AMD cuts prices again

AMD cuts prices again

"Tiiiimmmmbbbeeerrr!" - Beware of falling prices, because AMD chips are down to ridiculous levels.

The AMD and Intel price battle has been raging on for nearly two years now, accelerated further by the sweeping cuts made by Intel that are coming due. The limbo-like dance seemed to be hitting an all-time low, with the ability to buy an AMD X2 6000+ for a mere $229. Well, it just got better - try $169.

News started coming from the green camp on Friday to signal the impending cuts, but not many people really believed they would be quite this drastic. The entire processor line from top to bottom has seen cuts of between 25 and 30 percent. One can now acquire a 4000+ (by no means a slow processor) for a mere $69 USD!

This huge price drop is liable to ruffle a few feathers in the Intel camp, as it makes the concept of splurging on that new Core 2 pretty hard to do unless you are truly looking for absolute performance right now. With AMD's Barcelona performance still effectively under wraps after last week's benchmarking incident, the incredibly low price could be a great reason to switch to the AM2 platform while preserving a great upgrade path.

The final tally of prices for the X2 line is below:

ModelFormer PricingJuly 9 Pricing

This brings a whole new meaning to the term "Cheap as chips." But is it enough to keep you going green until Barcelona? Drop your thoughts in our community discussion.


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Amon 9th July 2007, 14:33 Quote
I'm pretty sure the news 'trickled' out in early June; well, that's when it blew my way.
Shopping time for me.

**edit: no mention of the FX family?
DougEdey 9th July 2007, 14:33 Quote
I wonder how long it'll take to trickle to channels over here :(
cosmic 9th July 2007, 14:35 Quote
Thats good news - we consumers seem to be the beneficiary of the Intel/AMD rivalry. If Intel do what people say they will do on the 22nd then I might be able to afford an Intel Quad processor for my new rig I'm researching

Its funny though, how we do not seem to get similar price competition with graphics products
Mankz 9th July 2007, 14:39 Quote
That makes AMD look like quite good choices ATM.

I need an upgrade for Crisis :(
aggies11 9th July 2007, 15:38 Quote
The good news: Price wars bring lower prices, consumers save money *yay*!

The Bad news: If the companies competing in a price war aren't evenly matched, then it'll hurt one company more than the other, possibly driving them out of the market. Hopefully this doesn't hurt AMD financially too much. Because if it does, this short term gain would result in a long term loss (AMD leaving the market, Intel left with no competition, to stagnate).

wafflesomd 9th July 2007, 16:00 Quote
Yah, I just bought the 4000+.

I just now went dual core.
cosmic 9th July 2007, 16:03 Quote
I think AMD are cutting prices to move a lot of inventory ahead of the new product releases next quarter. Real issue is whether prices for the new stuff will be higher. With both Intel and AMD using ever smaller dyes - they are producing silicon at much lower prices. Its about time consumers started to see a little benefit from that other than just faster products which has been the game so far.
Marquee 9th July 2007, 16:14 Quote
With those price that will hold many people off till the new chip comes out.
completemadness 9th July 2007, 16:47 Quote
wow thats some pretty impressive price cuts

but i thought AMD's bottom line was already suffering :o
Tyinsar 9th July 2007, 17:04 Quote
I've been thinking of an upgrade to my Athlon XP system for Quite a while. I think the time has come. Yay AMD
2JSC 9th July 2007, 17:48 Quote
OMG - I wish I wasn't completly broke :( $169 for a 6000+
pendragon 9th July 2007, 18:02 Quote
wow.. very cheap indeed!
Ramble 9th July 2007, 18:02 Quote
Aww, it's sucha pity I'm still on 939, I'd be pretty darn happy if I were AM2.
Lazarus Dark 9th July 2007, 18:13 Quote
I'm all about price vs performance. It seems amd just bacame a deal, but I'll hold till the next intel cuts. a quad core for less than 300 is still a better deal all things considered if you're like me and think you could use the extra cores. But I have been planning to make my mom a new comp for christmas, so she may just be getting a amd. It seems that for the average user who doesn't game, prices are coming to a place where a little money gets more comp than the average net surfer and Word user could ever want.
Techno-Dann 9th July 2007, 18:29 Quote
I like this price cut. I'm planning on building a system this summer that will be a drop-in upgrade to an AM2+ Barcelona, so being able to get a rather cheap AM2 CPU now will be nice.
-EVRE- 9th July 2007, 19:24 Quote
Maybe I have been under a rock lately.. but will AMD's next gen quad cores run on a AM2+ board? if so I may have good reason to upgrade my sisters old 3000+ 754 :)
Konias 9th July 2007, 21:22 Quote
Im Thinking about X2 6000+. But I will probably wait for 89W version. Now are only 125W version everywhere.
Intell will cut prices 22.7. Im curious hou this "proce war" will continue.

