HIS has AGP Radeon HD 2600 XT

HIS has AGP Radeon HD 2600 XT

HIS claims to have the world's first AGP-based DirectX 10 card.

HIS is readying the launch of the world’s first AGP-based DirectX 10 graphics card, which is based on AMD’s upcoming RV630 graphics processing unit.

The RV630 GPU launched at the same time as R600, but availability won’t happen until the start of next month because the silicon had to go back to the fab for another respin.

There are a number of different SKUs based on RV630, but HIS’s card will be based on the flagship model, the HD 2600 XT. Details of the product are pretty light at the moment though and the specs listed things like “CrossFire multi-GPU support”, which obviously isn’t going to happen.

Because RV630 natively supports PCI-Express, HIS has needed to use ATI's RIALTO bridge chip to get the card working on AGP. RIALTO, unlike Nvidia's BR1 bridge chip, works with ATI's new generation of graphics cards, which gives AMD a distinct advantage in the AGP marketplace.

Since HIS has said that it’s the HD 2600 XT version, the 120 stream processors will be clocked at 800MHz, while the GDDR4 memory should run at 2200MHz, albeit over a 128-bit memory interface.

Of course, there is also support for all of the other Radeon HD 2000-series architectural features and the card is rounded off with an HIS IceQ cooling solution, which promises to be “faster, cooler & quieter.”

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mattthegamer463 8th June 2007, 05:07 Quote
I wouldn't be surprised if the AGP port has a stranglehold on the cards performance.
Gravemind123 8th June 2007, 05:47 Quote
I doubt much bottlenecking will happen, Tom's Hardware ran an X1900XTX and an 8800GTS in x1, x4, x8 and x16 modes. The 8800 suffered a bit at x8, but the X1900XTX didn't lose much performance between x8 and x16(1 FPS in games and 18 3DMarks in 06). The HD 2600XT is probably gonna be closer to an x1900 in performance then an 8800, so hopefully that will hold true for the AGP versions. Since AGP was still out for 939 and 775 there are people with dual core CPUs and AGP motherboards, and if they don't want to get rid of their current mobo this would be useful. The bottleneck with most AGP systems would probably be the CPU in the older AGP systems(AthlonXP/lower clocked P4).
DarkLord7854 8th June 2007, 06:41 Quote
I upgraded to a PCIe mobo for nothing. Darn.
knuck 8th June 2007, 06:55 Quote
I only hope UT3 wont absolutely need a dual core cpu...... if so then this card would be perfect for my dothan @ 2.7ghz
Hugo 8th June 2007, 08:45 Quote
Wow, so we've now got the second generation of AGP and PCI's successor and still companies are clinging on....
Tulatin 8th June 2007, 11:28 Quote
Hey, you still see IDE, Floppy, Serial and PS/2 Ports on boards don't you :(
DougEdey 8th June 2007, 11:44 Quote
Now they just need Linux Drivers ;)
./^\.Ace./^\. 8th June 2007, 13:45 Quote
It is the tech like this that is saving me from going out and getting a new mother board, processor and RAM for my PC I just need to save up enough cash for one of thies super AGP cards and i'm set :D so what if it isn't as powerful as the PCIe version, it is still better then the PCIe X1950 card :D
SteveyG 8th June 2007, 14:02 Quote
Originally Posted by Tulatin
Hey, you still see IDE, Floppy, Serial and PS/2 Ports on boards don't you :(

Which is a good thing IMO.
Hugo 8th June 2007, 14:27 Quote
Originally Posted by ./^\.Ace./^\.
it is still better then the PCIe X1950 card :D

It is also going to be über expensive compared to the PCI-E version
./^\.Ace./^\. 8th June 2007, 18:19 Quote
Originally Posted by Archangel
It is also going to be über expensive compared to the PCI-E version
But cheaper then replacing most of my PC
Rich_13 10th June 2007, 17:02 Quote
there are a ot of people with aging machines out there that may not want to buy a whole new pc so this is a good thing and as much as I like moving on the the newest thing this does have a place.

there are agp slots of amd 939 boards that can take fast ddr and dual core procs so the rest of the system can keep up with the gfx cards instead of being limited by them too much. (although i know the bus might be a slight prob)
./^\.Ace./^\. 10th June 2007, 22:10 Quote
Sapphire is also making a Radeon HD 2600 XT, as well as a cheaper Radeon HD 2400XT and Pro. Take a look for your self, there are no pictures of the cards but you can still read up on them.
tk421 11th June 2007, 14:57 Quote
wow - and 2 years ago i thought my x850 pro would be the last round of upgrades for my aging system -

i even very nobly held off from buying a 1950 pro when the agp's came around last winter.

i am so very tempted to go for the instant gratification and get the 2600 ... but i dont know if i want to be saddled with my current (172w) display ... widescreen monitors have come leaps and bounds since i forked out 700$ (U.S.) for a first-gen 1280x768 panel ... but with a child and wife pc gaming (and the inherent "gotta have the new one!" syndrome) was bumped WAY down on my priority list ... pretty much at the bottom :(

there's always tax return time next spring ...
Mandown 14th July 2007, 05:52 Quote
I have been waiting for this for a while now, i plan on getting one of the HD 2600XT hopefully with GDDR4. The pricing for the AGP version is actually not going to be like they were with the X1K series were there was upwards of 50$ difference. They are supposed to very very close in price to the PCI-E versions, about a 20$ -30$ difference. But there is word going around that there will be a HD 2900 for AGP as well. I saw it somewhere on the internet and i think Powercolor was going to do it. I'm not 100% sure but i wouldn't doubt if they did have a 2900 for AGP.
Amon 14th July 2007, 05:54 Quote
I can't believe people are still tying some fictional heavenly performance advantage of PCIe over AGP, with respect to video cards (not the bus architecture). Yes, I'm still using an AGP system, and it appears that my very best video card is the worst of the entire bit-tech community.
chrisb2e9 14th July 2007, 19:15 Quote
Originally Posted by Tulatin
Hey, you still see IDE, Floppy, Serial and PS/2 Ports on boards don't you :(

the ps2 ports for a mouse give faster performance than a usb interface.
Bindibadgi 14th July 2007, 19:42 Quote
PS2 mice are going, IDE is only at the grace of 3rd party chipsets and should disappear from some boards this time next year I recon. Serial and Parallel? Maybe some like MSI, but no one uses it. Floppy has only held around as long as it has thanks to XP.
Liete87 20th July 2007, 02:23 Quote
Any news on the date for this card? Or is there any place to pre-order it.
Mandown 6th September 2007, 23:16 Quote
well i just saw a couple of days ago that Visiontek has both the 2400 Pro and 2600 Pro on agp already, they're on sell at amazon, and i have seen it at best buy too. about $150 for the 2400 and around $170 for the 2600. i think sapphire and HIS go on sell next week, at least thats the word on the street. i think it'll be closer to the end of september before we see the XT versions.
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