Shuttle gets glamorous

Shuttle gets glamorous

Pimptastic or not masculine enough? At least Magpies won't argue.

Things might have been slow for our dear old XPC maker for the last six months, but now a whole plethora of chipsets have been released we are set to see a load of new Shuttles.

That’s not all though because the new G6 case gives the G-series a proper star studded make over.

Shuttle has incorporated a load of little "diamond like" plastic studs into the fascia, which offer an interesting and certainly unique look to the front of the case.

The two XPCs – the SN68PTG6 and the SG33G6 – use the Nvidia GeForce 7050PV and Intel G33 chipsets respectively. Both have HDCP compliant HDMI on-board, DTS Connect 7.1 surround sound, integrated WiFi, DDR2 and fingerprint recognition as standard. They are primarily aimed at the HTPC market, so it could certainly work for a family media centre, but it's not exactly a broad market to aim for.

Puzzled as to why Shuttle has effectively cut itself short, Rockson Chiang, Marketing division Manager pointed out Shuttle’s aim was to cover a broad market with many specific products.

Share your thoughts on the new machines in our own star-studded forums.


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Hugo.B 6th June 2007, 05:53 Quote
No one loves a bit of bling more than us modders here at bit-tech
Nobody said Bling bling though!

riggs 6th June 2007, 12:27 Quote
Spec-wise they sound pretty good, but fake diamonds are a no no!
./^\.Ace./^\. 7th June 2007, 15:52 Quote
I have a rebuilt Shuttle PC at home and if it need fake dimonds i have like 1000 rhinestones at home that I could hotglue onto the case. they must have some more intriguing ideas then that :( also the HDMI, every company is adding HDMI to there line of mother boards
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