(Sorry my bad english.)
DXR_13KE 9th July 2007, 22:04 Quote
still waiting for intel price cuts to compare it to AMDs offer on performance/price and performance/watt.
leexgx 9th July 2007, 22:12 Quote
5600+ X2 2.8 @ 3.1 (can do more but air cooling with an mini typhoon 55c-60c)

for the 6000+ chip not worth it (both OC to the same level)

quad core should work on my motherboard as well
proxess 10th July 2007, 09:07 Quote
I'm drooling over these prices... its a shame thats all I can do
Fiber4now 10th July 2007, 09:38 Quote
As another poster already made clear whats good for the consumer for the short run may not be at all acceptable in the long run.

AMD when they borrowed the funds to build and tool the German 65 NM plant had retail prices of $1000 on their high end CPUs. This was also true when they purchased ATI for $5.4 billion US dollars. The prices now are not even one fifth of what they where and I would say the money lenders must be very near panic with these new announced prices. The very sad part of this is, it was just early April that AMD lowered prices by 50 % now we see an additional 40% looped of the top. What this indicates is no one wanted their CPU even though the highest priced Desktop was only $248. Although the tone of this article made it seem, this was a good price to purchase an AMD CPU or system but I need to ask why is this a better time what was wrong with the April almost give away? it is perfectly clear those prices must not have worked out, so again AMD is trying to find a price that they can move merchandise. Could turn out to be a very sad story for AMD CPU users and supporters due to the fact that these prices may be enough to keep the lights on at AMD but they are certainly are not nearly enough to pay for the R&D that brings invitation to the CPU world.
Krikkit 10th July 2007, 09:51 Quote
The thing about AMD is that they're a very big company, with plenty of deep-pocketed investors who will bail them out (to a point) for a long time yet.

Their current problems are all down to a good marketing job by Intel for their C2D line.

$170 for a 3GHz AMD chip is obscenely cheap, and given their speed you'd be mad not to pick one up for a system intended for someone other than a mad OC'er or upgrader. This is the end AMD want - they want to have computers built on the cheap with AMD CPU's because Intel ones are too expensive.
Silver Shamrock 10th July 2007, 10:50 Quote
All very well but Intel will keep cutting prices, and they have far deeper pockets. AMD's current problems are down to themselves first and foremost.
Amon 10th July 2007, 14:23 Quote
Some of us are wrongly tying AMD's corporate survival with sales of their desktop processors; does the wildly enterprise-successful Opteron sound familiar? (Although they are not selling as strongly today.)
Henk 10th July 2007, 18:07 Quote
Originally Posted by Ramble
Aww, it's sucha pity I'm still on 939, I'd be pretty darn happy if I were AM2.

When it comes to moving to a new socket though I guess it'll be S775 and a nice relatively cheap Q6600 after the price-cut :)
But if Barcelona turns out to be something good after all, one never knows ;)
trig 12th July 2007, 05:23 Quote
same thing always happens...they get a jump on intel's release of whatever...the c2d...the quad...the e4300...with price cuts...i hope for competitions sake they hit a homerun with phenom
Tyinsar 12th July 2007, 05:34 Quote
This has got me to now seriously considering replacing an Athlon XP (backup/secondary computer / media center) but I can't decide between AMD: 4200EE / 5200EE / 6000 (4200=power $aving, 6000=power but 2x cost, 5200EE=compromise)
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