AMD Phenom to launch in November?

AMD Phenom to launch in November?

AMD's long-awaited Phenom processors may launch as early as November.

According to sources at Taiwanese motherboard makers, four AMD Phenom chips will be launch in November with another seven more Agena-based CPUs launching in the first quarter of 2008.

The sources, cited by Digitimes, said that AMD is planning to begin test production on the CPUs in a September-October timeframe in order to start shipping products in November.

Of the four processors scheduled to launch in 2007, three will be quad-core processors. In traditional style, there will be one flagship FX part in the Phenom FX range, the FX-80, and there will be two Phenom X4 processors, the GP-7100 and GP-7000.

The final processor will be dual-core and is the first chip in the Phenom X2 range. This will be known as the GS-6550.

Digitimes says that there will be two more Phenom FX products, the FX-90 and FX-91, launched in the first quarter of 2008. Additionally, there will be another six Phenom X2 products, the GP-6800, GP6650, GP-6600, GP-6500 and GP-6400.

At this early stage, there is no word on final clock speeds, but if you're after a decoder ring for the new naming scheme, you're best looking here.

Of course, while all of this is going on, Intel is getting ready to launch its 45nm Penryn family of processors, which should provide some decent performance improvements over the current Conroe family, if early benchmarks are to be believed.

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Spaceraver 24th June 2007, 13:18 Quote
I'm supporting the little guy..
Paradigm Shifter 24th June 2007, 13:26 Quote
Excellent. Perhaps a competitive streak back in the market again. :D

...even so, I won't wait. If Intel's July price drops happen, I'll grab a C2Q then.
wafflesomd 24th June 2007, 23:58 Quote
Hope they have a good price point, C2D isn't worth the price IMO.

My Opty 148 easily keeps up with an e6400.
2JSC 25th June 2007, 00:02 Quote
I'm glad I didn't build a whole new system last month. I have a mod planned to start next month and wont build a system untill after the mod is finised, so an Oct-Nov system build should allow me to get into the Phenoms. Just hope they perform decently.
bubsterboo 25th June 2007, 01:22 Quote
Originally Posted by Spaceraver
I'm supporting the little guy..
Agreed. Their Native Quad should be quite nice aswell.
C-Sniper 25th June 2007, 02:47 Quote
ive always had a better experience with AMD over intel, even though their L2 caches dont show it they have a strong L1 which if you know a bit about computers is really what runs a PC. (in combination with the L2)
devdevil85 25th June 2007, 18:35 Quote
I really want to support AMD, but whichever CPU based technology is better at the time of Crysis is going to be the one I go with.....again I hope it's "the little guy"
Amon 25th June 2007, 18:43 Quote
I'm picking up an FX-72 after AMD has had time to cool off their prices in July. I'm genuinely happy with the performance AMD and ATI have provided me and will continue to use them both in the future.

That being said, does anyone have any word on whether there will be any other socket-1207 motherboards than Asus' L1N64? I only need the dual processor sockets and barrage of S-ATA connections, but four high-bandwidth PCIe interfaces? It makes the board way too overpriced. From what I hear, there's some sort of AMD-Asus exclusivity deal going on. Let's hope they don't screw this one up and monopolize pricing of the platform.
completemadness 26th June 2007, 02:38 Quote
so their releasing 3x quad core, and a dual core (with reasonable power consumption) in Q4

then their releasing 2 more quads (but FX quads so nothing really affordable) and then 5 high power dualies
Additionally, there will be another six Phenom X2 products, the GP-6800, GP6650, GP-6600, GP-6500 and GP-6400.
i count 5, wheres number 6 ?
outlawaol 17th October 2007, 06:13 Quote
I've come and gone for my setup. My Q6600 is running smoothly at OC'ed speeds of 3.14ghz (I bet I could go higher... )

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