Sapphire shows off dual HD 2600 XT

Sapphire shows off dual HD 2600 XT

Sapphire expects to see a pair of these "dual-GPU" cards working in quad-CrossFire by the end of the year.

Following on from its Radeon X1950 Pro Dual, Sapphire showed us its latest dual-GPU graphics card, the Radeon HD 2600 XT Dual. The GPUs aren’t quite final silicon yet, so the product wasn’t shown as a working demo – final RV630 silicon is expected in the third week of June.

There have been a number of improvements made over the dual X1950 card, the first of which was an improved set of connectivity options. Instead of dual DVI and dual VGA connectors, there are now four DVI ports, meaning you can connect up to four digital displays to a single card.

The cooling solution has also been refined too and now sports a pair of 80mm fans and a copper cooling solution for each of the two GPUs. We were surprised how light the cooler was actually, but it’s questionable whether moving to two fans (instead of one) is a good move or not from a noise point of view. Without listening to the card running though, it’s hard to tell.

Sapphire also told us that it is working with AMD to make drivers for a pair of these cards to run together in a quad-CrossFire configuration. These drivers are expected to hit by the end of the year, but there was nothing more specific than that at this moment in time.

Of course, you could use a pair of these cards for up to eight digital outputs for massively multi-monitor setups – ideal for those that need a lot of desktop real estate. We’ll leave you with a few pictures for now, and we’ll bring you more on this product as and when we get it.

Were you tempted by the Radeon X1950 Pro Dual, but disappointed because it's based on DX9 technology? How does this refinement sound in contrast? Share your thoughts in the forums.


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Fod 5th June 2007, 08:57 Quote
shiny. price?
DarkLord7854 5th June 2007, 09:15 Quote
Forget the price.. Power consumption? :p
bubsterboo 5th June 2007, 13:08 Quote
Mmmmm 4 dvi... I like that ;)
Mankz 5th June 2007, 13:36 Quote
pooping hell...

8 x 30" anyone?
Bluephoenix 5th June 2007, 15:48 Quote
my heart may be sold to nvidia, but I still have to drool at the quad crossfire possibility. the 2kw PSU needed for that would be a bit much though.
Tim S 5th June 2007, 16:01 Quote
Originally Posted by DarkLord7854
Forget the price.. Power consumption? :p
very low actually, the chips are manufactured on a 65nm process and are pretty energy efficient.
rowin4kicks 5th June 2007, 16:22 Quote
that card looks great cant wait to see it tested and hear those fans though!!
HourBeforeDawn 6th June 2007, 09:03 Quote
WOW WOW WOW okay ya thats freaking nuts, ohhh me wants ^_^
Gravemind123 6th June 2007, 20:59 Quote
Depending on the performance and drivers 2 of those in crossfire could be fun!
The_Beast 6th June 2007, 22:49 Quote
Wow that thing looks great, you look behind your computer and all you see are DVI ports :)
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