HIS enters PSU market

HIS enters PSU market

HIS's Extreme Power 1200W is a modular unit with 80PLUS certification.

When we popped along to see HIS on its stand at Computex, we learned that the company is entering the power supply market and has already launched four new units.

At the high-end, HIS has launched Extreme Power 1000W and 1200W units. These are dual-transformer designs and feature a 135mm fan in the lid as well as another 80mm “aerodynamic” fan in the rear. Both of these fans are temperature controlled to ensure the quietest possible operation.

In addition, both units are CrossFire and SLI ready, and modular. The PSUs appear to have also passed the 80PLUS certification, as HIS is displaying the 80PLUS logo on the casing. There are four 12V rails on both power supplies, with the 1200W unit features two 12V rails with 25A and two with 30A each.

Curiously, taking a closer look at the sticker it says “Max Load: 1200W” – we wonder whether that means maximum sustained load, or peak load.

In addition to these units, HIS also has a Power Watcher 620W, which is going to be a better fit for the majority of users. This unit comes with three 12V rails with 15A, 25A and 17A respectively. Unfortunately, it’s not modular like the higher-end units, but HIS promises “advanced cable management”.

There’s also a real-time power watcher feature, hence the name, which gives you a real-time load (in Watts) on the back of the unit near to the plug. This is interesting, and we’re curious to see it in action.

Interestingly, there is no 80PLUS logo on this unit, but HIS still quotes ultra high efficiency with a maximum of 84 percent. We’re guessing the reason for the lack of 80PLUS certification is that its efficiency drops below 80 percent when it’s under heavy load at high temperatures.

The final unit that was on display on HIS’s stand was a drive-mounted supplementary power supply for powering high-end graphics cards. It’s for those hardware enthusiasts that don’t have a powerful enough unit to start with, but don’t want to spend more on a whole new unit just yet. The unit, and any subsequent additions to the series, will fall under the PowerUP! series.

It’s a modular 400W unit with a dedicated 12V line to ensure high-end graphics card’s stability under the heaviest load. Again, HIS quotes efficiency above 80 percent but there is no 80PLUS logo on the unit. We’re not sure when they’re going to be available on the market yet, or what the pricing forecasts are like – we’ll bring you that information when we get it.

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Spaceraver 8th June 2007, 08:03 Quote
Have to say: What do we need 1200W of powerr supply for? That is just really really ridiculus. When my desktop NEEDS 750 watts of power, I'm out of computing or stop upgrading.
DXR_13KE 8th June 2007, 18:01 Quote
its an e-penis thing......
./^\.Ace./^\. 8th June 2007, 21:08 Quote
It was bound to happen eventually the more things a company can make for you PC the more money they can get out of you
LoveJoy 10th June 2007, 21:34 Quote
Well lets see for next 5 years from now they'll be making 2kW PSU's and computers will be one server for household and every one will have "screenthingy" with them all the time and airmouse and so on ;)
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