HDMI converter for non-elite 360s?

HDMI converter for non-elite 360s?

XCM hopes its HDMI converter for the Xbox 360 will hit shelves within six weeks.

There were two big selling points behind the Xbox 360 Elite. First, the bigger 120GB hard drive. Second, the HDMI compatibility.

Oh, and it's black too.

Early adopters of the 360 Elite may end up regretting jumping on Microsoft's bandwagon so soon though as XCM has announced it has created a cable converter which enables the regular Xbox 360 to successfully use an HDMI output. Suddenly the Elite doesn't look so hot, eh?

XCM says it hopes to have the HDMI converter designs finalised within four weeks and have it enter production immediately after that, meaning the converter could be available within six weeks if everything goes smoothly.

There's no word yet on planned pricing or how the converter works, but a lot of gamers are treating the device with caution and are worried it may end up as a poor analogue-to-digital converter which may not offer a substantial improvement. We're sitting on the fence right now, but we're definitely interested in how the converter may work.

Will XCM's HDMI converter be any good, or is it likely to be a substandard product which is attempting to cash in on the market of disgruntled non-Elite owners? Only time will tell for sure, but in the mean time why not join us in our forums and get some pointless speculation done!


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mikeuk2004 27th June 2007, 12:05 Quote
Is there something I dont know?? as I dont get the fuss about the HDMI port on Xbox 360

I have my 360 conected via vga and does 1080p so what am I missing????? If its digital audio then is there any point as TV speakers are crap and not may have digital Optical or Digital coax outputs to out put it to your Theatre kit.

My TV does have Ditital optical out and is one of the reasons for my TV purchase, but if your TV doesnt have this, then you can use the Optical output on your vga cable to conect to your theatre.

So as I see it, unless you do get one of the Few TV'S with Digital out then I cant see that HDMI is a usefull requirement.

So what is the fuss?
DXR_13KE 27th June 2007, 12:13 Quote
the fuss is this DRM mumbo jumbo.....
DougEdey 27th June 2007, 12:46 Quote
It'll be a poor quality VGA -> DVI upscaler with the audio synced it.

The 360 normal does not have the capability to output DVI properly.

Also: The unit says XCM, but you're written XMC everywhere...

And Team Xtender are claiming it's theirs./
Joeymac 27th June 2007, 14:20 Quote
The Elite 360 has a new digital scaler inside... in addition to the analogue one in the current 360. So the only way to get a pure digital signal out of the console is to buy the elite.
With this cable thing, unless you don't have a VGA port on your 1080p TV, this won't offer any advantage. It will probably just degrade the VGA signal. In fact there are only two scenarios that this cable would be of any use.
1. 1080p output for HD DVD but don't have a VGA input (component will output 1080p for games but only 1080i for HD DVD and the difference between VGA and component in this use is practically nothing).
2. Upscaling DVD's...

The only reason to even slightly consider worrying about HDMI is for HD DVD's. Even then by the time the Elite comes to Europe HD DVD players will be half the price.
DougEdey 27th June 2007, 14:24 Quote
Joeymac: HD-DVD player for the 360 is £99, HD-DVDs are £12.50. Cheap in my view.
Joeymac 27th June 2007, 14:57 Quote
Originally Posted by DougEdey
Joeymac: HD-DVD player for the 360 is £99, HD-DVDs are £12.50. Cheap in my view.

Yeah I know, I have one. I was saying about the Elite... for the what the price of the Elite+HD DVD addon... you most likely will be able to buy a proper stand-alone HD DVD player and a normal 360 by the time the Elite comes out here. Or the cost will be near enough to be worth going that route. IF (!).... HDMI is something you really need. If HDMI is not important for your setup then the normal 360 and HD DVD addon would be fine.
SNIPERMikeUK 27th June 2007, 15:45 Quote
Not really sure what to make of this, but we can always see independent tests of the final product before we make up our own no harm done?!?!
sinizterguy 27th June 2007, 16:00 Quote
If it works then great, if it doesnt, then Ill have to change my X360 when I get my home theatre properly set up. Either way ... Not the biggest thing to worry about.
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