we've already previewed, and the E6550, which is clocked down at 2.33GHz. These two processors come priced at $183 USD (~£110) and $163 USD (~£95) respectively and really drive the company's prices down in to the very tempting bracket.

Intel's Core 2 Duo E6850 has no competition in the dual-core market, as AMD's flagship dual-core processor costs just £106 (inc VAT), so it's left competing with the quad-core Q6600. This pricing will come into effect from July 22nd and we'll have the answers on which is the better of the two tomorrow.

For now, you can share your thoughts on the price cuts in the usual place.


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LeMaltor 16th July 2007, 12:22 Quote
nm, ive no idea what day it is lol :p
eek 16th July 2007, 12:22 Quote
22nd July maybe :p
DXR_13KE 16th July 2007, 12:46 Quote
"mamamia"..... tasty......
will. 16th July 2007, 12:50 Quote
I'll be getting that quad core, especially for Crysis :p

Anyone want to buy a Core2Duo E6600 perchance?
dragontail 16th July 2007, 13:16 Quote
that Q6600 for £150 sure looks tempting... especially for those on the first gen C2Ds looking for a quick update...
atanum141 16th July 2007, 14:06 Quote
Has anyone attempted any quadcore OC'ing?
whats the results like?
DarkLord7854 16th July 2007, 14:09 Quote
Now to figure out what to do with my E6300...
yakyb 16th July 2007, 14:09 Quote
yeah im holding out for the x38 chipset tho and a greater chance of picking up a G0 stepping or Penryn if that comes out by then

besides i doubt whether the current set of GPUS will run crysis at DX10 to acceptable levels so maybe hold out for the 9800 December right?

we will see but what im basically saying is im not buying anything until i see some benchmarks tho for both crysis and Unreal 3
culley 16th July 2007, 14:31 Quote
Yep i'm deffiently going to be buying the Q6600.
The_Beast 16th July 2007, 15:09 Quote
I really want to get a E6750 or a Q6600
DXR_13KE 16th July 2007, 15:12 Quote
Originally Posted by yakyb
we will see but what im basically saying is im not buying anything until i see some benchmarks tho for both crysis and Unreal 3

i agree.
KMS-oul 16th July 2007, 16:12 Quote
Q6600 for 150!.....sweet. I'll take one please.
BoomAM 16th July 2007, 17:34 Quote
Where are selling at £150 then? Or is that before VAT?
lamboman 16th July 2007, 17:38 Quote
Good luck AMD, you better come up with something really good.

This is great! Bargain.

BoomAM: It said 22nd. Most stores will reduce the price earlier, when the next stock comes in.
will. 16th July 2007, 18:35 Quote
Lets all hope that there are some silly people on ebay.....

hahaha, of course there are silly people on ebay! What am I thinking! Now! The challenge is; can you sell your old one for more than your buying your new one!
Amon 16th July 2007, 19:11 Quote
I don't know many others who also strictly use AMD, but I'm starting to get a bit nervous for them now. I've got a stack of nearly $20,000 for them right now, but no Phenom FX...
Bluephoenix 17th July 2007, 04:07 Quote
Originally Posted by atanum141
Has anyone attempted any quadcore OC'ing?
whats the results like?

some, and its pretty much the same as for the C2Ds

they do put out more heat at the same clocks (expected) so better cooling is needed.
mardukph 17th July 2007, 06:36 Quote
Damn that Q6600 looks very tempting indeed. ;)
Delphium 17th July 2007, 07:42 Quote
£150 for Q6600 *looks forward to the 22nd. :D
completemadness 20th July 2007, 03:06 Quote
£600 ? thats as much as a respectable fully functional PC
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